About Xena

Hi, I’m Xena. I was born in Jackson, Georgia on June 21, 2017. My Granny’s (breeder’s) name is Toni, and she only breeds really, really good miniature schnauzers and has really, really good miniature schnauzer puppies like me. I have the distinctive ridge on my neck that hales from my great-grandma, who was a champion show dog. My coloring is what is called salt and pepper. Did you know that in Europe if dogs like me have more black than white, they are called pepper and salt? It’s true! I did have lots more pepper my first year, but now I definitely have more salt. Mommy calls me a salty girl, and sometimes a spice girl!

I was 13 weeks old when Mommy drove three hours to get me. There were lots of other puppies, and she tells me the same thing (almost) her Mommy used to tell her about being adopted. Out of all the other puppies, I chose you! Mommy had told my Granny what she wanted in a schnauzer, and it seems that Granny already knew lots about Angel Lexi. Her fame certainly spread far and wide, as they say. Anyhow, before Mommy got there, Granny had picked out the puppy she thought would be just right for Mommy — and it was me! So that’s how I got my furever home.  Mommy named me Xena Warrior Schnauzer Princess, but everyone just calls me Xena. I graduated from my S.T.A.R. puppy class when I was almost one year old, and am continuing in more classes with Mommy. She says she is waiting to find out what I am best at and what I like best, too. I have been in agility classes, and I love it! I’m really good at it too. My fur sister Lucy wasn’t sure about me at first, and a bit jealous, but now we get along great, great, great! We run and play bitey face and love being together. During my first year with Mommy I went to work at the church with her, and played with my stuffies and slept in my second bed. I sure hope Mommy gets another job where I can go, too!

Now, are you ready for the shocker? (At least Mommy says some peeps might be shocked, the same as she was the first time she heard about this.) Lucy and I eat what’s called the Raw Diet, using the B.A.R.F. model. You can read a short article about it here or ask Mr. Google for more information. Basically, I eat raw meat and bones and eggs and fruit and either fermented or lightly steamed vegetables. It’s boss! Here’s another “huh?” fact. Me and Lucy got all our vaccinations, and from now on we will get titers done every year to see if we are still protected. If we are, no more needles! If you haven’t fainted yet, I’ve got one more thing to tell you that we do differently than most peeps and pups. Every 5 1/2 months we get a DNA heart worm test. Unlike the test most vets use, it even finds traces of newly growing heart worms, so all we would need is one shot of something called ivermectin to be all better. And, in between, we don’t have to take poison every month to keep the bad heart worms away. Hurray!

When I was about a year old I started getting the itchies really bad. I went to an allerg dogtor and he did allergy testing like the peeps get. Now I have my very own sea rum and take it in a shot every week.

I hope you enjoy reading about my life. Please go to the blogs with the category “miniature schnauzer” not the ones with the category “bully breed.” (Those are Lucy’s.)

I am Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess.