I’m a Work Dog Again

Xena: Last week I got to go to Mommy’s workplace for the first time since I was just a puppy. It’s a new place, and it’s a church again. Mommy went from temp status to hired! So now I’m the official church dog. My first day there was Tuesday a week ago. I got so nervous that I had a runny, stinky accident. I didn’t get to go back last week, after that embarrassment to both me and Mommy.

Anyhoo, this week I got to go back to work with the promise I would only potty outside. I went on Monday and again yesterday. We don’t work on Fridays which is why we’ve got our vet appointment today. I’ll tell ya’, it’s hard work. My office is right in front of the front door, and it has big glass windows both in the front of the office and on both sides of the front door so I can see anyone coming. I have to grrrrrrr real quietly with my mouth closed until I know they are OK. Then I run up to them and welcome them with a wagging tail.

After work I went to the vet to get my ears checked again. They were much better, but still not 100%. So I’ve been getting this globby stuff in them every night, but one of them is actually worse. We’re all going to the vet today to get blood pulled for our twice a year DNA HW test *shake* *shiver* so the vet is going to look at them again then. I’ll be shaking so hard I probably won’t even notice. *sigh*

Working all day can be exhausting. We must have walked up and down the long hallway to the coffee room and the lobby (they call it a narthex) 87 times yesterday. Sometimes I just nap in Mommy’s lap.

Can you see her green top she wore a day early for St. Patty’s Day?

I like to schmooze the pastor, too. I follow him into his office and ask to be pet and to sit in his lap. He says I’m a real cutie and a good girl. (He doesn’t know about my accident down the hall.) He said I can come every day except Wednesday when there’s lots of people there. That’s OK by me! I also like to lay in Mommy’s lap while she works on the ‘puter. I haven’t gotten my own ‘puter yet — maybe we’ll get another one from the Good Will store like I had at the other church.

Mom: Whatcha’ doin’, Xexe?
Xena: Miss Nancy fed me all my treats. Is it time to go home yet?

Well, that was my long way of wishing you a very happy St. Patty’s Day, and don’t drink and drive, BOL!

And here’s one for my Daddy, who’s something called a “Trekkie.”

Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

29 thoughts on “I’m a Work Dog Again

  1. Zena yay what fun to go to work with mom on St. Paddy’s Day and you got to sit in her lap.
    I bet lots of people come by to say hi to you!
    I hope there weren’t any leprechaun’s hiding under her desk.
    Hugs Cecilia

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  2. ‘STAR TREK: FUREVER’!!!!!!!
    Funny thing iss inn that Meme THE Captain inn reel life ISS named Patrick! Purrty kewl rite?
    Concatss on yore new pawsition at THE Church.
    Sorry you had an accydent…mee sorta had a Kling-On…..wait… BellaSita sayss CLING-On (xxxxxxxcure mee……) anyway it sorta landed on THE floor by THE tote inn bedroom. Sumtimess stuff happenss rite?
    Happy St Patrick’ss Day to all of youss’……
    ~~~head rubss~~~BellaDharma~~~ an (((hugss))) BellaSita Mum

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  3. I hope the ears are completely better soon and that you don’t have to work too hard. It’s great you get to go there though. Happy St. Patrick’s Day from all of us!

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  4. Come to think of it, that’s an excellent question from Captain Trekkie. Why is that, do you think? Congrats to your mom on the new permanent position. Enjoy schmooshing the Pastor. And good luck at the vet’s. We’re sending our best healing vibes all goes well.

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  5. What a great job for both of you. Looks like a ton of fun. Greeting people is my favorite thing. Of course, after I greet them, I want them to leave me alone. I think a lap-nap or 2 or 10 would be just the thing…..

    Love and licks,

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  6. Lulu: “Yay for your mom! And for you, Xena, you working dog! Hey wait … Does that mean you have to get up early and report to an office and stuff??? That seems awfully inconvenient actually.”
    Java Bean: “As long as Mom is there, I would be good with it. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!”

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  7. Oh dearie me……icky ears aren’t fun – I know as I get yeast infections in mine! I’m glad you are a working girl again – must be fun even though it’s exhausting. We wish you all a happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

    Hugs, Teddy and Mom O’Kimmell

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    1. Mommy started laughing when she read that I’m a “working girl” again. She said, “No she’s not, she’s spayed.” I don’t get it. XOX Xena Now Mommy’s laughing again…


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