Back from In Dee Anna

Xena: Well, folks, we’re back. Did you miss us? There was no internet where we were staying, and Mommy won’t blog from her phone, so it seemed like we were in the dark ages. She was able to help us read and comment on your posts from her phone, though it took much longer as those key things are soooo small for our pawpads.

Us pups mostly stayed in the rental house while Mommy and Daddy mostly went out to restaurants every day with Daddy’s family. While Daddy was glad to see everyone, he especially wanted to visit with his Mommy, who is 92.

Lucy: Don’t you know not to ever tell a woman’s age, Xena?

Riley: When someone gets that old, they don’t care about that anymore.

Chia: You should know.

Riley: Grrrr. *lifts lip*

Xena: As I was saying, we were at this rental house out in the country where me and Lucy stayed with our folks when we went to visit for Grandma’s 90th birthday. It was in August and we got to run all over the huge back yard and all our relatives came out and we had a great time.

This trip, it was kinda cold, so we wore our colder weather clothes when we went outside. Me and Lucy got to run around again, but Run-Away Chia had to stay on her leash.

Lucy got to go visit our grandma on Tuesday and she took a nap at Grandma’s assisted living apartment while the peeps went out to an Asian restaurant. Lucy was wearing her nice sweater and, well, she can tell you.

Lucy: Thank you, Xena. I had been wondering if there would be snow, but there wasn’t. The temps were in the 40’s, so my sweater was sufficient, even though I had also packed my heavy winter coat, as you can see in the picture. I fell asleep on Grandma’s comfy couch waiting for everyone to come back, and dreamed I was in a snowy forest.

In my dream I had a nice wooden platform to stand on so that my paws didn’t get too cold. But I was all alone, so I was glad when everyone came back and I woke up.

Xena: I think Lucy’s dream brought on the new weather forecast of below 0 temps and ice and maybe snow. Because of that, Daddy decided it would be good to leave early on Thursday morning instead of on Friday morning as originally planned. So the next day – Wednesday – Mommy suggested that Daddy take Chia to meet our Grandma in the afternoon when nothing else was happening. He liked that idea, and off they went! You won’t believe (or maybe you will) how Chia (mis)behaved with our Grandma.

Chia: Shut up, Xena. I’m warning you…

Xena: I’m not afraid of you! I’m Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess! And Mommy won’t let you hurt me!!
So, Chia walked in and growled at Grandma!! What the dog?! Daddy told us that Grandma still talked nice to her and commented on what beautiful coloring she has, and tried to make friends with her the whole time she was there, but Chia would have none of it. We were all pretty disgusted with Chia, but you know what? Grandma still was good to her and loved her. I heard of someone who was born a couple thousand years ago who is still like that. Even more reason to celebrate His birthday this Sunday!

Later that day me and Lucy went to visit while everyone set up food and ate and visited in an area reserved for us. Daddy said his family get-togethers always revolve around food! I sat on Mommy’s lap and let Grandma look at me and pet me when she wanted to.
With all the visiting and stuff, we didn’t get back to our rental house and get everything packed until late (it was at least 9:00 at night). Then, in the middle of the night — around 3 o’clock — the folks are up getting dressed and packing the car and loading us in and off we went for home. I want to tell you that Chia and I share the back seat kennel when we travel, and, believe it or not, she’s a good traveling companion.

Chia: *wags and wiggles*

Xena: Anyhoo, it was nice to get home and see Riley and brother Andrew and Jentry and everything familiar and ours. And this is where Santa Paws knows to deliver our pressies, too!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!! Lucy, Xena, Chia and Riley

30 thoughts on “Back from In Dee Anna

  1. Glad you all had fun and got to visit with family…..I also know that just like Dorothy said in Wizard of Oz, “there’s NO PLACE LIKE HOME!”……………hope your Christmas is and was FABULOUS.

    Hugs, teddy

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  2. Mee-yow Chia you went up on counter??? Yore furry brave…
    Hu’manss do not like Poochiess on counterss…..sumtimess not even us Kittiess!
    You did GRATE inn ‘time out’ an mee iss reeleeved you even got a treet…..
    Best to stay off THE counter tho Chia….just wait for Hu’manss to drop foodabullss on floor 😉

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  3. I got sent to my kennel today, Christmas, for sneaking, er, boldly getting on the countertop when Mom was outa the room. I’d say that’s tough love. At least I didn’t have to stay long or get lectured. I even got a treat when I was “released,” for staying where Mom told me, even though she didn’t shut the kennel door. Merry Christmas, BellaDharma! XOXOX Chia

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  4. Lulu: “What a great trip, all that food sounds wonderful, and the attention too! I’m glad you got home before that bomb cyclone thing exploded!”
    Java Bean: “Hey Chia I was pretty suspicious of people when I came here but now I know that you should only be suspicious of weirdos and intruders.”
    Chaplin: “How do you identify a weirdo or an intruder?”
    Charlee: “Everyone who is not Mama or Dada is a weirdo and an intruder.”
    Java Bean: “No no no. You ask Mama and Dada and they tell you. So Grandmas are neither a weirdo nor an intruder—”
    Charlee: “YES THEY ARE.”
    Java Bean: “—but a random person outside your fence is.”
    Lulu: “I would still ask a random person outside my fence to pet me.”
    Charlee: “Weirdo.”
    Chaplin: “Merry Christmas to all of you from all of us!”

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  5. Hi Kosmo. It is about 3F/-16C, but no snow or high winds. The sun is shining and fools us, but Mom, insists on putting our warm sweaters on us when we have to go out. *wags* Riley


  6. This is certainly a fantabulous Tale of visiting for the holidays! Chia you made the story haha! Maybe next year you’ll have learned some manners but it does sound like with 8 years to go before you lose energy that might not happen. So glad you got there and back safely and instead of getting caught in the snow like some of the people that are traveling. Your mom and dad were really smart to get you home early. And I know Riley was glad to see all of you well maybe not Chia haha.

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  7. Miss Chia!!! Enuff!!! You due NOT growl at 92 yeer old Granny! An pleese let go of Lucy’ss throat! If you due not beehave mee ride THE ARTICK VORTEX down to you an give you THE ‘meowin’ of yore Life!
    Mee furry upset.
    Xena an Lucy you were so well beehaved! No sirprize there!!!
    An you all look furabuluss inn yore sweaterss!
    Wee reeleeved youss’ are all hoem safe an sound.
    Hope you are doin grate Riley an Mistur Andrew….did you enjoy yore time twogether?
    Efurry one bee safe an have a lovelee Catmass Day 😉
    ***nose bopss*** BellaDharma an {{{huggiess}}} BellaSita Mum

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  8. So glad you guys made it home even if Chia was a less than gracious about meeting her Grandma. Perhaps next time she’ll realize she’s part of the family. Have a wonderful Christmas in your home; no doubt Santa Paws will be sure to visit.

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