Grooming with Mom on Thankful Thursday: Kylo and Sunshine

Ace Reporter Lucy here again with another episode of Grooming with Mom. First, a big thanks to Brian’s Thankful Thursday, with special thanks to Brian for hosting it!
Today I am featuring two pups who have been coming to Groomer Mom for a while, but got very different grooms…at Groomer Mom’s suggestion. Both their Moms loved the new look. Let’s see what you think.

First up is Kylo, the Standard Brindle Poodle. He is the biggest dog that Mom grooms, and his owners bathe him the night before and stay during the groom to help with lifting, etc. Mom suggested shaving his face and his Mom readily agreed.

The lighting is different…he’s actually more the color on the left. But these pics still show the huge difference the shaved face made in his looks. Everyone loved the new look! Which groom do you like better? And yes, he’s every bit as sweet as he looks. If I was a few years younger… uh, I mean, moving on…

Sunshine is a long-haired cairn terrier/beagle mix. She has been coming to Small Dog Grooming since October of 2020 and is now 14 and a half years old. Her Mom has always let her hair grow long. She has a ton of undercoat (that was hyperbole, a method us reporters use to overstate a fact). Her hair was more and more matted (a grooming term) each time she came. So this time Groomer Mom suggested that it was time for Sunshine to get shaved. Not too short, and not too long. Her Mom had to think about it a moment, then hesitantly agreed. Here she is from a previous groom and then after this one.

Her Mom was crazy about how she looked and said, “Why didn’t we do this years ago!?”

Sunshine’s big greyhound sister, Ruthie, was a bit curious about this “new” dog that just got in the car.

Ruthie sniffed her (did she really wonder if this was her sister?) and then gave her a little kiss. We know that their Mom will have a much easier time maintaining this cut, and we hope that Sunshine will be more comfortable in it too. Which one do you like better?

Lucy, Ace Reporter, signing off with two more successful grooms.

30 thoughts on “Grooming with Mom on Thankful Thursday: Kylo and Sunshine

  1. I think both new hair cuts look amazing, but could never pick a faxxxvourite as both are equally fabulous

    Boris is going for a new do tomorrow, because of his arthritis it’s hard for him to stand for too long each day for grooming as he loves to get filthy on walks which doesn’t help. I adore his long coat and I love grooming him but the time has come for most of it to come off now xxx

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  2. Mee-yow wow! Kylo iss reelly ahnsum! Lucy mee heerss you ’bout beeina few yeerss younger 😉
    BellaSita likess Kylo’ss furry face look best an mee likess his shaved face best! A win-win!
    An Sunshine’ss new look iss 150% purrcent BETTER!!!!
    Ruthie sniffed out tHE truth, mew mew mew…….
    Grate reeportin Lucy mee frend!
    ~~~head rubss~~~BellaDharma~~~ an {{{hugss}}} BellaSita Mum

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  3. Kylo I bet all the French girls have the vapors when they see your handsome self.
    Sunshine that is absolutely a purrfect name for you
    Hugs and what a great Groomer you have

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  4. There’s a reason cat grooming is kinda rare…I only did it when I was younger and desperate for money. Cats bite to the bone, and the Persians I did were the worst. Now don’t get me wrong, I loved the cats I’ve had, I just don’t want to groom someone elses!


  5. Your Mom is too kind. She looks pretty rough right now and has steadfastly refused me to trim her face/neck up lately. I don’t push it becaused the stress exacerbates the seizures but try to catch a snip here or there when she will let me. The sessions are usually no longer than 15 minutes so she’s almost always looks “in progress.” Sigh. So sad because she’s a beautiful poodle…when she’s groomed.

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  6. Squee! Yoor pikchures bring back memories for my momma when she went to dog grooming school. She got a masters in dog grooming but wanted to groom cats. She had a lot of clients lined up while she was still in school because cat grooming was kinda rare. Anyway! Everyone looks so happy and fresh and clean! Love, Dori

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  7. Of course she did! Dad had a dog kinda like Trixie who he started having Groomer Mom shave because of all the shedding. I hope he doesn’t start getting me shaved! Xoxo Lucy


  8. Lulu: “Your mom always does a great job, Lucy! Kylo is very handsome after his shave!”
    Chaplin: “Dennis told us about one time The Beautiful Trixie had to get all her furs shaved, it wasn’t because of mats but because of yeast or something like that. She looked like a completely different dog, he said! But still beautiful, of course, on account of she was Trixie.”

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  9. I groom my st. poodle and LOVE when I can see his eyes clearly again! It’s a job grooming a spoo for sure. I am awful at the ear plucking, and the manicures. LeeAnna with Milo the spoo who rolled in the dead grass and has bits stuck in his hair now… oy

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  10. Having owned 6 standards over the years, I’ve always went with clean faces. IMHO they look so much better. Your Mom did a fabulous job to show off a very handsome boy. And little Sunshine looks so much better! What a great job, Lucy. Seeing pics of both remind me I need to get our the clippers for both the Ranch Hands. I’ll bathe if you Mom can transfer Elsa into a beauty from her current Muppet look. 🤣

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  11. both precious pups are adorable both cuts but I would go for the new cut, they both look so much better and also I am sure they feel much better. I did not know there are brindle poodles. Kylo is so handsome and I would like to kiss that face

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  12. ho cute sunshine looks, that is such a sweet girl. and we LOVE Kylo… our heart has a big place for poodles… the mama had a classmate with a poodle and he was her boyfriend… the name of the poodle was Oliver… the name of the boy?…. no idea.. LOL

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