Who’s the Church Dog Now? Lucy’s Happy Tuesday

Monday, a week ago Xena: It’s time to go, Mommy. I’ve got JenJen Bear, we’re at the door, and we’re ready to go home and get our supper.

Yes, it’s time to go, and you may want to say goodbye to the church for a while. Over the weekend you showed me you didn’t want to work at doing Freestyle, so we’re not going to Cleveland, Ohio to try to get your Title 4. Now you left turds for the Building and Grounds guy to find…who, by the way, wasn’t too fond of you to begin with. Then you growled and barked at people as they came in. When you figured out you weren’t getting any treats for doing that, you started running up to them, wiggling and wagging your tail just long enough for you to turn around and run back to me to get a treat. I’m not sure this “church dog” thing is working out so well for you.

Last week: Tuesday and Thursday Lucy: Is Pastor coming today? I love pastor, he’s so nice and he wants to get me a new bed for me to lay in his office when he’s here. I wonder if he’ll pet me a lot. He always tells everyone who comes in that I’m a good dog. This time when he kisses me on the nose, I’ll kiss him back. Are the church ladies coming today? They all ask to pet me, and it makes me so happy I wiggle and smile at them.

Yes, Lucy. Pastor is going to visit shut-ins, but he said since you are here, he will come by the church first to see you.

Note: No dogs on Wednesday simply because of how many folks come in for meetings that day. The church is closed on Fridays. So, Lucy now has every available opening for a “church dog.”

Xena: Mommy, if I’m a good girl, can I come back to work?

We’ll see.

A big thanks to Miss Sandee at Comedy Plus for hosting Happy Tuesday Blog Hop!

33 thoughts on “Who’s the Church Dog Now? Lucy’s Happy Tuesday

  1. You give me a lot to think about, BellaDharma, while I’m home alone today without Mom or Dad or Lucy. (just Chia and Riley) I think I’ll sleep for a while and see if Angel Lexi has any words of advice for me, too. Thanks, friend.

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  2. Thanks, friends. Mom says I can’t be a therapy dog cause I’m too skittish. I wish I had more confidence like Angel Lexi then I could go to the hospitals like her and make everyone happy! XOX Lucy


  3. Lucy you sure have come a long way! An to bee loved bye THE Pastor iss sweet. Mee iss furry happy fore you. Concatulationss……
    Xena mee iss sad you are havin a ruff time….mee has a few questshunss fore you to think about: Due you RELLY wanna bee a Church Poochie? Not fore ‘angel’ Lexi or fore Miss Amy or fore Sky Dog; butt strictlee fore YOU? If you not wanna due that job Miss Amy WILL understand.
    An how can you get treetss if you due not pawticipate inn Freestyle or doin guud thingss??? There are no speshell “Notty Poochiess an Kitty Treetss”……
    Maybee you wanna due Agility trainin or Frisbee Fetchin????
    An trust mee beein f-a-t iss not fun!
    An no one xpectss you to bee Lexi…..just like BellaSita does not xpect mee to bee ‘angel’ Unkell Siddhartha Henry. Wee shared same color furss but that iss it! Mee cuud nevurr fill his pawss an BellaSita told mee shee lovess mee quirky self as mee iss….mee hopess mee helped you…..
    ~~~~head rubss~~~~BellaDharma~~~~ an {{{huggiess}}} BellaSita Mum

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  4. Xena, Maybe you were trying to guard your Mom from what you thought were threats and intruders?? And then the little present must have come from being anxious about all that coming and going?
    Lucy, we are happy for you, being the Church dog! I think you’d make a good therapy pup too, given the right circumstances.
    We don’t think either of us would qualify to be a church dog, like you…nope, not at all, BOL!

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  5. Well, there are so many blogs that post about their pets, so I guess I’m gonna have to post about my Charlie next Tuesday! hehehe Yours is oh so cute & I bet he’s lovable too! Have a wonderful day & give him a treat from me! 🙂 Have a great day my new friend! hugs

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  6. Lucy: Today the Pastor said he loves me. I’m so happy! He kisses me on the nose and pets me and I make him smile. I’m a good church dog. I think this will be my gig from now on.
    Xena: I’ve been trying to be more like Chia. I don’t know why. I feel ok. I just want Chia to want to play with me. All she wants to do is hang with Lucy, and then she gets in trouble for being a horrible brat to Lucy. I’ve been trying different things to get more treats, like refusing to do what Mom wants (a Freestyle move, be good at church) until she gives me a treat. Maybe if I got more food…but Mommy says she won’t have a fat schnauzer! Mommy is sad, too. She says even though Lucy is great at her job, she misses ME. I’m not Lexi is all. I am a typical strong-willed schnauzer with definite opinions that don’t seem to be working for me. XOX Xena

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  7. Lucy: Thanks, Miss Mama! I LOVE being the church dog!!
    Xena: Rosy and Sunny, if you try out for the position, remember to not growl and not bark at the people coming in the door.


  8. We’ve never known a church cat, Charlee. Let us know if you get that position! In the meantime I’m the church dog. Today, Pastor even said, “I love Lucy.” Lucy


  9. Deerest Xena maybee iss sum burnout happenin?? Wee sorry you are havin a ruff time. You enjoyed beein “Church Poochie” so much. An you not likin yore Freestyle??
    Miss Amy iss sumthin goin on with Xena girl??? This not sound like her at all…..wee furry concerned!
    Lucy Girl concatss on beecomin a Church Poochie. Can you hold THE fort fore Xena?
    Yore pawsum mee frend!
    ***nose bopss*** BellaDharma an (((hugss))) BellaSita Mum

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  10. Rosy: It’s ok Xena, sometimes I don’t feel like being social either…maybe you just need a bit of time to recuperate. Who needs to be church dog anyway?

    Sunny: Hey Chia…have you been training Xena?? BOL

    Mama: What they both mean to say is Congrats for being a full time church dog, Lucy! They both may be jealous because I am volunteering in the church office and they haven’t been invited to be Church dog!

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  11. Chaplin: “It’s good to be the church dog! Dennis used to tell us how popular Tucker was with the monks at the Mission where our Mama used to teach at the Montessori school. One time when she was there with our Dada’s parents the head priest asked our Mama how ‘his boy’ was doing, and Dada’s parents thought he was talking about Dada, and so Mama had to explain that no, he was talking about the dog.”
    Charlee: “I think the church needs a cat.”
    Lulu: “Why, so you can push the chalice off the altar or whatever? Seems like a good way to get struck by lightning or something.”

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  12. You’ll be back because you’re a big hit. You’re cute too. Tell mom I said so.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. Scritches all around and my best to your mom. ♥

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  13. Lucy has the same personality as Big Boy and Beau, since Pastors are ‘called’ to be pastors, I think Lucy has the ‘calling’ to be a church dog. Beau would love to be a church dog for sure.

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  14. Thanks, boys, but I am definitely not getting to go for that title this spring. Maybe is is the maydays…and maybe in the late fall I can go. I have to decide if I want to… XOX Xena (so far, no more church time for me, either)


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