Jailed, Drugged and Hung

Hiya, Hiya, Chia here. What a day Monday was! Mom thinks I have a behavioral disorder. I can’t seem to help myself sometimes when I see Lucy. And she’s my BFF! But my tail curls and stiffens, well, my whole body stiffens. Then I sound like I have Tourrette Syndrome. Hey, maybe that’s my disorder! The Cee Bee Dee oil does help some, but it hadn’t had time to kick in when I attacked Lucy in Dad’s office while he was in there working. Lucy, really sick of the whole thing, attacked back, and Dad had an awful time getting us apart. Don’t worry, no one got hurt. At least that time.

After Mom released me from jail, er, my kennel, she held me like a baby and stroked me softly and murmured sweet things to me and my body relaxed and my eyes started closing. We stayed like that for a long time.

A little later in the morning it happened again out on the back porch where both my brothers, Adam and Andrew, were and Mom came running out, too. Mom and Andrew both took a “hit” by one of our teeth, but their blue jeans protected their legs. Even Lucy got in trouble that time.

Anyhoo, I was tried and convicted without a jury of my peers or even anyone to bark up in my defense, so back into jail I went. I was subsequently drugged with something a bit stronger than Cee Bee Dee oil. I think it was in the hamburger Mom tossed me through the jail bars. I shoulda known, but who can resist hamburger meat, right?

You absolutely will not believe what happened a while later, early in the afternoon. The jailer released me for Brother Andrew and Mom to take me downstairs, wrap me in a sling, and hang me. I immediately got the stupid cat muzzle off, pulled my front legs out of the sling and started sliding to the floor, but Mom caught me. First escape attempt thwarted. Then the black muzzle went on, and it’s harder to get off. Then, brother Andrew held my feet and head and I could barely move. Then Mom attacked me with a nail dremel. Oh. My. Dog. The torture!

Riley: This is fascinating. Did Mom Amy hurt you with the dremel?

Chia: She hurt me all right. She hurt my feelings. So when she released me and took me back upstairs, I went after Lucy again.

Riley: Don’t do the crime if you can’t serve the crime, little sis.

That time wasn’t so bad. I got put outside until dinner time. After dinner I went in the front room and laid down on the loveseat right next to Lucy. She said she forgave me and laid her head across my back.

Riley: Lucy’s a good friend. You should treat her right.

Chia; Yep, she is. But just before bedtime…

Riley: Please don’t tell me you did it again…aren’t you ashamed to even admit it?

Chia: Well, yes, but tell the truth and shame the devil, right? So anyhow, I went off on Lucy back in Dad’s office again while he was on the phone. So I’m back on the chain gang. Er, I mean, back in my kennel for the night.

29 thoughts on “Jailed, Drugged and Hung

  1. Oh no, Chia…please don’t hurt sweet Lucy. She’s such a love, you need some serious therapy to get to the bottom of why you’re going after her. I’m sorry you can’t seem to play nice. Extra ear rubs for Lucy who sounds like she’s reached the end of her patience with you.

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  2. OMC Chia mee cuud meow to Lucy fore you if you want?!?!
    You poor Pocchie Girl. Thiss beein ‘inn heet’ iss ruff an hore moness can REELLY mess us up.
    Wee think once yore surgery iss dun you will bee inn tippytop shape an calmer….
    Wee love you so wee wurry! Iss OKay!!
    ~~~head rubss~~~BellaDharma~~~

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  3. Now I feel bad that I made you worry, BellaDharma. 😦 Mom thinks it’s a combination of everything going on at Easter and my raging hormones from just being in heat. We’re going to see if things have calmed down a coupla months after my big girl surgery, which Mom is gonna schedule for late May or early June. I WANT to be a good girl, and Lucy’s lost her patience with me. XOXOXOX Chia.

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  4. Nothing hung about the jury, Miss Cecilia. Everyone on the jury yelled Crucify her, crucify her! No, no, wait, that was Jesus. Uh, I guess what you said. XOXOX Chia


  5. Mee-yow Chia what THE Cat iss botherin you?? Wee so wurried fore you…what iss wrong mee sweet frend???? Sure you are a bit nippy-bitey butt nevurr liek this…
    Can wee send you a new toy or sum Catnip?
    Deer Miss Amy what due you think iss wrong with Chia? Wee hope you can sort her out….your her only hope….wee NOSE this!!!
    Wee hope Lucy you are Okay two….yore a guud Sistur to furgive Chia so quiklee….
    If you wanna ‘bunk inn’ here at mee crib, come on up…..
    POTP an purrayerss to all of youss’ BellaDharma
    ❤ ❤ an (((hugss))) BellaSita Mum

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  6. Oh Chia! You don’t want to end up in permanent jail. Could some of this be due to your hormones? We think we remember you said you were in heat recently. We have our paws crossed that you and Lucy can stay being nice to each other.

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  7. I feel ya Chia…As a girl who does have a behavior disorder, I know it’s hard to be good sometimes. Luckily, we have found a good behaviorist and balance of meds that help me control my urges. Hopefully things will work themselves out soon!

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  8. Chia, you really had a bad bad day, I wonder what causes this to erupt. maybe because your human brothers were there? to much going on? you got into Easter candy? hugs to all of you, the biters, the bitees and the bitten, both canine and human

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  9. Lucy was fighting back, that’s what makes it so much fun! And our teeth didn’t hit the peeps on purpose, they just got in the way. Hey, guys, maybe someday we can have that kind of fun together! XOXOX Chia


  10. Oh gosh…..well we know you can’t help yourself with the Lucy attacks but luckily she seems to be a very patient sister. We’re just sorry you have to keep going back to prison – at least you have your very own comfortable cell !!

    Hugs, Teddy

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  11. wow that was no good day… but we are sure your mama can manage that situations and there will be peace between you sisters… hugs and all crossed paws… btw: hurt feelings and a hurt dignity is a serious case….. we hope da feelings feel better soon…


  12. Wow, Chia…and here I have *the Reputation* but your very bad awful day sounds way worse than any of mine! Though I too sometimes get carried away and snark at Benji, and I have used my teeth on people legs as well, in fact I went after pawppy a few days ago.
    What is with us pups, eh?

    Lucy, you are so very patient and sweet.

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