Thankful Thursday with Xena (again)

Lucy: I’m so thankful for the sunshine and a yard to lay in it. I’m told my furs glow, and that’s why my official Hebrew name is Ora when I got Barkmitzvahed.

Riley: I’m thankful for the great food I get. I never was much interested in eating, but now I’m right there with the peanut gallery telling Mom Amy it’s supper time…even when it isn’t!

Chia: I’m thankful that once in a while I get to slip out and run like The Flash through the neighborhood. I run and run and run and run and then I come home. Mom says that’s not a good thankful, but hey, I’m just bein’ honest here.

Xena: I’m really thankful that Mommy has let me host our thankful Thursdays as well as create the poetry all of May. And I’ve gotten to do all the posts all week! I think she feels guilty replacing me with Lucy as the church dog. First a big thanks to Brian for hosting Brian’s Thankful Thursday! And I am thankful to  Angel Sammy for the fun picture this week, too.  Here’s the picture and my poem.

I Came for the Ball by Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

I came for the ball
But there’s no ball at all.
Nothing that bounces
Or even announces
That no balls are here
I really do fear.

A dance is a ball?
Oh, no, not for all!
I have no dance partner
To Freestyle real proper
He can’t be too tall
Cause I am so small.

But if there’s no ball
And I can’t dance at all
I’m goin’ home!

23 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday with Xena (again)

  1. Xena BOL BOL BOL
    Only in English can there about 87 definitions for one word.
    I loved your poem.
    Here is another line
    Hugs Cecilia :-)!!!!!!

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  2. ***apawss apawss*** Xena yore poe-em iss so so cute!!!!
    Mee wuud bee goin home two if there was no ackshuall ball.
    An Lucy you got Barkmitzvahed??? Outta site mee frend!!! “ORA” iss a purrty name….
    Chia at leest you are honest….wee THANXFULL you come home!!! Wee wuud bee broke eharted if anythin happened to you!!!
    Riley mee thanxfull you are so happy now!
    ***nose bopss*** BellaDharma an (((hugss))) BellaSita Mum

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  3. Those were all good thankfuls gang but I’m not sure your Mom is thankful about the running through the neighborhood thing. That was a fun poem too. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

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  4. What a fabulous poem that made me AND my Mom smile BIG! Also like your thankfuls…’s nice to really take a moment and THINK about how lucky we are in many ways isn’t it?!

    Love, Teddy

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  5. I love your other names and both fit you perfectly. Chia, our Baby girl angel loved to do what you do.. the poem is right on the money.

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  6. That is a sweet poem, Xena…we think maybe you should have taken *your* ball…

    Good thankfuls, too, all of you…Our MJF used to run off like you do, Chia, but he would have stayed away…he ran till he had to flop down for a rest, and that is when we could snatch him and put his leash on…

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