Thankful Thursday X3

Lucy: First, thank you, Brian, for hosting Thankful Thursday. We think everyone’s prayers were answered for Achilles.

Achilles got a proctoscopy (I sure hope he slept through it). The dogtor found a polyp and took most of it out. That’s what was causing the bleeding. The dogtor also sent off a culture from his foot, and he has e-coli bacteria in it. He’s on antibiotics and a special shampoo and regular dressing changes on his foot. I’m so thankfully happy it didn’t come back as the big C! And I’m triply thankful for all your prayers and good wishes.

Chia: We never got to show our friends our Christmas presents. Among other great things, I got a new stuffie. I know that’s not like dodging the Big C, but it still made me happy.

I haven’t named him – although I’m thinking about “Smiley.” Right now we’re all just calling him the squid. Riley chewed off some of the little tentacles sticking out of his funny hat, so I’m thankful that I got the squid for Christmas and that Riley didn’t deadie him! Oh, and that’s my new blanket hanging beside me on the couch. It is so, so, soft, and I love to wrap myself up in it!

Mom Amy: Every day I have more in my life to be thankful for than I can count. Today I want to say I’m thankful for my son Adam.

He’s a blessing, and I know he would do anything for me…well, except scoop dog poop. And I can forgive him for that! Every other week I drive about 45 minutes to spend some time with him, shopping, eating, visiting. Here, we were waiting on our meals at Captain D’s. He loves Xena, so if I bring her, we sit in the car and eat! I am thankful for my Adam.

Xena: I’m thankful I get to make the poem today about the picture! Do you see me there trying to decide which Teddy to grab?

Teddy Bear Car by Xena

A Teddy Bear car.
A dog trap or a present?
I’ll follow it far.

I hope you like my haiku!

Love and wags and thankfuls for you, our friends! Lucy, Chia and Xena

35 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday X3

  1. Achilles OMDs you went thru the wringer at the vet. I think we humans can identify with your procedure and am very thankful all is good. Healing hugs.
    Please ask Mom to give Adam a hug from me next time she visits. He is a handsome brudder
    Hugs cecilia

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  2. What a pleasure to meet you. And to meet your son Adam as well today. I am a kitty, yes, but I have three human brothers. They mean the world to me. Just looked at the comment from Easyweimaraner, and got tickled at the name for your new stuffy. And Quentin Tentacle got me laughing, I have never seen Sponge Bob, so I missed meeting Mr. Tentacle. XX

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    1. Oh, I am Katie Isabella on Blogspot I have to use mom’s old WP account to comment on WP bloggies. Mom’s or my Blogspot account won’t comment on them. *sigh*


    2. Hi Katie Isabella. You went to a lot of trouble (we read your second comment) to comment, and we sure do appreciate it. Those Weimie boys are a hoot, right? Boy, could we ever have fun playing with them. We’re glad you have human brothers too, cause they’re the best! XOX Chia and Xena

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  3. Where to start? Where to start??
    Achilles obviouslee…..HURRAH it was JUST a stew-pid Polyp an Achilless does NOT have BEEG Cee!!! **happy dancin** Feel berrtur soon sweet Achilless!
    An Chia yore Smiley Squid iss too cute fore werdss…
    An Xena yore poe-em iss deelitefull.
    Furinally Miss Amy wee too are THANXFULL fore Adam!! Pleese give him our kind reegardss an let him nose BellaSita purrayss fore him offen an mee **purrss** fore him alot too!
    An wee THANXFULL wee are frendss with youss’….til THE end of time……
    ~~~~head rubss~~~~ BellaDharma~~~~ an {{{huggiess}}} BellaSita Mum

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    1. We are all grateful for BellaSia’s prayers. We think she’s been praying for Adam’s younger brother Andrew, who you and our Mom texted about. Adam is his older brother, and he lives in a group home with others with schizophrenia. XOX from us all!

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      1. **slapss paw to forehead** Yore rite Xexe an Miss Amy….BellaSita an mee been purrayin for Andrew……OMC!!
        Well wee now innclude Adam inn our purrayerss OKay?
        Wee understand about Adam’ss illness an wee are reeleeved hee has sumwhere to live inn safety an with support.
        ***purrss*** BellaDharma

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  4. Great news about Achilles, and continued prayers he makes a full recovery. Smiley not only looks like he’ll smile throughout, he must make everyone else smile when they see him. That’s a perfect name, Chia. Adam is definitely someone to be thankful for. The haiku is great Xena, and that car makes me smile as well (as long as those Teddies hang on!).

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  5. Lulu: “Hooray for the good news on Achilles! We are looking forward to his full recovery!”
    Java Bean: “Our Dada says your squid stuffie looks like it has made a few purchases from Spicoli. We have no idea what he’s talking about …”

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    1. Mommy told me about my brother losing his teddy bear when he was a little boy, and one day she found it sitting on a fence out in the country. The bear was fine, and went back home with them. Guess the teddys will be ok on the car, too. XOX Xena


  6. Love the car and you Xena, and the poem. Laughed out loud at you Chia with your squid. Achilles you look so sweet I kissed you and we are so very happy the vet found your issues and that you are being treated. POTP still coming your way for complete healing to happen soon. Happy for you Mom that you could spend time with Adam.. so much for all of you to be thankful for.

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  7. What a purrrfect poem Xena! And we could not be more happy for Achilles and just know that he will be 100% OK. It’s nice that your Mom and your Uncle Adam get together for lunch and a visit regularly. As for the octopus – tell Chia to be careful he doesn’t wrap any of you up in his arms and hold you captive!!!!

    Hugs, Teddy

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  8. we are so glad that you got this good news… we had to wipe some tears away … but tears with joy… hugs to you all… we would name that guy tadaeus, that’s the name here for quentin tentacle from sponge bob LOL

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