Saturday Potpourri

Xena: We’ve got a bunch of odds ‘n ends to show you today. I’ll start off, cause I’ve been bored, bored, bored.

Mommy’s been working almost full-time at a church, Daddy’s been sick in bed (but he seems better now), and Mommy’s also been working from home for the place where Daddy works. Then, after supper, when everyone settles into the living room before going to bed, I have to run into my kennel to protect it from Chia taking it over. That doesn’t leave any time for cuddling or petting or playing. But I hear we’re going to In Dee Anna, so maybe things will liven up soon.

Lucy: First, in case you were worried about me, I haven’t had to wear pj’s lately, but I see them being packed for our trip to the cold, white north in a couple of days. I also saw my new sweater from last Christmas being packed.

Mom had 2 grooms yesterday and 5 today, and she had to carry them down the hallway into the downstairs kitchen to wash them in that sink. Her hose watchamacallit for her grooming sink fell apart.

She tried a coupla places around town, but no one had the parts. Lowe’s didn’t even have that type of sink hose, and the other place told her how to take hers apart and fix it. Nope. So she’s waiting on Amazon to send the two she ordered – in hopes that at least one will fit and work – but they won’t be here until next Wednesday when we’re all gone to In Dee Anna, er Indiana.

This here’s Shaggy. She belongs to one of Mom and Dad’s friends from church, and he’s also our handyman.

Shaggy’s letting Mom know what she thinks of being here and being groomed!

Riley: I can hardly wait until everyone leaves for a few days. My heart person, Andrew, will be here with me and just me!

He’ll bring in any packages and maybe he’ll even fix the sink for Mom Amy. And I’ll get tons of petting and sleep in the bed with him. I hear Andrew’s coming Sunday night. I hope that’s really soon!

Chia: Hi, it’s me, Chia! I was supposed to be the one who told you my Dad’s been sick all week, but of course Xena had to do it first. Grrrrr.

I cuddled up with him to keep him warm and help him feel better. Uh, try not to look at my hair all over the sheet, OK? Anyhoo, it worked! He was up all day yesterday and even asked Mom to play one of their word dice games last night. Today he left to go play in his big band. You’d think that as good as I was to him, he’d of at least taken me with him, right?

Oh, and since Lucy showed you a picture of her in her new sweater from last Christmas, I’m gonna show you mine!

It’s getting packed, too! Well, gotta go now and make sure Mom packs all my stuff.

Love, Xena, Riley, Lucy and Chia

18 thoughts on “Saturday Potpourri

  1. Lulu: “Things sure have been eventful there! We’re glad your Dad is feeling better. Nice work nursing him back to health, Chia!”
    Java Bean: “Shaggy doesn’t look very shaggy! We bet your Mom’s grooming has something to do with that …”
    Charlee: “Enjoy spending time with your heart person, Riley! I always enjoy spending time with Dada, who is my heart person!”
    Lulu: “Mine too!”
    Chaplin: “For the rest of you, have a good trip! I mean, I can’t imagine taking a trip to anywhere, but I know humans and dogs like it, for some reason …”

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  2. Gosh, Chia…you’re quite the medicine! Glad your Daddy is feeling better. You guys have a safe trip and stay cozy warm. Glad Riley is able to have his person take care of him. May the two of them have a peaceful time this holiday. Hugs and tail wags.

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  3. Sounds like a BIG ADVENTURE coming for Christmas if you’re going to In Dee Ana. Will Santa find you there? Make sure and leave him a map. Glad your Dad is better – it’s no fun being sick for the holidays (or ever!).

    Hugs, Teddy

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  4. You all look and sound like you are so very ready for some holiday fun. Glad Daddy is feeling better. Tell Mommy I know all too well about ordering a couple parts from Amazon hoping one of them will be right, and I’m sure her grooming sink will be up and running real soon.

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  5. Mee-yow Riley you get yore PawPaw Andrew all to yoreself!!??? Pawsum!
    Lucy you look so warm an cuddly inn yore sweater!
    An Chia that pattern suitss you purrfectlee with yore dark furss.
    You were a furabuluss Purry-medic to yore PawPaw an mee so proud of you!! Maybee hee wanted you to rest while hee went to play inn noisy band? 😉
    An Xena wee think you will like Indy-Anna alot….butt make sure to bring a sweater……it CAN get chilley there!
    An Lucy that Shaggy iss a cutie issn’t hee??
    An Miss Amy wee hope your whatchamacallit arrivess next week an Mistur Andrew can fix THE hose thingy! Wee so techy aren’t wee??
    Mew mew mew…..
    Meowy Catmess to efurryone there! Wee lovess you so-o much!
    ***nose kissess*** BellaDharma an {{huggiess}} BellaSita Mum

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