Grooming with Mom: Theo on Thankful Thursday

Hey there folks, this is Lucy, Ace Reporter, reporting to you with another episode of Grooming with Mom. Let’s shout out a huge thanks to Brian’s Thankful Thursday, with special thanks to Brian for hosting it!

We get emails every week from Dogs Naturally, where we learn lots of stuff about good nutrition. They’ve been giving us a little quiz with one question each time, so we thought it would be fun to share those. Here is this week’s:
Which breed’s name means “curly small dog?” Answer at the bottom of this post.

Groomer Mom got what she thought was the strangest call ever from someone wanting a groom. The person said he has a miniature schnauzer whose groomer retired, and he couldn’t find anyone to give his dog a good groom. Then he saw a schnauzer with a great cut, a real “schnauzer” groom, and asked the owner where she took her dog. You can see where this is going, right? So far, nothing strange. The strange part is that he lives in Dalton, GA, which is almost an hour from us. We’ve had people drive 30 minutes, but not an hour! Groomer Mom even asked him if he was sure he wanted to come this far, and he assured her he did.

Theo – short for Theodore – is on the tall side for a mini at 20 pounds. He’s solid, though, no fat to make up those pounds. This is his “before” picture.

Theo’s legs and feet were very matted and a bit of scissoring and shaving had to happen to remove the worst of the mats. The last groomer had cut the hair straight cross that was growing out of his ears, instead of pulling it out. Groomer Mom growled a bit about that, and Theo sat perfectly still while he was tortured all that hair got pulled out. However, he absolutely would not allow his nails to be cut or have the Dremel used. His Dad holding him didn’t help and hanging him in the sling (you’ve seen Chia in it) didn’t help, either. Finally, Groomer Mom asked Theo’s Dad if he wanted her to stop, and he said yes. In the end, his groom was the same as our Xena’s!

Theo was happy cause he got lots of treats and his Dad was happy cause he loved the cut! He said he’ll be back next time Theo needs groomed, and promised to keep him combed out in between.

The breed whose name means “curly small dog” is the Bichon Frise. Bichon means a small, toy or lap dog, and frisé means curly. 

Lucy, Ace Reporter, signing off with another episode of Grooming with Mom! (*wags*)

Those Dogs Eat Better than Me!

Chia: That’s what we hear people say when they hear about or see what we eat.

Our supper time is 5:00 sharp! We all know that, but we never ever mind if Mom feeds us early. Late is a different story. Every evening, Mom makes up our supper and our breakfast for the next day. Our breakfast bowls get covered and put in the refrigerator until 6:00 the next morning. We get her or Dad up if they sleep late. We’re helpful like that.

In the left column is our supper bowls. In the right column, Lucy will get 2 eggs added in the morning, and I will get one. I don’t think that’s fair, but Mom reminds me that means I get more meat, so that’s OK. Xena and Riley are both allergic to eggs, so they don’t get any. Then we get all our special additives on top, like fish oil and krill oil and bone broth capsules and pre- and probiotics and some other stuff, too.

Can you guess whose bowl is whose? Bet you can’t, so I’m gonna tell you. I get up on the stool on the far side of the counter and watch as Mom makes it all up, so I’ve got the scoop on this. The bowls at the top are Riley’s. He eats a lot!

Riley’s picky, so Mom puts his veggies and fruit in the food processor, then mixes it in with his meat. I don’t know if he knows she fools him like that, but it works. The day Mom took these pictures, he didn’t eat his fruit, so Mom saved it and processed it for his next meal. You might remember he had been having lots of diarrhea, and some throwing up. No more! His furs are shiny again, too! He never was excited about meals, and often didn’t eat much, but now he’s right there waiting with us for every meal and licks his bowl clean (when Mom “food processes” his veggies and fruit).

Next are Lucy’s bowls. She gobble, gobbles and barely tastes what is in her bowl.

No need for the food processor for her. Can you see her tongue licking even the outside of the bowl and the floor?

Next are the best bowls…mine!

I’ve got little teeth and I have to chew a lot. I don’t like swallowing my food whole like Lucy does. Sometimes Mom puts mine in the food processor too, probably to make Riley think his food is supposed to look like that, since we eat right next to each other.

Riley and I eat slower, and are always the last ones done. Sometimes Mom puts yuckie stuff like strawberries or apples in our bowls, and we both leave those as presents for our sisters. But when she uses the food processor, we lick our bowls clean!

Closest to the edge of the counter are Xena’s bowls. Mom has to remember or look at the list on the fridge for what to NOT feed her, because of her allergies. She does the same thing now for Riley, too.

Xena loves to eat, and licks her bowl clean then checks out Lucy’s while Lucy checks out hers, BOL! There’s never ever anything left in those bowls. I don’t know why Mom even bothers to wash them after every meal.

We get different things…sometimes grass-fed ground beef, sometimes beef roast, sometimes turkey or tuna fish or sardines. We get deer meat too, when Mom can get it. No one gave us a deer (for the cost of processing) last fall, but we all have our paws crossed that we’ll be eating venison again real soon. We get all kind of fresh veggies: cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, kale, collard greens, carrots, squash, bell peppers, and also cooked mushrooms that we love. Lucy and Xena really love all the fresh summer fruits, too: watermelon, strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. We all like avocados, too, and they help with Xena’s leg cramps.

Anyhoo, you can see why we are happy pups, on Happy Tuesday and every day! And oh yeah, thanks, Comedy Plus, for hosting Happy Tuesday. Y’all are the best!

Thankful Thursday Pups

Lucy: Today we are joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday, with special thanks to Brian for hosting it! And we’re kinda late ’cause Mom got her days mixed up and then had to go to work and come home and feed us and clean up the kitchen and stuff. Anyhoo, we are still very thankful today and always for…

…each other! Xena’s not happy she has to wear her shirt and Big Girl Panties, but until the flea bites heal, it’s the only thing keeping her from chewing herself up. In spite of that, we’re still thankful we have each other, especially when Mom and Dad go off to work.

Hey, wait, we’re missing someone…Riley!

Xena: I see him…he’s on his bed at the entrance to the living room.

Chia: Grrr, arrr, grrrrrrararar.

Lucy: You don’t seriously think that’s going to get him over here, do you, Chia?

Xena: I know why he didn’t come over with us. He didn’t like my shirt that says, “Life’s short, bite hard.” Now that I went and changed, he’s ok with being in here with us girls.

Lucy: Now we’re all together, and we’re thankful for Riley, too! Our pack is complete!!

XOXOX Lucy, Xena, Chia and Riley

Grooming with Mom: Tucker

Lucy, Ace Reporter here on the Groom Beat.
Today, we have only half a story. The ending has not yet been determined.

I know you’re all used to seeing cute pups come in looking a mess and go out all spiffed up. Groomer Mom forgot to get an after picture–she was too upset. No, there were no accidents during the groom. But there were no grooms during the past 12 months for this poor, elderly schnauzer. This picture was taken after Groomer Mom cut a path for him to be able to see a little bit while she kept grooming.

Tucker if 14 or 15 years old. His Mom, an elderly lady, died a year ago, at which time her son took in Tucker. The son had never had a schnauzer, or any dog who needed groomed. He lives in the neighborhood and saw the grooming sign in our front yard. He was hesitant to bring Tucker because he was so embarrassed, but Groomer Mom kept telling him how glad she was that he did. Tucker’s new dad said they couldn’t stand the stink anymore.

Tucker is a good boy and was used to being on the groom table. He was not used to having his face shaved. The hair on both sides of his schnozzle was matted to the skin, so there was no saving his beard. Upon trying to shave the terribly matted left side of Tuckers face, a cauliflower-like growth was uncovered, and the shaving had to go over and around it. That was Groomer Mom’s breaking point with this schnauzer, and her tears started to leak from her eyes. Anyhow, Groomer Mom thinks it’s a papilloma, with hope that the other, smooth ones are also benign. Some are bigger, some smaller, on his back, his cheeks, and his foot. It shows red here from having to shave the thickly matted hair off it.

Groomer assistant Dad had to be called in as Groomer Mom tried – unsuccessfully – for 20 minutes to shave an oblong, hard, matted area on the other (right) side of Tuckers snout, under his eye. The little she did manage to shave and showed red, inflamed skin underneath. She finally quit when Tucker became extremely agitated. And she cried some more.

Groomer Mom used a medicated shampoo with Chlorhexidine and Ketoconazole. Unfortunately, he still had an odor to him when he dried.

When Tucker’s dad came to get him, Groomer Mom showed him this 3/4″ thick, half dollar-size lump of hair on his face. She told him to take Tucker to the vet soon for him to be lightly sedated and have the vet’s office remove that mat. It is notable that in all the years she has been grooming, Groomer Mom has never before met a mat she couldn’t conquer. Then she showed him all the tumors for the vet to look at while he’s there. She was emphatic that he do this soon! He told her that Tucker had missed his spring annual checkup so he would get it all done at once. At that, Groomer Mom again emphatically told him to not allow the vet to give this elderly dog vaccinations, and explained why. She ended by telling him that she had a product called Anti-Vaccinosis to be given right after vaccinations to help counter the heavy metals and other not-good things mixed into the vaccinations, and said she would let him use it if he decided to get the vaccinations for Tucker anyway.

He left with Tucker, promising to bring him back before he gets looking too bad. If he doesn’t, Groomer Mom knows where he lives, only two houses away, and told us we could all poop in his yard.

This is Lucy, Ace Reporter, signing off with hopes of giving you a successful “after-picture” in about six weeks.

Hard Time Helpers

Hi, this is Lucy, and since I’m the Ace Reporter in the family, I was asked to let y’all know where we are. Our Auntie Jen and Uncle Bill have to be out of town for a very difficult situation in the family involving someone they love very much. I’m not at liberty to give details. But I can tell you that Mom brought me and Xena with her on a three hour drive to take care of my BFF Ella, my boyfriend Achilles, and the pig Mortimer, aka Morty. Let’s see how it’s goings…

Lucy: When we arrived last evening around supper time, Ella was super excited to see me and I was grinning from ear to ear. It was past our supper time (we had driven to where it was an hour earlier than where we live) so Mom got right on with fixing everyone their meals. She read the instructions Auntie Jen left and had just scooped Achille’s food into his bowl when Morty the pig threw his nose up against the bottom of her hand that was holding the bowl. Kibble flew everywhere and we stood back while the race was on between Mom and Morty. Who would get the most kibble from the floor!? The kitchen floor is slick for someone who walks on hooves, so Mom was able to keep pushing Morty back, but he was determined. In the end, we think it was a tie.

After breakfast today, we all got to go outside for a while.

Mom knew to shake the treat bag when she called Morty to come in. He came running!

He got a treat for coming, then some more when he followed her back to his “bathroom apartment.”

Then Mom checked on the rest of us…

Mom: Ella, what are you doing?

Xena: She’s hunting chippies, like I do, Mommy.
Ella: Mmph, mmph.
Mom: Ella, please get your head out of there.
Lucy: After Mom made Ella move her head, it appeared that Ella had been licking dirt and stones. (Sounds more like a Chia move.) So Mom put something over the hole. That’s when Ella decided she wanted to go back in the house, too.

Lucy: I spent the whole day outside enjoying the sunshine and the grass and the big yard.

I rolled and watched birds and shared the yard with Morty and sometimes Xena and Mom, too. Achilles had to stay inside most of the time because of his allergies.

But when he was out here, he had a good time. Mom threw his toys for him to chase and he played keep away with her.

After Xena snoopervized Mom “cleaning” the yard, they both went inside, too.

Mom: Come on Xe, let’s get all those allergens off you with a nice bath. Wait, what are you doing?

Xena: I’m practicing my “back” for Freestyle. See how fast I can do it?

Mom: *catching Xena* I know you had a bath yesterday, but (and here comes those dreaded words) it’ll be good for you.

Achilles: What’s goin’ on? Xena, you gettin’ a bath?

Xena: What’s it look like, Achilles? Did you think I was running the 500 or something? Sheesh, you can be almost as big a dufus as Angel Lexi used to say Riley was.

Xena: Why do you keep staring at me?
Achilles: I like to watch.


Ella: Lucy, you might want to check out what’s going on in the bathroom.

Lucy: Achilles! What are you doing?

Why are you in here with Xena when she’s taking a bath?

Xena: He said he likes…

Achilles: *interrupting Xena* Uh, well, you see, she’s your little sister, and I like to make sure she’s OK. Looks like your Mom has everything under control and I can leave now.

Lucy: Mom, when are we going home?

Mom: Well, friends, it seems my Ace Reporter is done reporting today, so I’ll help her sign off with wags and hopes that Achilles and Lucy make up tonight.

FFF: The Show Opening by Lexi the Schnauzer

This is fiction in that I, servant of my dogs, have written it from the dog’s perspective. You will know what in it is true and what is my speculation of her thoughts and feeling. The final line has two connotations. As many know, we lost our Lexi in May of 2016.

The Show opened!

That’s me in the middle

Last night the show I’m in–the Wizard of Oz– opened and I got to perform on-stage for the first time ever! It was a Thursday night and there were a lot of older people, which was great, since I really relate to that age bracket. I have had lots of practice with my Grandma, after all. Dorothy was about to take me out on stage with the old-looking new leash she had gotten for the part when Jeffery the director said, “No. We aren’t using a leash.” You should have seen the looks on both my Dorothy and my Mom’s faces. Dorothy took a deep breath and I think Mom started praying. No one knew what I would do since I had never been able to show them that I am a born actor. We had rehearsed a lot and I knew my part and did it. When I first ran out to Dorothy on cue and the audience breathed a collective sigh of “Awwwwww,” that sealed it. I knew I had found my calling. I would have done anything to hear that again. Then when I stole the hot dog from the stick like I was supposed to do and everyone laughed, I knew I loved this job more than anything. Dorothy had treats hidden in her socks and gave me lots of them during the play. Mom helped by always waiting off-stage where I was supposed to run when it was time and she always had a treat for me too. I think I am in heaven.

LexiToto the happy Schnauzer

If you wish to join in Final Friday Fiction, follow the link here.

We Lost a Dear Friend

August 2008-April 15, 2022.

2013: Maggie was 5 years old when she first started coming to Groomer Mom. She and her sister Dora were our neighbors down the road.

2018: Maggie and Dora used to come and stay with us sometimes when their Mom and Dad went on trips. The same as all of, she liked her tummy rubs.

2019: Even after they moved about 15 minutes away, Maggie and Dora kept coming to get beautified by Groomer Mom every four or five weeks. We always loved to see them coming.

2022: This picture of Maggie was taken earlier this year. She was having a lot of trouble with her back legs. She would wobble and fall down, and sometimes fall over backwards when she sat down. Groomer Mom held her a lot, and made sure she was supported and safe during her grooms.

Groomer Mom knew that it wouldn’t be long before precious Maggie crossed the rainbow bridge with help from her loving pawrents. We still love you, Maggie, and will see you someday on the other side.

With love to Maggie’s family, who gave her a wonderful 13 years.

Publicity Pictures: By Lexi the Schnauzer

This is the fourth in our series of blogs about when Lexi was the theater dog. In this one, she is just beginning to feel the importance of her new role as the star of the show…

Publicity pictures


August 19, 2006

I got to go back to the Theatre Center and got interviewed by someone from a newspaper. I tried to answer some of the questions but I think the lady only wrote down what Mommy said. I had my picture taken a bunch with Dorothy. I decided I like having my picture taken and posed very nicely outside right next to Dorothy’s red shoes. All of her they got in the picture was her red shoes. Ha, ha, won’t she be surprised! The camera lady said I was very photogenic. What’s photogenic?

I sure hope some puppy doesn’t peepee on my picture!

When I was a young pup and having a great time chewing to shreds my potty paper, who would have thought that some day I would be featured in a newspaper?  Yep, there I am, posing so beautifully with Dorothy on the front page of the Lifestyle section of the Chattanooga Times Free Press. Maybe the lady will give some of the pictures to my Mommy and she will put them on my web page.

I followed Dorothy everywhere during rehearsal. I was soooo excited to see her. She came over to my house last week and played with me. Then she came back another day just to take me for ice cream. I wonder how she knew I love ice cream best of all? She is my special friend now. I heard her talking to Mommy about coming to see me again. She is going to come pick me up from my Grandma’s. Dorothy said something about taking me on TV with her. That sounds so silly. Why on earth would she want to be on a TV? I hope I don’t have to sit on the TV. It is up a little too high and I might fall off. I am not a cat, you know.

I love rehearsal now. I get lots and lots of treats. And lots and lots of petting and “good girls”. But especially lots of treats. Everyone is very impressed that I bark when Mommy tells me. Once she remembered the right word to tell me to bark, I understood and now I bark every time she says it. It goes back to me learning to “stay” while we were at the park. First Mom would tell me to “heel,” then “sit,” then “stay.” When it was ok for me to get up again, Mom would say, “free!” The first thing I would do when she said “free” was to jump up and bark, then take off running. So now when Mom wants me to bark, all she has to do is say “free!”

It is late and I want to go to bed now. I always get a treat at bedtime!

Woof, woof! (And a special woof at the witch’s old hat!!)


Being Toto Isn’t Easy: By Lexi the Schnauzer

We’re very thankful to Fivesibes for hosting Flashback Friday! This is the third in our series of blogs about when Lexi was the theater dog. In this one, rehearsal has just begun for her new role as the star of the show…

Being Toto isn’t easy


Man, easy street is over for LexiToto (me). I have to go to rehearsals and get dragged out to Dorothy where she always picks me up. I’m not liken that at all. I have to memorize my lines – mostly woof! It’s getting the knack of when to say “woof” especially after a life-time of being told to stop barking.

But then everything changed. Dorothy came to my house! and she played ball with me! and she played platy (platypus) hand puppet with me! and she took me for a walk! and she gave me new treats! She even understands dog-speak!! And she sang to me too! I heard her tell Mom she’s not going to pick me up any more because I don’t like it. Ya know, maybe she’s ok after all. Then we went to the meat market and the butcher came out to see me and brought me a big bone. It is so big I can hardly lift it, and boy oh boy is it good!

Mom got me this super yummy treat that is soft and tastes like peanut butter. She keeps making me roll over on my side before she will give me any. I don’t like that. It doesn’t feel right. She said something about poppies and looking like I am asleep. Right now, I am hoping she gives up on this “over” thing. What are poppies?

See y’all at the theatre soon!


I’m Toto! by Lexi the Schnauzer

We’re very thankful to Fivesibes for hosting Flashback Friday! This is the second in our series of blogs about when Lexi was the theater dog. In this one, she’s still preparing for her new role as the star of the show…

I might be Toto


Oh boy, I aced my audition to be Toto in the local production of the Wizard of Oz. I am not quite sure what that means, but Mom said that a lot of people will love me. I like that, so I am going to work real hard with Mom before we go so I can be the best Toto ever. (What’s a Toto?) Now I know all my commands with just hand signals. I can sit and down and here and stay and heel and twirl. Mom has started telling me to bark, which is really confusing since she is always telling me to NOT bark. I wish she would make up her mind.

I went to Grandma’s this morning before Mom went to work, but the screen door was locked so Mom took me back home and I had to stay by myself all day. I didn’t even get my toast with jam from my Grandma. I made up for it by tearing something up and pooping upstairs. So there! It really seemed like a good idea at the time. But, when Mom came home, I felt bad because I knew I shouldn’t have done those things and I was afraid she would yell at me and call me a “bad dog.” I hate that. She didn’t yell or anything. She just picked it all up and then worked with me to get ready for this Toto thing. I got lots of treats, too. Hmmm. I think I like this Toto thing better all the time.

I will let you know when I find out what Toto is. Woof! Woof!

Lexi, now Toto too

Sunday Selfie Naps

The Mom: Since the girls were napping after a good breakfast, I helped them with their “selfies.”

If these sweeties were awake, I know they would send tail wags and wishes for a happy week.

Many thanks to  The Cat on My Head  for hosting Sunday Selfies!

Riley Paws Says So

Riley: Shhh, everyone take a nap. We need to rest up so we can go to bed early tonight. We want Santa Paws to come.

Xena: Y’all are joking, right?
I mean, why would you have to nap to go to sleep early?

Riley: Because Santa Paws says so.

Santa’s Elf: Wow! That came outa nowhere!

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas from Santa Paws Riley, his elf, Lucy, Xena and Chia (zzzzz…)

Stuffie Friends in Crisis on S.S.

Ludwig: Monkey, what are you doing laying here behind the chair? Are you hiding?

Monkey: No, Ludwig, Chia dumped me here, and I’ve just given up. I’m gonna die and no one can help me. She’ll rip me open the same way she did the tape on the back of that chair.

Ludwig: Stay right here, don’t move. *thinking: who should I get, who can help him? The stuffie Support Team!*

Lambie: Monkey, my dear friend, what’s wrong.

Monkey: I was hiding out on the big bed from Riley. It was working, too, ’cause he can’t get up there anymore.

I was happy, daydreaming about the good old days many years ago when the boys were little and played with me all the time. Yep, those were the good old days. The dogs, Sammy and Freda, were never interested in me at all. I just played with the kids all day.

And now, I’m gonna die, I know I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die, I know I’m gonna die, I’m gonna…

Lambie: Please stop saying that, Monkey. We all have our time, but it’s not your time yet. What’s wrong?
Monkey: Did you see what Chia did to Eleephant? I’m next.

Xena: That wasn’t Chia. Eleephant got these injuries long before even I was born.

It was probably Riley, and now he’s focused on loving his own stuffie, Reindeer. Ain’t it somethin’ what love’ll do? You need to stop this silliness and go play with your friends and stop interrupting my Sunday Selfie.

Lambie: Come on Monkey. Do you want to go play outside for a while?

Monkey: Maybe. Let’s go quietly while Chia’s sharpening her teeth on that bone. I don’t want to draw her attention to me. Or we could just sit here together and watch the birds and the squirrels and the people and dogs walking by. Thanks for being my friend, Lambie.

We are happy to join The Cat on My Head for Sunday Selfies.

Evie’s Story

Click on the picture to go to the FiveSibes website.

This is a story about a little dog and her cardiological-caused seizures. You can read about the difference between that and true epilepsy caused by neurological seizures here in this short and easy-to-understand article.

I had just lost my first miniature schnauzer, Freda, when I got word that a family needed a home for their little schnauzer. When I met them just off the interstate, the mother told me the dog was about nine months old and had a slight heart murmur. I never did get a “good” reason why they were re-homing her. I brought her home, and we renamed her from Daisy to Evie – our GSD was named Ara (short for Aragorn). I immediately made an appointment with my vet. At the exam, Dr. Sally got a worried look on her face and suggested I take her as soon as possible to UTK (University of Tennessee at Knoxville) vet school. There she was diagnosed with a class 4 heart murmur, about as far from “slight” as you can get and still have a live dog.

Evie’s professional portrait

Since little Evie didn’t have a strong ticker to pump that blood vigorously through her veins, she didn’t have much energy. She couldn’t jump up on the couch or even run through the house. Somehow Ara understood this. Sometimes when I took them out, Ara would run zoomies back and forth in front of Evie, slowing only slightly as he approached her. At that point she would grab ahold of the loose skin under his neck with her teeth and hang on while he ran around the lawn with her. Do you have the image in your head of a GSD running with a large tick swinging from his throat? Go ahead and laugh…that’s what it looked like!

Slowly in that first year with us, Evie began to develop other problems. I held her close to my heart as she experienced her first, terrifying seizure. Because her doctor was aware of her heart problems, she realized this wasn’t true epilepsy, which is caused by neurological problems. Evie’s seizures stemmed from cardiovascular problems. She was placed on anti-seizure medication, which reduced the frequency of the episodes. All we could do was hold and comfort her as these seizures continued throughout her short life.

We tried to help her have as “normal” a life as possible. She thoroughly enjoyed going boating with us.

I got to swim in the water with Ara.

She loved her big brothers.

That’s Sammy on the left. He wasn’t thrilled about another schnauzer in the house, but soon learned that Evie wouldn’t (and couldn’t) dominate him like Freda had.

And, like most pups, she loved to sprawl out in safety and comfort on the big bed.


Evie had a “thing” for metal objects. Noting this, her loving grandparents bought her a set of old-fashioned metal measuring spoons that she greatly loved to chew on.

One day, shortly before we returned home from work, little Evie quietly left her kennel and her many illnesses behind as she passed over the Rainbow Bridge. She was only 19 months old. She was loved.

You can find your local Epilepsy Foundation and make a donation by clicking here.

Friday Freestyle

Hi everyone! Guess what I’ve been doing on the weekends…Freestyle training! I even got a new kennel to use when I’m at the Obedience Club of Chattanooga (OCC). I think Mommy laid it down on it’s side, he, he, but it still worked. Don’t I look pretty in purple?

Mommy said I get to stay in it for a while every time we are at training – and each time further away from her – so I don’t bark and carry on when we get to the Trial in May. Mmm hmm. sure Mommy, I’ll let you keep thinking that. Then surprise!

In our club there’s just me and Mommy and the little pug mix Nina and her Mom Julia. Julia is officially Mommy’s trainer. When she gets Mommy to do it right, everything works better…even me! This video is from the last time we were there rehearsing and learning better ways to do things. Please remember we are what’s called a work in progress. Heck, even the music is. Mommy edited the music and Daddy hasn’t gotten around to smoothing it out yet, so please don’t judge. I’ll have enough of that up in Cleveland, Ohio in May.

We hope you have a real good weekend with lots of together time.

Love and hops, Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

Recap of Our 2020 in Pictures

Our friend, Miss Monika from Tails Around the Ranch posted this picture, and gave us permission to show it to all our friends. It says so much about how we all feel.

A few of my favorite pictures/moments of 2020. ..

January 2020 (below) We were at our friends’ house in Nashville, blissfully unaware of how the year was going to play out.

February 2020 (below) We actually got some snow!

March 2020 (below) just before our world changed. We got pictures sent to us of Morty celebrating his first birthday.

April 2020 (below)

May 2020 (below)

June 2020 (below) Xena enjoyed turning 3 years old.

July 2020 (below) We got a baby in the home office and dogsat while our friends went on a trip.

August 2020 (below). We travelled to be with family in Indiana to celebrate Jeff’s Mom’s 90th birthday.

September 2020 (below). Still working in my home office with the help of Xena and Lucy. Our new back, enclosed porch was finally finished, and Xena found a way onto the table.

October 2020 (below) Lucy and Xena joined the Zoom service with B’nai Zion and became BarkMitzvah-ed. Lucy’s new Hebrew name is Ora (light or shiny), while Xena’s is Grrvurah (warrior, sort of). We took a trip to an Air B&B in Kentucky for our 12th wedding anniversary, and the pups stayed with our frineds in Nashville.

November 2020 (below) The weather was unseasonably warm and sunny. Our Nashville friends joined us for thanksgiving, and then we leftall four pups home with the dogsitter while we spent a long Thanksgiving weekend at an Air B&B in North Carolina.

December 2020 (below) OK, so the first one is still from November, but just had to include it. Riley is back with us for a while, and so is his Dad Andrew.

Have a very good 2021, from Lucy, Xena, Achilles, Ella, Morty, Riley and Amy

Where, Oh Where Could my Mommy Have Gone?

Xena: Last Friday was the anniversary of our folks being married for 12 years. We thought maybe there would be a party with presents and ice cream and cake. Instead, Mommy kept talking to me about what a good time I was going to have at my Auntie Jen’s and Uncle Bill’s. And she kept telling me to please try to be nice and cuddle with Auntie Jen, ’cause it hurts her feelings when I only want Uncle Bill to hold me. This all sounded very suspicious and I made no promises.

Lucy: Mom told me, too, at the last minute before we got in the car, and I was so excited! I was going to see my BFF Ella and my boyfriend Achilles! I could hardly wait!

Xena: It’s a three hour drive to the other side of Nashville, and our dinner was very late. By the time we got there I was so hungry that I was shaking and crying. It was two hours past my suppertime, and it wasn’t even our “fast” day.

Lucy: I was so over-the-moon excited when we got there that Mom couldn’t even get my car harness off me. Ella and Achilles and I immediately started playing. After we got our supper and settled down a bit, Xena hid in the chair with Dad. Me and Achilles had been playing kissie face, and he asked me to come over to my Dad with him, ’cause he wanted to ask Dad something.

That’s when Achilles asked Dad if he could marry me! I thought I would faint for joy. Dad thought about it for a very long minute, and finally said we could be engaged. I think that’s almost married, so I was really, really happy. Xena wants to be an old spinster, but I want to be happily married like my Mom and Dad.

Xena: I don’t know what a spinster is, but I don’t like the sounds of that and I don’t want to be one. I just want to be independent. Why do you think I hate my harness so much? So quit calling me mean names just because I don’t want to play kissie face with every boy dog that comes along. Grrr.
So back to our trip. Morty the pig has gotten so much bigger. He weighs about 70 pounds now, the same as Riley. I upset him by barking and jumping at him. Lucy and I went somewhere safe.

Is Morty gone?

Yep, it’s safe to get down.

*A little later*

Achilles: Mr. Jeff, I need to tell you something. Come closer.
Achilles: *smooch* You are the bestest ever almost father-in-law.

Next thing we knew it was morning and Mommy and Daddy were carrying suitcases and stuff and going out the door. I just knew she was leaving me when she picked me up and handed me to Uncle Bill. It was terrible. I was afraid she’d never come back.

She promised she would be back, but it has been so long. Lucy doesn’t seem to care. She’d be just as happy living here. I will let you know real soon what happens. Love, Xena the desserted.

Lucy: Oh Xena, you’re so melodramatic. But you’re probably right. You’ve got those dark spots now, and, well, who knows? (te, he, he) Love, Lucy

A Name for Baby Schnauzer Stuffie

I, Xena, am holding a contest to see who picks a winning name for our new schnauzer puppy stuffie. Whoever picks the best name gets a free trip to…

Lucy: Xena! Stop, just stop. I thought you were over this nonesense. You know you can’t give away a trip.

Hi, I’m the new schnauzer puppy stuffie and I need a name – a girl name. Would y’all please help me? Our Mommy is partial to “Sheila.” I’m not so sure, though.

So far, we have had the names Shira (or Shirah), Amelia, Max, Shania, Pilvi, Jasmine and Mrs. Mike suggested by our blogging friends. Plus two votes for Shelia. We are trying to decide. Your vote would be helpful, even if you don’t get a free trip anywhere. We are sure that next time you see me, I will be properly named.
In other news, Xena removed the stitch that tacked down my right ear. She’s helpful like that. Now we’re twinsies.

Do you like the one ear down, one ear up look? Sister Xena said it’s the latest fashion. I still can’t get my ear back as far as hers goes.

Now, if I could just get her slobbers off my furs.

Love, Lucy, Xena and Schnauzer Puppy Stuffie with No Name

Table Surfing

Mommy and Daddy have been eating outside on our new screened porch almost every day, sometimes twice a day. I’m a good girl and sit under the glass table or go play in the yard while they eat. But when the food is gone, all bets are off! I go to Daddy – he can’t resist me – and hop up and down or stand up and throw back my head until he picks me up.

I was sitting in his lap in front of the table not long ago when he got a phone call. Since he was ignoring me, I decided to do a bit of ‘sploring.

They sure didn’t leave much for me to clean up.
Nothing on this ledge either. If I was a cat, I would walk on it, but I’m not.
Hmmm, looks like a long way down.
I wonder what’s in that bag. Lilys? Who would put flowers in a bag?
I’ve heard the story of how Angel Lexi got hip dysplasia from always jumping off of things. I guess I’m stuck here ’til Daddy gets off the phone and helps me.

Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

Our Grandma’s 90th Birthday

Hi friends! Like we mentioned on Monday, we went away for a long weekend. We rode for about 87 hours from our home in Chattanooga to Dad’s hometown, Fort Wayne, Indiana. We were going to celebrate our Grandma’s birthday. She will be a zillion 90 years old this month. She usually gets around in a wheelchair now, but her mind is really sharp and she loves us pups.

Lucy: I was at Grandma’s home in Ill-in- noise a couple of years ago, and she loves me most. Here’s a picture to prove it.

Xena: You’re full of bull bark Lucy. Grandma may have just met me, but didn’t you hear all the nice things she said about me?

Lucy: Bull bark? Bull bark?? Do you think you are swearing at me, Xena? Oh never mind. I want to talk about the trip, not argue with you. So anyway, every little and big space in the car was packed full. The trunk was full to busting, there was stuff packed on the floor of the back seat, and stuff under the passenger’s feet. Dad was planning on cooking a big Mexican meal for everyone…

Xena: Tell them who everyone is, Lucy.

Lucy: I will, but first I want to tell about the trip up. Everyone thinks I’m happy going on a trip, ’cause it looks like I’m smiling.

But the truth is, I get real nervous. Pretty soon I start panting. And I keep asking if we’re there yet. I even tried to climb into the front seat with Mom and Dad.

Mom finally stopped the car, put me in a harness and strapped me in so all I could do was sit or lay down. And pant. I got some of Xena’s special CB radio oil and that chilled me out for about an hour before I went back to panting.

Xena: It’s not CB radio oil, silly Lucy. It’s Sea Beady oil. It’s kinda like my Sea Rum, but I don’t have to get stuck with a needle, and I still get a treat with it.

Also, I was a “perfect child” the whole way there and back. I know I was, ’cause I heard Mommy say so.

Lucy: Yeah, sure. Anyhoo, on the way, we got detoured through a very rural area, down the backroads of Kentucky. All of a sudden, five teenager cows – I heard they are called calfs or maybe calves, but definitely not caves – scooted under a fence and walked into the road right in front of our car! Good thing Mommy saw them coming and slowed down. I saw them too, and got so excited that I started screaming at them. I wanted to get out of the car and make friends, but no one would unstrap me and open my door. We rolled along at the calfs’ (or calves’) pace for a short while until they all walked back onto the grass off the side of the road. We didn’t see a barn or a house or we would have stopped and told their mom and dad that their teenagers were playing chicken with the car.

We hadn’t gotten past the cows for long when Mom put on the brakes for a squirrel who decided he had the right of way. Shortly after that, a red fox ran across the road just up ahead of us. We think that might be a sign of good luck, when a red fox runs in front of your car and doesn’t end up under it’s wheels.

Xena: That was all the excitement on the way there. On the way back – yes, I’m jumping ahead, so don’t even say it, Luce the Deuce Lucy – a cat crossed the road a few yards up from the car. Mommy was driving and Daddy was resting his eyes. Immediately after Mommy said, “Oh, there’s a cat crossing the road,” she ran over a great big stick that made a crunching noise. Daddy’s eyes flew open, and I bet you know what he was thinking!

We finally got to a house, and got everything inside, including me and Lucy, and Mommy fed us an early dinner. I thought this was going to be great until we heard, “See you later,” and our peeps left in the car. Thankfully, there was a big chair in front of the window facing the road where I could lay for almost 87 hours to watch for them to come back. I wanted to be mad and tell and show them how upset I was at being left. But dagnabit, I was too happy to see them when they got back that night. And you won’t believe what happened the next day… yep. The. Same. Thing. Twice. There was a good part though.

I’m exploring the back yard and looking for critters.

The house was way, way, way, way out in the country and we had a ton of yard to run in and explore. And we went for long walks down the country road.

Lucy: Xena wants me to introduce everyone that Dad was cooking for, and who me and Xena finally got to visit with on Sunday night. Oh, and I found out that Bobbi and Jennifer are Dad’s sisters, and Josie is his niece.

Lucy: This is just a small part of the really wonderful big yard we got to run and play in. The peeps had put their chairs in a circle under a huge tree. I went around and greeted everyone, then Xena and me, we started playing. We went to the outside of the circle and played chase, round and round the circle of people, as fast as we could go. Sometimes we cut through the middle, too. It was kinda like tag. When one of us caught the other, we would turn around and change who was chasing who. Everyone seemed to enjoy watching us.

Xena: Then my Aunt Jennifer and her daughter Josie wanted to see some of the dance moves we do for Freestyle. Mommy ran in the house fast to find me some treats, and she grabbed the walnuts off the counter. Everyone seemed fascinated that I would eat walnuts. What stange people…why wouldn’t I eat walnuts? They’re yummy! Then Mommy and me, we got in the center of the circle and showed them a lot of our moves, including our special Viennese Waltz figure that I made up and that the judges loved!.

Lucy: Finally, it was time to make the long trip home. I panted the whole way and Xena was the “perfect child.” *sigh*

Lucy and Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess