17 thoughts on “There’s No Place Like Mommy.

  1. Java Bean: “Sí, this is absolutely correct! One of my nicknames now is ‘Ratchet’ because I sleep up against Mama and when she moves over, I move over, so by the end of the night I have almost the entire mattress and Mama and Dada are squashed into Dada’s side of the bed.”
    Lulu: “Nice technique, Bean, and I’m sure Mama doesn’t mind very much …”

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      1. Java Bean: “I do sleep with them every night! It just sort of happened. I guess mis hermanos Dennis and Tucker used to do it and were good bedwarmers. I don’t go under the covers, though. Too restraining for me, like being in a sack.”
        Lulu: “Sleeping with the humans! That’s a short-haired dog’s game. I would be too hot!”

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