Friday Friendly Fill-Ins

Xena: This is our first time doing fill-ins — we usually have plenty of our own sentences to use, BOL! But when Mom asked us if we would like to participate, we hopped at the chance.

Chia: I didn’t hop, Xena. You’re the hopper in the family. I leaped!

Xena: Semantics.

Chia: Don’t you be calling me names, fuzz ball.

Xena: We want to thank  Four-Legged Furballs  and 15andmeowing for hosting. Just click the blue links or the badge to get the sentences, then fill in the blanks your OWN way and link up!!

  1. (Xena) I am going to the dogtor on Monday to get my waxy, crumbly-stuff, full-of-liquid ear checked.

2. (Chia) The worst thing in my life is getting my nails cut.

3. (Riley) From my experience, good meat in my bowl is worth its weight in gold.

4. (Lucy) Being in a kennel does not work for me.

We hope you liked our fill-ins and maybe even learned a little about us. Come back and visit us soon. And, umm, prayers and POTP for me and my ear, OK?

Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

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