Xena’s Sunday Selfie – Again

Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess with Lucy, Chia and Riley

Thanks to TheCat on My Head,for hosting Sunday Selfies. We love you guys!

I was the chosen one for a Sunday selfie this week. The trouble was, when I got the news I was in baby hold in Mommy’s lap, surrounded by a soft, warm blankie and Rainy the Reindeer, and I could hear the gentle beating of Mommy’s heart.

Even so, I’m never one to turn down a selfie. Shoot, if I’d known sooner, I’d of asked Mommy to comb my face and leg feathers. Oh well. The bigger problem was me starting to fall off to sleep.

Well, I hope this will do and that you still like my selfie…

The Mom: And now she’s going….going…gone.

Xena wanted to include this note to all our friends. I haven’t filtered it, so hoping there’s nothing too inappropriate.

Xena: Hey friends! Y’all first got notified of this post…

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14 thoughts on “Xena’s Sunday Selfie – Again

  1. Lulu: “It’s the selfie so nice, it posted twice!”
    Java Bean: “You are good to take care of your Mama so well. If my Mama got sick I would take care of her just like that too.”
    Chaplin: “And what about Dada?”
    Java Bean: “I have been given to understand that taking care of Dada is Charlee’s job.”
    Charlee: “Darn tootin’!”

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  2. We love your selfie no matter what you’re doing whether you are falling asleep or Waking Up or being held like a baby or running around between Mama’s legs winning ribbons

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