Grooming with Mom on Thankful Thursday: Moe

Lucy, Ace Reporter on the Groom Beat

Hello friends! We had a slow grooming weekend, but we do have one new client. Moe is the not-biological brother to Chub, who I reported on last Thursday. We are told that Moe was here once before, but the Groomer has no records or recollection of it. It’s like her memory was wiped….*scary music.*

Moe is some sort of terrier mix. By his looks, we would guess that he’s part yorkie because of his coloring. His dad usually shaves him, but his mom wanted him to have a “professional groom.” He really didn’t look bad when he got here, so no “before” picture was taken. Here is Moe, groomed and waiting on his dad.

Wishing everyone a good day and weekend coming up. Lucy, Ace Reporter signing off with love, licks and wags.

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Grooming with Mom on Thankful Thursday: Chub

Lucy, Ace Reporter on the Groom Beat.

Xena: One of Mom’s long time clients who have Laila and Louis started bringing two of their offspring, Maggie and Bentley, who live with the client’s sister. Then her sister started bringing them, as well as Tyrian, who is their not-biological brother. Then her sister started also bringing her mother-in-law’s dog, Oreo. This time, Oreo’s brother Chub also came. That’s what this post is about.

Lucy: Thank you, Xena, for that introduction and history on this family of dog grooms. As Xena-Not-Ace-Reporter pointed out, Chub came along with his sister and cousins. That made for a total of five dogs last Monday.

First, Groomer Mom serviced Oreo. Because she’s blind, she moves around a lot, and it’s important to be sure she does not fall off the table! Here are her after pics:

Next up was Chub. Chub is also a 14-year-old shih-tzu, and litter mate with Oreo. When he got on the groom table he looked like this:

His Mom just wanted him to get a winter groom. His ears were very matted. She warned Groomer Mom that he didn’t like his face “messed with,” especially around his mouth. Yep, Groomer Mom should have listened.

Chub was loving on Groomer Mom, giving her nose kisses and wagging his tail. He didn’t even mind her working out all those ear mats. Then she took the curved scissors to trim around his mouth. Let’s just say that if his teeth were sharp, Groomer Mom would have a great big hole in the middle finger of her right hand. At that, she said, and I quote, “We aren’t friends anymore, Chub Chub.” Then she decided to try it with the clippers. She got one swipe on each side before he launched his assault on the running clippers. Groomer Mom just held the clippers there and let him attack them, thinking maybe he would get it out of his system. He kept up his voracious attack on the clippers with voracity, and Groomer Mom gave up. Therefore, here is his “after” picture:

Groomer Mom is thankful today that she still has all her fingers without any holes in any of them. This is Lucy, Ace Reporter, signing off with licks and wags from a report on a semi-successful groom.

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Grooming Molly, Cooper & Zeke

Lucy, Ace Reporter, with a story about 3 new grooms.

Once again, JoJo’s Mom sent a co-worker to Groomer Mom. This new client has three pups: two yorkies and a yorkie/dachsund mix. I guess if Chia is a Jacksund, then Zeke would be a Yorksund?

Groomer Mom offers what she has named “winter grooms” when the weather gets cold. With a “winter groom,” the pups gets their face and paws groomed, along with their “private” areas and little touchups where needed. Of course it also includes the removal of ear hair, a nail trim and/or filing, and a bath and brushout. Her clients love this option, and I think the pups appreciate it, too.

Why don’t we start with Zeke? He’s 6 1/2 years old, a quiet, gentle soul, and the largest of the three. This is Zeke after his winter groom.

Do you like the manly tie Groomer Mom gave him for Christmas?

Next up is Molly. She came to us right after her 7th birthday. It is noteworthy that she is JoJo’s mother. This is her pre-groom picture.

All three pups were in similar condition, but this is the only pre-groom picture available.
Here is sweet Molly after her winter groom.

Last up is Cooper, who is 7 1/2 years old. You may have noticed a pattern here…they are all six months apart in age. Cooper is the smallest and wildest of the three. His Mom said she wanted his hair very short around his eyes. And remember, Groomer Mom did not take hair off anyone’s body and legs. In this shot, Cooper is done and ready to go home.

Their Mom was thrilled with the grooms and the price and included a nice tip. Groomer Mom told her they were all good pups and she would welcome them back. Afterward, the new client texted asking if the pups did ok for her, and asking if she would do them again when the time came. Mom reassured her that all went well and answered absolutely!

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That’s all for this week’s edition of Grooming with Mom. Lucy, Ace Reporter, signing off until next time.

The Last and the First

Lucy, Ace Reporter here on the Groom Beat

I hope everyone had a good entry into the new year of 2022, the year of the Tiger. I am here to tell you not to fear, I do not have any reports on an uprise of tigers in either residential neighborhoods or “out in the country.”

Instead, I would like to share with you the last groom that Groomer Mom did in the year 2021 and the first one in the year 2022.

Small Dog Grooming’s Final Grooms of 2021:

Slider (L) and Peyton (R) were the second family who started coming to Groomer Mom for their beauty appointments when she opened her current shop in our home. Their first appointment was in January of 2014. This time, Slider, a large Yorkshire Terrier, got his ears shaved because of intense matting. His Mom said, “He looks more like a terrier now!” If you would like to see what he looked like before his ears got shaved, you can click here.

Now, for Groomer Mom’s first groom of 2022:

Groomer Mom asks that you please excuse the white area on the top of JoJo’s head. The effect Groomer Mom used on the photo amplified the shine from the overhead light. Please use your imagination and pretend it is all the same color as the front of her head. *sigh, the allowances I make in this reporting gig*

JoJo, another Yorkie, is a more recent addition to Groomer Mom’s clientele. She started coming in April of last year. JoJo’s Mom brings her every four weeks without exception. Today, as well as last month, were mini-grooms, which means her hair is left long on her body and legs to help keep her warmer in the colder months. JoJo’s Mom has been staying to hold her for her nail trim and to have herpaw pads shaved. She’s just terrified! Her Mom said that even though JoJo’s been with her since she was a little puppy, she has always been fearful. We are grateful that her Mom entrusts her to Groomer Mom’s care. Our hope for her is that she realizes she is safe here and will eventually relax and not be afraid.

That’s all today. Please check back this Thursday for a report on our newest set of grooms!

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Lucy, Ace Reporter, signing off.

Grooming with Mom: Oreo

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Lucy, Ace Reporter here with another episode of Grooming with Mom.

As I stated last Monday, Groomer Mom’s clients are referring their friends, relatives and co-workers so fast that I can barely keep up with the reports. But I am dedicated to furthering my career, so you will get the news as the news happens, or at least not too terribly long afterwards.

Oreo is a 14-year-old shih tzu. He is blind and mostly deaf. He also has bad hips. Even with all that, he was wild on the grooming table, and it took a lot of patience and petting to try to calm him.

His Mom had been referred to us by her sister. She has been here several times before with her other two shih tzus, Maggie and Bentley, as well as their son’s chiweenie, Tyrian.

Groomer Assistant Dad held Oreo while he got the hair pulled out of his ears. It draped out of his ears as long as his face hair. The theory was set forth that no other groomer had been able to remove the hair. Oreo fought his bath like a wild dog. But at least he never tried to bite.

This is the groom Oreo’s mom had asked for. Merry Christmas Oreo, and may Santa Paws bring you a warm sweater.

This is Lucy, Ace Reporter, signing off with another successful groom.

Grooming with Mom: Bear

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Lucy, Ace Reporter here with another episode of Grooming with Mom.

We had a touchdown with another new groom. Groomer Mom’s clients are referring their friends, relatives and co-workers so fast that I can barely keep up with the reports. Please expect new groom reporting for the next two or three weeks, as well as reporting on Bear today.

Bear is a schnoodle full of personality. Just look at those crazy ears!

It’s a good thing his Mom said she “hates” the schnauzer cut before Groomer Mom got started. Otherwise, that’s what he would have gone home with. Instead, Groomer Mom gave him a scissor cut and poodle feet – as you can see he had from his last groom elsewhere.

Bear still had the crazy ears post-groom but his body and facial hair were all a bit shorter. He had more of a French cut on his face. Unfortunately, the hair on his head wasn’t curly, so it just didn’t give the poodle effect.

Bear waited by the door for his Mom to come get him.

Bye, Bear, and Merry Christmas! We hope to see you back in six to eight weeks.

This is Lucy, Ace Reporter, signing off with another successful groom.

Awww Monday: Marley’s Groom and an Ingredient Warning

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Lucy, Ace Reporter her with another episode of Grooming with Mom.

Today you will meet Marley, a multipoo who recently turned one year old. First, Groomer Mom wants to thank both of her clients who referred Marley to us. All three ladies work together at a local elementary school. These are their pups.

Two months ago puppy Marley went to live with his auntie on her farm. During that time he never got brushed or taken to a groomer. We don’t think he even got a bath. He came to us looking like this.

Now that his folks have their new house, he has gone home to be with them again. When his Mom brought him to be groomed she knew that he had lots and lots of large mats and that he would have to be shaved-down (that’s a technical grooming term). He’s a sweet pup and didn’t even object to getting his long nails cut. He stunk of barn and cigarettes, so, after the shave, Groomer Mom lathered him up twice to be sure he was clean and smelled good.

Post-groom, don’t you just love that puppy face with the little beard? Groomer Mom was able to save his beard and a tuft of hair above those big brown eyes. His Mom understands that this is the jumping off point for a pretty groom, and promised to keep bringing him regularly.

Marley commented, “Thank you Miss Amy. I like my new turkeys-playing-football scarf.”

Thank you Marley for your comment. Moving on. Today I also wanted to share something of concern. Please be sure to check the ingredients in your dog’s (and cat’s) food. You can click the link to read why.

BHA — Does Your Dog’s Food Contain This Cancer-Causing Ingredient? You can find out more here.

This is Lucy, Ace Reporter, signing off with another successful groom.

Awww Monday Grooming with Mom

Lucy, Ace Reporter, on the Groom Beat on Awww Monday. This one is sure to have all you schnauzer lovers saying “Awwwwwww.”

Our neighborhood and all the surrounding neighborhoods have an app called “Next Door.” Groomer Mom has had some very good reviews there, and has started getting business through this social media. That’s how her newest client with two schnauzers found her. Groomer Mom had to cancel their first appointment because that’s when my brother Adam was having emergency surgery. At that point, the new client told Groomer Mom that she would only be bringing Fargo when she rescheduled, because she thought she would have to have 10-year-old Zoe “put down.” Less than a week later when Groomer Mom called to reschedule, Fargo’s mom said the vet wanted to try something else he thought would help her, and she already seemed to be doing better, so Zoe would be coming, too.

Today we will focus on Zoe, with hopes she will be coming to get groomed many, many more times. Here is her “before” picture:

Zoe was a very good girl, and got lots of love while she was here.

This is what she looked like just before she went home.

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This is Lucy, Ace Reporter, signing off with another successful groom.

Waiting for Mom and a New Groom

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Xena: We’re still waiting for Mommy to come home. She’s still at the hospital with our brother Adam. We haven’t seen her since Sunday morning. We are all going to be sooooo happy when she walks through that door. It’s true, she sent instructions to Daddy about how to feed each one of us, and what supplements or medicines we get, and how to cut the aloe plant and who gets it rubbed on their poor tummies. He’s trying really hard. We even saw the email she sent him saying, “Now, don’t you wish you had let me teach you how to feed them their raw diets?” And we all curled up tight next to him in bed last night.
Anyhoo, I guess — no, I know — we’re all very happy that Daddy is still here with us. Lucy, haven’t you been wanting to introduce a new groom?

Lucy Ace Reporter here with another episode of Grooming with Mom

Today I want to introduce our newest groom, Katie. Katie is a peach-colored miniature poodle. Her 5th birthday is coming up this month. Groomer Mom loves doing the poodle cut, and only has one other pooch she can subject to this, so she was tickled to get this pretty girl in for a groom. Katie’s Mom asked for what Groomer Mom refers to as a modified puppy cut. Groomer Assistant Dad was recruited to hold Katie while she had her front paws shaved and nails cut. Groomer Mom is quoted as saying, “He’s extremely good with the dogs.”

Since Katie was not in bad shape to begin with, there is no “before” picture. Here she is after her groom.

We want to thank Lily Parker’s Mom for the referral! If you missed Lily, you’ll get to see a real before picture by clicking here. I also want to report that Lily has been back twice since her initial groom in August. She was still covered in fleas, but her Mom’s working on that, and ordered the special collar her excellent groomer told her to get after the first visit! After her last groom, her Mom texted Groomer Mom: “Perfect! I really love the way you do her cut. Keeps her looking like a sweet little baby pup!” Groomer Mom said it made fighting all those fleas worth it.

Lucy, Ace Reporter, signing off with a promise to keep you updated on our brother Adam’s progress.

Grooming with Mom: Roxxii

Ace Reporter here on the Groom Beat with an update on Roxxii.

Roxxii’s first groom by Groomer Mom got reported a little over three years ago. Now this Ace Reporter is back with a practically unbelievable story about what’s happened to her in the last year.

When Roxxii was first introduced, it was explained that her Mom was the girlfriend of one of brother Andrew’s friends. About 1 1/2 years ago, Andrew’s friend took his own life while his girlfriend, who we’ll call Em, was in the house with him. Understandably, she was a total wreck after that. (Groomer Mom explained this all to me.)

Well, about 14 months ago, Groomer Mom got a text from Em saying she had been in jail, and the police took Roxxii to our local shelter. When she got out, the shelter had “adopted” out Roxxii and wouldn’t give Em any more info. Em needed her old girl and all the unconditional love she gave, and she felt that Roxxii needed her, too. Mommy wished with all her heart that she had known what was going on, ’cause she would of gone to the shelter and bailed Roxxii out to live with us until Em could get her. But now it was too late.

Fast forward to last week. I’m gonna give you the full story since I am a reporter of integrety.

Daddy came home from work in our old truck that was suddenly missing the passenger side mirror. Over supper he told us that as he was pulling out from our subdivision onto the main road at o’dark thirty, a set of headlights suddenly appeared coming around the curve, and the truck was moving fast! He whipped his head around to see if he was about to get rear ended. As he did, he heard a loud bang! but didn’t know what had happened. Remember, it was really dark out. The next time he looked out at his mirror, it was gone! It all had happened in just a couple of seconds, with no time to think. In telling us about it, he came to the conclusion that there was also a truck coming toward him. (Yes, he was driving our truck, and the vehicle tearing up behind him was a truck, and the vehicle coming from the other direction was a truck.) (Remember, we live in Tennessee.) Anyhow, he figured the truck coming toward him in the oncoming lane must have had a ladder or something sticking out from the truck bed, and that’s what hit his mirror.

Fast forward to the next evening. Our folks had just finished their yummy supper out on the porch when they heard someone ring the front doorbell. As usual, Mommy got up to see who it was. Long story shorter, it was the nice young man who had been driving toward Daddy. And he had our truck’s shattered mirror in his hand. After everyone talked for about an hour, Daddy realized what had really happened. What really happened? Here’s the scoop!

Daddy, needing to turn right out of our subdivision, looks to the left before pulling out. Seeing no headlights, he starts to pull out, and is too far out when headlights suddenly appear, coming way, way over the speed limit at him. As he reflexively looks back over his shoulder to see if he’s going to get hit, he doesn’t turn the wheel hard enough and crosses the center line, where this young man is just reaching him in his own truck. Their driver side mirrors collide. No one stops, because that would be suicide at that point. You know, ’cause of the maniac tailgating Daddy and just ditches on both sides of the road.

The accident was clearly my Daddy’s fault because he crossed the center line. The young man somehow tracked Daddy down using Google maps or some Googe app. After the congenial hour-long conversation, they decided it would cost too much to just give the man cash to replace his truck’s mirror and repair the scrapes on the side of his big, new truck. It would have to be turned into insurance. Which means the police would have to be called.

Next thing we knew, there was a police cruiser parked in front of the house. The policeman, who was the same age as the young man, asked him if he wanted to press charges. He said no. He knew it was an accident, and that my Daddy had nowhere to pull over, and so on and so on.

Lucy: Xena? What do you think you’re doing? Are trying to impersonate me?

Xena: Uh, well, you see..

Lucy: Yes or no?

Xena: Well maybe, but I never said I was you. *pushes laptop over in front of Lucy*

Lucy (really!), Ace Reporter here on the Groom Beat with an update on Roxxii.

That whole long story that only Xena could do in the name of journalism was to tell you that while Groomer Mom was down by the road with Dad and the police and the young man, a car pulls up and the lady asks if anyone knows where the groomer lives. Turns out, it was Roxxii’s grandmother and Em’s mother. She wanted to make a grooming appointment. Groomer Mom realized Roxxii was back, safe and sound. I was watching from the house and saw Groomer Mom doing a Happy Dance right there in the road! The grandma paid the dog shelter $1000 to get information to track down Roxxii. Man #1 who got her from the shelter was fostering her. Man #2 came to his house and took Roxxii and wouldn’t give her back. Man #3 got Roxxii from Man #2 and brought her to her grandma. This was over the course of several months. Her grandma has no idea who Man #3 is or how he knew where to bring her. His only caveat was that Roxxii live there with her grandma, since Em was back in jail and facing serious time. Roxxii’s grandma loves her and wanted to keep her anyhow, so she readily agreed.

Roxxii was in pretty bad shape groom-wise, so her grandma said to just “cut it all off.”

This is a picture from the first time Roxxii came to us, about three years ago.

She looked even worse this time, with her hair grown over her eyes and the eye snot underneath them stuck to her skin.

Here she is after her groom this time. Her hair had to be cut really short because of all the mats. Her grandma promised to keep bringing her so she doesn’t get in bad shape again.

I’m ready to go home with my Grandma now, Miss Amy.

We are very thankful for a happy ending for Roxxii.

Groomer Mom: While this turned out well for precious Roxxii, we are all praying and doing POTP for “Em.” We ask for your good thoughts for her to be able to get her life turned around.

Lucy (really!) and the imposter Xena, Ace Reporters, signing off.

Xena: Just one more thing to be thankful for! The young man whose truck mirror Daddy knocked off with our truck mirror just bought a zero turn lawn mower and, next summer, when it gets too hot for Mommy to cut the grass, he is going to start cutting it. And one more thing to be thankful for is he said we were so nice to him that he wants to take Mommy and Daddy out to dinner! BOL! It’s a crazy world!

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This Groom’s for Pocket

Pocket Dog September 4, 2007 – August 13, 2021

Yesterday one of our close blogging friends crossed the bridge. Even though Pocket was a “mature” girl, no one, least of all her family, was ready to say goodbye. We offer our love and condolences to Pocket’s sister, River, and the rest of her loving family. Today’s groom is dedicated to you, Angel Pocket. May you run free with your sister Foley Monster.

Today’s groom (below) is JoJo, a precious Yorkshire Terrier.

You can visit Pocket’s family at Small Tails with your condolences.

Grooming and Company on Awww Monday

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Lucy, Ace Reporter here on the Groom Beat with another new groom.

Hi folks! It hardly seems like it’s been only a week since I last reported on a new groom — yet here is a new one yet again. And, once again, this pup’s mom was referred to us by one of our current clients. Lily is a 2-year-old shih tzu who couldn’t get in to see her regular groomer for 2 months. Here’s what she looked like when she arrived at our door.

She didn’t weigh more than three or four pounds, just a wee bit of a girl with more mats than anything. Groomer Mom felt her over real quick-like and delivered the bad news that she would have to shave Lily down (that’s a grooming term) everywhere – even her face. Her mom said to do whatever she needed to do, that she wouldn’t be upset.

Lily was a mover-around-the-tabler (that’s a reporting term) but a real sweet little girl. I thought you might like to see a mid-groom picture, too.

The part where the hair is close to the skin was matted like felt, so the shaving was real slow-going. Groomer Mom shaved a big tick off before she could see it, so she had to use her special tick tool to get the head out of Lily’s skin. Then she grabbed her super-duper flea spray as those nasty buggers started emerging from under all that matted hair.

Groomer Mom knew this wasn’t going to end in a pretty groom. But sweet Lily was going to feel so much better, and her Mom would have a blank slate to start with to keep this from happening again.

The new appointment she made for 6 weeks out would also be an important part of that, too!

To finish up, I want to report that everything has mostly calmed down around here. Our aunt and cousin have gone off to do whitewater rafting today before they leave out for home. Jemma has done well, and most of us have been real nice to her. Chia started nipping at her, so Jemma started nipping Chia’s butt, BOL! Jemma can whip around real fast like most dogs of that breed, so Chia doesn’t stand a chance. We aren’t sure if she understands that it’s her own fault.

Jemma: You’re a good reporter, Lucy. You tell it like it is.

Lucy: Thanks, Jemma.

Then we all got new, meaty stew bones to chew outside. Chia got in Xena’s face about it, and it turned into a real, honest-to-goodness dog fight! I stood back to let them sort it out, and the only peep to jump in and stop it was Mom.

Xena: She didn’t have to, I was whooping that little brat’s butt!

Lucy: Like I was saying, Mom grabbed Chia, but that pup is so long that she slipped out of Mom’s hands and she and Xena went at it again. Mom grabbed up Chia again and threw her in the kennel, getting a bad scatch on her leg in the process. Dad was sitting right there and didn’t do anything at all. Boy, was he ever in trouble when the dust settled.

Xena: That wouldn’t have happened if Mom had let me finish it myself! I’m in charge, and that long brat isn’t going to usurp me as alpha here.

Lucy: What about Riley?
Xena: I stay outa his way.

I’m innocent, Your Honor.

So, folks, that’s our calmer weekend. Hope your week includes only nice things.

Lots of licks and wags, Lucy, Ace Reporter

Grooming with Mom on Awww Monday

Lucy, Ace Reporter here on the Groom Beat with another new groom.

Hi friends and followers. It’s me, Lucy, here to show you another new pup who came with his brother and sister to be groomed. His siblings, Maggie and Bentley, have been here several times. They are the 3-year-old pups of Laila and Louis, who come to us very often.

Hi! We’re Maggie and Bentley. We came and got groomed too! Don’t forget US!

The new pup is Tyrian. He is a chiweenie. His hair is naturally a little over an inch long, so he wasn’t a “mess.” But his folks wanted help with the shedding. The curry comb (that’s a grooming term) didn’t remove much hair, so Groomer Mom used a #7.5 blade (that’ a grooming term) and shaved him all over and neatened up his ears. Dad had to hold him to get his nails cut, then he settled down and stopped being afraid.

Groomer Mom noticed similarities in personality between Tyrian and Chia, and knew it must come from the daschund part of each of them. His eyes and the looks he gave her were almost identical to Chia’s. Mom said she has decided she really likes daschunds! We all like our own little half daschund an awful lot, too.

This is Lucy, signing off with wags and licks until the next great groom!

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Aww Monday Grooms: Daisy May and Benny (again)

Lucy, Ace Reporter here on the Groom Beat with another new groom. But first…

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Once again by referral we got in a new pup to groom. Daisy May is a seven-month-old Yorkie, and what a good and sweet girl! No before picture necessary, as she wasn’t a “mess.”

Her folks are going with the traditional cut on her coat, so they asked for what Groomer Mom calls her “mini-groom.” They wanted the top knot in a bow and the hair over her eyes cut short but not too short. After seeing this, everyone agreed it would look better left long, so it will be allowed to grow out. Here she is while waiting on her ride home.

Benny was here about a year ago, and we don’t think he’s been anywhere else to get groomed since that. If so, it’s been quite a while! He’s 3 years old now, and still a crazy pup. Here he is before his groom this time.

He really should learn better manners than to stick out his tongue at the groomer.
Groomer Mom accidentally cut one of his black nails too close to the quick (that’s a technical term in grooming) and although it didn’t bleed, it hurt. He reacted with his teeth. Then he was scared and kept “biting” at her until my Dad came down and held him. He still kept doing that throughout the groom until Groomer Mom gave him “the talk.” Then he mostly stopped. Groomer Mom realized he wasn’t really going to bite her, so she just kept telling him to stop it while she continued on with the groom.

His Dad said to leave his beard a bit long, and his body shaved, but not too short. Once again, his ears were so matted that they had to be shaved. Here is the end result.

Look! He isn’t even sticking his tongue out at Groomer Mom anymore. Groomer Mom told his dad that he was too skinny – she could count his ribs and feel his backbone and his hip bones – and to feed him more. Wow! That’s a first! It’s usually, “He (or she) could stand to lose a pound or two.”

Bye, bye Benny. See you in a year, BOL!

With licks and wags from Lucy, Ace Reporter on the Groom Beat

Grooming on Awww Monday

Lucy, Ace Reporter here on the Groom Beat with another new groom.

Hi folks! I’m back with another happy grooming report. Once again, this new groom was referred by one of our newer clients. Shadow is a nine-year-old miniature schnauzer who looks silver. She probably started out as a salt-and-pepper, which is Xena’s coloring. In any case, she’s a beautiful silver now. Her 87 year old Mom has been in physical rehab, and is being released soon to her home in Alabama. Shadow has been staying with her peeps sister who lives near us. She wasn’t in bad shape – except for matting in her skirt – so we didn’t take a “before” picture. Here is Shadow after her groom.

Her feet were already shaved, and her legs had been trimmed short. Since Shadow’s mom is elderly, it’s hard for her to keep Shadow’s feet cleaned, so she likes them with less hair.

Isn’t she a beauty? Shadow talked to Groomer Mom a bit after her groom and thanked her for taking good care of her. Groomer Mom’s sad that she probably won’t see Shadow again since she’s going back to Alabama. She told Shadow’s care-taker that she would keep this one — as in for good — if her Mom ever couldn’t keep her. Personally, I think the Groomer needs to stay more objective and stop falling in love with these dogs. The Reporter doesn’t need yet another sister.

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Lucy, Ace Reporter, signing off with *wags* and *licks.”

Grooming with Mom: Gus

Lucy, Ace Reporter here on the Groom Beat.

Once again we have a new pup to groom. And when I say pup, I mean a little, four-month-old puppy named Gus. Do you remember at the end of April when one of Mom’s wonderful long-time clients suggested that little Jo Jo’s mom bring her to groomer Mom? If you missed that one, just click here to see an adorable yorkie!

Then Jo Jo’s mom told Gus’ mom, and Gus came for his very first groom at 7:30 in the morning. I’d had my breakfast and didn’t really want to get up out of bed again so early, but I knew puppy’s first groom would be good reporting material.

Here is Gus before his first groom. He is a shih tzu, maltese mix. We couldn’t find the maltese part.

Gus only weighs about 2 or 3 pounds, so you know he’s tiny. He’s a happy puppy, too. While he got his nails cut he learned to count how many feet he has and how many toenails on each foot. He liked that, too. Won’t his mom be surprised when she says, “Give me your paw,” and he answers, “Which one? I have four.” BOL

Oops, I think Xena’s long, rambling stories have influenced me! Back to reporting.
Gus didn’t much care for his bath, but then who does?

Groomer Mom took her time with him, kissing him and talking to him and showing him all the grooming tools before she used them. He was very interested, too!

About an hour or so later, Gus wanted to know if it was time to go and what would happen if he jumped off the table.

Thankfully, he didn’t get a chance to find out. But he did get a little scarf and a big kiss goodbye!

Uh Mom, it looks like you missed some hair under Gus’s wiggly chin.
I am Lucy, Ace Reporter, signing off with wags and licky kisses. Oh, and we are very Thankful today for Gus and all the other wonderful pups – big and small, young and old – who come to my Mom for grooming.

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Grooming with Mom on Sunday Selfies: Gus and Millie

Lucy, Ace Reporter here on the Groom Beat, reporting to you from just outside Chattanooga, Tennessee. I’m not reporting from outside, or watching the groom from outside, it’s just that we don’t actually live in Chattanooga…oh, never mind. I really am starting to sound like Xena.

*Deep breath* Today I introduce to you two new pups coming to Groomer Mom for the first time. They are what’s called litter mates. Xena and I are sisters but we’re not litter mates. I’m sure my savvy readers already know the difference.

BTW (that means By The Way, he, he), Gus and Millie asked if they could be featured on the selfies today, and the only reason I could think of to say no was to not upset Xena. So, Millie and Gus are happy to join The Cat on My Head for Sunday Selfies.

Gus and Millie are two four-year-old shih tzus whose groomer just died. As a reporter I’m not supposed to state the obvious or express emotions, but, well…that’s just so sad! After that happened, they were referred to us by Griffin’s mom. If you missed that new groom story, you can catch up here.

This is Gus before his groom.

We are guessing it had been a while since he’d been on a grooming table. He got a longer shave per his mom’s request.

Here Gus is after his groom.

Yep, same dog. We aren’t making this up. Just look at those pretty eyes. Mom tried everything to get his chin beard to look right and it always came back looking fuzzy like this. Maybe next time Groomer Mom will try some hair mousse!

Next up is his sister, Millie. We didn’t get a “before” picture of her, but she was in about the same shape as her brother.

Here’s Millie post groom:

They don’t like to be separated, so they waited together on the table with Groomer Mom very close-by for their ride to come get them.

We’re going to see these sweet pups again in four weeks.

Lucy, Ace Reporter, signing off with wags and kisses.

Grooming with Mom – JoJo

Lucy, Ace Reporter here on the Groom Beat.

Today we have a new yorkie to introduce to you. You may rememer Chaz and Chloe, long -time clients and friends. Their Mom knows JoJo’s Mom. So when JoJo needed a new groomer, her Mom asked, “Who grooms your yorkies? They always look so good on Facebook.” We got four-year-old JoJo in the next day, right after Chaz and Chloe. Here she is after her groom.

Her Mom said it had been four weeks, and apologized about how bad she looked when she dropped her off. Groomer Mom just kinda scratched her head at that one. Four weeks. Not long.

JoJo was scared and saying No! with her mouth when it was nail cutting time. Thankfully Dad was home during the groom and held JoJo in his arms while Groomer Mom trimmed her nails. With just her here and not a lot of barking and other stuff going on, we hope, with time, she will start feeling safer and less afraid. Her Mom loves her very much, so JoJo feeling better will make her happy, too.

JoJo’s Mom said she had been looking for a groomer who worked out of her home instead of one of these drop off and leave all day places. She was thrilled when she came back for her an hour and a half later and asked to make her next appointment. She said the last groomer had her coming every two weeks. (Well, that explains the apology for four weeks.) When Groomer Mom said she grooms her own dog every four weeks, and JoJo would do well with that, she booked the appointment right then.

We are happy to welcome JoJo the Yorkie to our grooming family!

Lucy, Ace Reporter, signing off with another successful groom.

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Grooming with Mom: Bentley and Maggie

This is Lucy, Ace Reporter, coming to you just minutes after two successful grooms.

Those of you who have been following our grooming stories may remember Louis and Laila, proud parents of three litters of beautiful puppies. Two of the pups from the second litter went to live with relatives, so they get to hang out with their pup pawrents a lot. The pups are mixes of shih tzu, Brussels Griffon and poodle, and are two years old now. Groomer Mom had all four of them – mom, dad, daughter and son – in for grooms.

Pictured is Bentley pre-groom. He’s a real good boy, probably 12 or 15 pounds.
His litter mate Maggie is a petite little girl, pobably not more than about 7 pounds. She is sweet, yet feisty. No pre-groom picture of her, but she was in the same condition as Bentley.

Groomer Mom guessed two hours to get them both done and she was right on the money. Here they are after being groomed, bathed and loved on!

Their Mom and peeps sisters were thrilled with the results and will be back with them next time.

This is Lucy, Ace Reporter signing off with wags and licks.

Grooming with Mom: Lilly and Master Chief

Lucy, ace reporter here on the groom beat.

First in the news today is Master Chief, a 5 1/2 year old yorkie poo. Chief’s last groom was here in May of last year. You’ve met Chief before; perhaps I should say before he looked like this!

His dad said they had a death in the family, from which they are just now recovering and catching up on some things. He asked for Chief to be shaved down. (That’s a grooming term.) We understand and are here to help. Chief is a nice dog who doesn’t want groomed. Even so, Mr. All Over the Table Wiggle Butt could not outwit Groomer Mom.

Chief got a football scarf to wear with his goofy smile. We think he feels lots better. His dad got some advice on weight control for Chief. He said he already switched Chief to a low-cal food, but will also start adding some green beans in place of some of the kibble.

Next up is a new-to-us Havanese (mix?) girl. Lilly lives in Cincinnati with her mom and dad. We also know them as “the in-laws.” Their daughter is married to our Episcopal priest, and they have a baby due on Easter! So Lilly has been here in Chattanooga with her pawrents a lot and not near her regular groomer. Mom failed to get a “before” picture, but believe me, Lilly was not in terrible shape. Although we aren’t sure she could see anything… Here’s her after picture.

Lilly is a very good girl and used to being groomed. Groomer Mom told Lilly’s mom to bring her back any time they’re in town.

That winds it up for this week’s edition of Grooming with Mom. Hope all your treats and grooms are good.

XOX from Lucy Ace Reporter