Saturday Sisters by Choice

Xena: Sure, sometimes we argue over things, like whose kennel is this and who gets to sit on Mommy’s lap. But sometimes it’s like this morning. The kennel door is always open so we can go in and out as we want (except when Chia is in jail!). I actually had the kennel first this morning, and Chia came in asking me to leave. I always hold my ground by simply ignoring her demands. Today she just cuddled up for our morning nap. It was kinda nice.

We had already spent time playing together with our stuffies. I grabbed one and ran so that Chia would chase me. Sometimes we play tug-of-war for a short while and then run and jump at each other and make funny noises. I’ve taught Chia how to dance, and she’s taught me how to, well, how to be a puppy again. Sure, Chia can be extremely annoying, but in my big schnauzer heart, I guess I really do love her.

Happy Saturday, everybody! Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

22 thoughts on “Saturday Sisters by Choice

  1. Lulu: “It’s nice to have a sibling to cuddle! I love having Bean around, he gets me moving like a puppy again too, and even though he’s not really so much for the sleeping right on top of me, we can typically be found pretty close together.”
    Java Bean: “Your thick furs are awfully warm, Lulu. I think one of us would overheat if we made a dogpile.”

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  2. The 2 of you are so cute and always put a smile on my face. Say a prayer for me, my little Alex went to heaven yesterday and my heart is broken. He was a rescue and we were together for almost 12 years. Someday I hope to rescue another dog – the house is too quiet.

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  3. Xena if you were a human you would have to put up with slightly annoying humans, just like we do… you both look happy and oh so cute. Glad to hear you are playing together.

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