Grooming with Mom on Happy Tuesday

This is Lucy, with Happy Tuesday’s edition of Grooming with Mom. But first, a big shout out to Miss Sandee at  Comedy Plus for hosting Happy Tuesday.

As you will see, this seems to be White Dog Tuesday. First, we got back a pup who was here only once, in July of last year. It’s been six months, and the long hair and mats to the skin indicated that he hasn’t been anywhere else since then to get groomed. Presenting once again Teddy the seven-year-old maltese. Here he is before his groom.

Teddy looks like a fluff ball, but is actually matted clear to the skin; they’re the kind of mats that won’t just come out, not even with dematting spray and comb. So Groomer Mom had to shave him everywhere except for his head, ears and face. His Mom must have been brushing those areas. He was shaking-on-the-table nervous, so I was called to come in to be a calming presence for him.

Teddy liked me and did settle down some with me there. After all the shaving was done, he asked me to come closer so he could whisper in my ear.

“Tell that person she’s all done and I can go home now,” he quietly woofed.
I told him to just stay calm while he got his bath and finished up. At “bath” he started shaking again. Oops.

Teddy’s bath and groom was finally done, and here he is, definitely ready to go home.

Teddy, are you giving us a raspberry?

While Teddy was waiting for his person, Groomer Mom got a call from a fellow whose neighbor had given him one of Groomer Mom’s business cards. He has an 11 year old white miniature poodle named JoJo who needed groomed. Groomer Mom told him she was ready for JoJo right then and to come on. Here is JoJo before getting groomed.

JoJo has been going to get groomed every 4 to 5 weeks, so she wasn’t in too bad of shape. She’s a good girl, and it was easy to tell she is used to being on the grooming table. Strangely, she didn’t like her right leg messed with and kept trying to bite the clippers. Then she would look guilty, like she knew she wasn’t supposed to be doing that.

JoJo is on two medications from her vet for bad allergies. Can you see that black area on her chest? Under both of her front legs her skin is black too, and the hair there was matted with a gooey, stinky, tan-colored substance. Her vet said to just keep those places washed. In all her years of grooming and five years of working at a vet, Groomer Mom has never seen anything like it. She had to wash it off of her clipper blade when she was done shaving under those legs. She is requesting that this reporter ask if any of you might know what that is, and if so, please leave that information in the comments.

Anyhoo, here is JoJo after a good bath and groom.

Her Dad was pleased, so we are hoping to see this dear pup again in the near future.

This is Lucy, signing off with *wags* and *wiggles* from another episode of Grooming with Mom.

32 thoughts on “Grooming with Mom on Happy Tuesday

  1. Lulu: “Your mom always does a great job and takes good care of her visitors, Lucy! We’ve been told that our sister Trixie would get yeast growing in her furs and it would make her itchy. Her dermatologist prescribed this coal tar shampoo for her and Dada would give her a bath every week or so and it kept the yeast away and made her furs nice and soft. The only thing was he couldn’t get the coal tar shampoo around here and had to have it shipped in from out of state. California is funny about things sometimes!”

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  2. YIKESS!! Teddy Poochie was a *hot* mess Lucy! Wee glad you were there to keep him company while hee gor deefurred an bathed an groomed. Hee reelly ISS a hansum littel Poochie!
    An JoJo iss cute as a button….shee lookss like a Poochie named Jasmine who livess next door to us! Sorry wee not know about THE skin issue. Wee DUE think JoJo shuud bee seen bye a 2nd Vet an maybee they can figure this out!
    A grate reeport deer Lucy! Catch you again!
    ~~~~head rubss~~~~BellaDharma~~~~ an {{{huggiess}}} BellaSita Mum

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  3. Your Mama did a great job with Teddy!!

    As for JoJo…Angel Arty had the same problem from his allergies and if he didn’t get his allergy baths once a week he could would be a bit oozy too, his were mostly yeasty.
    Poor Jojo.


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  4. Our mom is not a fan of grooming, but with four of us, she bought a grooming table last year and it is a good thing. We all get our nails done Tuesday mornings and we get our coats stripped once a week too. For the real clean up, we head to our spa lady who does a great job.

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  5. Wow, Lucy…your Mom is quite the groom master! Well done. Hope little JoJo gets over whatever it is that she had on her chest. Maybe she has some kind allergy. With her no nonsense kind of approach, I hope your Mom had a heart to heart with Teddy’s owner about his mats. Some people just don’t realize how uncomfortable those can be, especially when they’re all the way to the skin. 🤞🏼

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  6. Mom does such a great job. Sorry about JoJo and the ooze. That needs to be tended to. Poor baby. They are both looking fabulous after mom was done with them.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. Scritches all around and my best to your talented mom. ♥

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  7. poor baby with the oozing stuff, never heard or seen that. hard to believe the vet said just keep it washed, sounds wild to me. they all look so much better and the good thing is they feel better and Lucy my love, you are the best therapy pup ever. also best at reporting, you and Beau would make a great pair.

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    1. Yep, me and Beau would make a great reporter team! XOX Lucy
      I thought the same thing about the vet. Wanted to say something, but didn’t feel like it would be well-received, so I kept my mouth shut. I’m thinking about taking some of it with me to the vet next time one of the pups goes.

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  8. JoJo looks pleased with herself at being all prettied up!

    Poor Teddy. He sure looks scared, I hope he learns getting groomed is the ticket to feeling good.

    We and petcretary have no idea what that substance was/is…maybe some kind of oozing from allergic skin lesions that thickened up?

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