Spider Poetry Thursday

First, thanks to  Angel Sammy for the pretty and kinda scary picture this week.

Chia: Hey guys, lookit this cool picture from Angel Sammy! I think I got this one.

Here’s my poem:
Itsy bitsy spider
Went up the water spout…

Xena: That’s not your poem, that’s forgery.
Lucy: You mean it’s plagiarism, Xena. And yes, it is, Chia. Try again.

Oh what a tangled web we weave
when first we practice to deceive.

Lucy: What I want to know is how you know all these songs and poems! Oh, and you can’t use that one either.

Chia: I listen a lot. And remember.
Xena: Too bad you don’t listen to Mom, BOL!
Chia: Forget it! Here’s my very own, very original poem.

Stay Away by Chia

The colors are dazzling
The symmetry great,
But I won’t go near it
For fear I’ll get ate.

I done good!

28 thoughts on “Spider Poetry Thursday

  1. Chia My Love, I am giving you a standing ovation and wild clapping. You are even better than the two you tried to plagiarize. PLUS you are look just to cute for words. Xena my love, you are mentioned on Beaus blog today

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  2. Well now – even “borrowed” poetry is perfect for this photo BUTTTT our favorite is the ORIGINAL Chia came up with. You all have significant talent in your family for sure – as your poetic efforts prove every single Thursday! You rock…..definitely

    Hugs, Teddy the Poetic Critic

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