Thankful and Poetry Thursday

Xena: First, thanks to  Brian for hosting Brian’s Thankful Thursday! And I am thankful to  Angel Sammy for the fun picture this week, too. 

My thankful this week is that Lucy is the new church dog.

Chia, Riley: *stares at Xena in silence while Lucy goes to find Mom*

Lucy: *returning* You’re either sick or being disingenuous, Xena.

Xena, Riley and Chia: *stares at Lucy in silence*

Xena: No I’m not, and you made that word up.

Lucy: No, I asked Mom how to say in one word that you were pretending that something didn’t matter to you that really did.

Xena: OK, so maybe that’s true, but I’m thankful that I don’t get as my baths, so maybe I don’t care!

Chia: I’m thankful I haven’t gotten in (much) trouble lately. I think all that good CeeBeeDee oil is helping!

Lucy: I’m also thankful that you haven’t gotten in (much) trouble lately cause that means you’re being nicer to me.

Xena: Enough with the thankfuls, let’s get to the poem. I got to do it again this week. Do you like how I jumped into the picture?

Eating Chocolate Haiku by Xena the Disingenuous Schnauzer

Eating chocolate.
Every child needs a helper.
A schnauzer is best.

Happy Thursday, friends! Xena, Lucy, Chia and Riley

25 thoughts on “Thankful and Poetry Thursday

  1. Well, those are good thankfuls and we know you meant every word of them too! Cute poem too. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

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  2. Lots of good thankfuls, and we love how you are a good actor, Xena! (Cause you’re Disingenuous…)

    That poem made me giggle…and if you were in on that chocolate mess, then you’ll need to confess that you were naughty, too…so there, you two!

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  3. Yikes…stay away from dirty little boys. No good can come from that when it’s brown. We’re thankful too that sweet Lucy is the official Church Dog-she’s ‘pawfect’ for that position. Meanwhile, hopefully you won’t need a bath any time soon. 😉

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  4. I hope you did not lick up much of the chocolate mess, Xena! this boy looks more like Chia would be better to help, Chia the mess maker and the boy, just think what the photo would look like.

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