Mortie’s First Day Home

Lucy: We haven’t met our new cousin yet, but we got lots of pictures and some stories. Aunty Jen got home safely to Nashville after picking up Sir Mortimer aka Mortie from Indiana. Turns out that Mortie is half mini kheune and mini-Juliana. He got to ride in her lap on the way home. This was all new for him, and we kinda understand how scared he must have been, and how being tucked in Aunty’s arm and listening to her heartbeat must have helped.

Once they got home, she had to introduce Mortie to Ella and Achilles, without a clue as to how they would react.

Xena: I mean, they might have been thinking that their Mommy just brought home the bacon, why isn’t she frying it up in a pan, right?

Lucy: Xena!

Xena: *hangs head* Sorry. I know, I know, Cousins don’t eat Cousins. And Siblings don’t eat Siblings.

Lucy: Where was I? Oh yes. So Aunty Jen still has the playpen that Angel Cousin Piper used to sleep in last year. New Cousin Mortie was happy to take a nap in it, all snuggled down in his blankie. Ella quickly showed her maternal instincts.

Xena: I’m telling Ella you said she is matted and stinks, Lucy.

Lucy: I’m ignoring that. So, Ella laid by the pen and growled at Achilles every time he came near. We don’t know if she was protecting him or claiming him. Mom thinks it might have something to do with her remembering Piper in that pen. Ella and Piper were very close and she grieved a lot – along with everyone else – when he left to cross the rainbow bridge. Now she’s got little Mortie to watch over.

Turns out, Achilles loves Mortie, too.They even napped together. 

Xena: We can’t wait to hear more, and especially we can’t wait to meet Cousin Mortie. 

Lucy: We’ll be back soon with more stories.

Love and wags, Lucy and Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess



Extra-Thankful Thursday

Today is Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. Xena and I have been thinking about what we are thankful for, so here goes.

First we want to say how thankful we are for Blogville and all the friends and support we have gotten. You are happy when we are and sad when we are. When Angel Lexi went over the bridge, Mom could not have made it without all of you. And oh, yes, although it is a very fun virtual reality to live in, we know the peeps and pups who make it up are real.  We love you!

In our little corner of Blogville and the world, we are thankful for the family dogs who came before us and had the hard job of training Mom. On birthdays, they taught her to say, “Let them eat cake.”This is from Sammy’s birthday on the fourth of July. Every year, Mom used to keep 10 dogs for that whole week, so they all helped Sammy celebrate his birthday. Freda was Mom’s first schnauzer.

Lexi: This picture is from my 10-year-old birthday party. I had a Healthy Choice meal with my Mom and Dad and then my very own cake shaped like a dog. I know, kinda’ weird, but Mom meant well. Can you see the happy all over my face?

But it took Lexi to teach Mom to say, “Let them eat McDonalds.”

I love birthdays and I love Micky D’s!! This is all for me!

We are thankful for our friends who we know in the furs.                                   Gracie, who never comes to see us anymore.

My (Lucy’s) bestie, Ella.

                                  The big lunk, Achilles. (We love you Achilles.)

And our newest buddy, Chaz.

And we are thankful for the memories of our friends who are now waiting at the Rainbow Bridge.

And our blogger buddies who have gone on, too.

We are so very thankful for all of our blog buddies still with us, too. We would love to meet you all in the furs, like Mommy did with Angel Lexi’s boyfriend, Noodle.

We are both especially thankful for really yummy food.

beef, kale and sweet potato

We are thankful for our Mom and Dad, who love us and give us a good home.

And I am thankful for you, Xena. I love you!I love you, too, Luce the Deu…I mean Lucy. XOX 

And, in the spirit of this holiday, we are both thankful to be red-blooded American dogs, born in the U.S.A. What was it I heard the other day? Oh yes, American by birth, Southern by grace, BOL!

We hope everyone has as much to be thankful for as we do! Happy Thanksgiving to all our furiends. Be sure to go to the the blog hop today by clicking on the picture. 

Love, licks, and wags, the Southern girls: Lucy and Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess




At Heaven’s Gate

At Heaven’s Gate

I don’t want to go mom,
And leave Ella, you and dad.
My time is getting nearer mom,
But oh the fun we’ve had.

We’ve been so many places,
We’ve had so many friends.
We’ve had our share of hard times,
But they were great in the end.

I fought hard for you mom,
For you I stayed so strong.
I’m going to miss you and dad,
Oh mom it won’t be long.

You say I’ll see my friends mom,
All that have gone before.
I’ll even see GOD mom!
And he’s who DOGs are named for.

I don’t want to to leave you mom,
But oh won’t it be great.
I know you’ll love me forever mom,
And I’ll be waiting at Heavens gate.


We will love you always, Piper.

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January 10, 2004 – July 24, 2018


A Visit with My Cousins

Hi friends! I’ve been gone away all weekend with my Mommy. Did you miss me? We went to visit with Auntie Jen and Uncle Bill and my cousins Piper and Ella. Ella remembered me!

Xena! You’re here!

Ella is a great sister to Piper. Since his eyes don’t work anymore, he can get lost when he’s out in the big fenced back yard. So Ella goes out and helps him find his way back to the door. She’s Piper’s seeing eye dog! When she isn’t helping Piper, she likes to watch TV, especially the sports stuff.

I think they called that play wrong.

At first I didn’t recognize Piper. He sleeps a whole lot now (he’s 14 years old) and his beard gets all matted, so Auntie Jen cut it off. Ever wonder what a schnauzer would look like without a beard?

 I can’t tell who’s there. Say something.

Yep, well, Piper also gets cold real easy ’cause – according to Mommy – he doesn’t have any meat on his bones. Isn’t that a funny thing to say? So me and Ella went with Mommy and Auntie Jen to the Co Pet Place in search of a new sweater for Piper. I saw a dog coming out as we were going in so I started to bark and I barked the whole way going in and I barked inside, too. I was screaming “Beware! The Schnauzer Warrior Princess is here!” Soon I found out that I was to be the model, er fitter, er ummm, sir-eee-gut for Piper. How it worked was whenever Mommy found something that she thought would work well for Pipie (I like to call my cuz Pipie), she would try it on me and if it was a little big on me, she knew it would fit him. ‘For too long, Mommy and Auntie Jen found matching hoodies for Pipie and Ella and a new toy for Ella ’cause she was so good getting her nails cut at the Co Pet Place.  No, I didn’t get anything, but I really didn’t mind this time.

‘For too long, we got back to Ella’s house and my cousins got to try on their new hoodies. Since Piper can’t see anymore, I guess it didn’t matter that the hoodie fell down over his eyes.

Piper said he at least needed to hear, so his Mommy helped him out with that.

Actually, Ella’s came down over her eyes too.

I suppose that’s why she kept squeaking her new Valentine’s bear and didn’t see that it was drawing someone who wanted her stuffie.

In the meantime, my Auntie Jen was making weird beeping sounds and laughing. I think it had something to do with the new hoodies. Then this happened.

Mom! Piper has my new stuffie!

Turns out Pipie just wanted to check out what was squeaking and Ella soon had her stuffie back. We had a great time, except for one yuckie incident, which Mommy will tell you about another time.

I am Xena the Schnauzer Warrior Princess telling it like it is at the Co Pet Store.




Piper’s 14th Birthday

Today, January 10, 2018, my nephew Piper turned 14 years old. Diabetes, congestive heart failure, and all, he has a strong will to keep on keeping on, and we are so glad for that. Here are some memories of his time with us.

This is his head shot from a photo shoot he was in with his Mama and his brother Milo, who is now, sadly, waiting at the rainbow bridge. It was taken almost eight years ago, and is my favorite picture of Piper. He’s such a handsome boy.

This next one also has to be one of my favorites. Piper is the skunk closest to the camera. I only know this for sure because Lexi never moved or lifted her head during the whole time they were forced to wear the humiliating costumes.

I like this one of Piper in the doggie toy store because he looks like a Scottie. It was just the camera angle, but it makes me laugh. Folks always get Schnauzers and Scotties mixed up when they don’t know much about either breed.  You’ll notice he’s a frugal boy, checking out the clearance section. Or maybe he just thinks he’ll get more that way.

The next two are from 2015, a year before Lexi left us. Isn’t it funny that Piper is on our left of Lexi in most of their pictures. Maybe she thought of him as her “right hand man.” 

Piper joined everyone in Blogville to honor her on Eat a Treat for Lexi day.

Prior to the last move to the Nashville area in 2017, Piper had started going deaf, and his eyesight was failing. I think he was wishing everyone would get unpacked and settled in. And maybe that I would give him some of what I was eating…

Piper, you are for sure our Super Dog today. Happy Birthday, sweet, precious, huggy boy. Your Aunt Amy sends tons of love your way.

Piper’s Day with His Aunt Amy

Do you see this, Aunt Amy? I have to go through all these moving boxes to get to my water. And I drink a lot of water. My Mama says it’s cause of my sugar being off. That’s the truth! I haven’t had any sugar on me since the great powdered sugar caper years ago.  Never mind that, now I need to go out again.

Whoa! I stood up too fast. Hey! Do you see these butterflies that just appeared all around me, Aunt Amy?

Where’d they go? I think it’s getting ready to rain. Maybe we should go back inside. I wonder if the butterflies went in the house.

What are you eating, Aunt Amy? I think it is my supper time. Or lunch. Or maybe second breakfast? I feel like no one fed me today.

Your Dad fed you this morning before he left for work.

That was 87 minutes ago. Maybe even 87 hours.

I understand, sweet boy, you are a schnauzer. I will give you a little bit of lunch. Just don’t tell your Mom.

Could you give me some of that food you are eating and I won’t tell my Mom about that either?


Wait, you don’t really have to leave today, do you? I am going to lay on you until it is time to go. I will miss you. Come back soon.

I will miss you too, Piper and I will try to do that.

I love you, Aunt Amy. ❤

I love you too, Piper. ❤

Piper Update

  • Piper went to an emergency vet clinic at 4:00 Eastern Time. Although we knew Piper’s heart is enlarged, and has been for years, it does not look like he is in congestive heart failure. His liver is extremely large because of his heart problem. His liver is pushing all of his organs, including his stomach, down, causing the distension in his abdomen. His food was just sitting in his very full stomach. The food had nowhere to go since his intestines were also full. The dogtor did something called a rectal (don’t know and don’t want to know) to clear it out. That worked, and Piper went outside and pooped for five solid minutes. He felt much better, as we all would in that situation.

    He went home with instructions to go to his regular vet and have his insulin level checked. He is an insulin dependent diabetic. He seems to be out of the woods for right now. As funny as it sounds, the digestive issue would have been life-threatening if it hadn’t been resolved today. We just don’t know yet what can be done about the enlarged liver and the problems it is presenting. Many thank to everyone for their POTP, prayers, concern and comments.
    Piper was feeling much better, with a smile on his precious face even while his eyes were getting heavy on the way home.

    Urgent POTP for Piper

    When I woke up this morning I had this text from Piper’s Mom:

    Piper’s been off today. Too much to type but just wanted to let you know we may not make it through the night. But who knows, he may be himself again tomorrow.

    This morning she wrote:

    Still here. Keeps pulling his head to the right. Like a nervous tick. Drinking tons. At one point last night he started twitching when I was trying to trim him some with just scissors. I cut his neck. 😦 He didn’t flinch. (My Note: Normally Piper would have been screaming at Mach 1 that his life was surely over if he got hurt.)

    And a bit later:

    He’s still holding steady. Still wanting food and treats. (My Note: Yes, he is definitely a schnauzer.)


    Please pray and give Piper your POTP. He is my Super Schnauzer Nephew.


    Visiting with Piper

    I pinned Mom down again to tell you about her and Dad’s visit with Piper and Piper’s peeps. I know Piper from Blogville’s Spring Break, but he was pretty busy with his best girl, Shelby. Mom says Piper is her nephew. I think that might make him my cousin. Also, he and my boyfriend Riley are really tight.

    Riley and Piper in 2012

    Piper’s heart condition makes him fall over and not be able to move if he gets too excited, and that’s why I couldn’t go. In a way, it’s kind of nice to think someone would be that excited to see me. Plus, I had such a good time on my vacation…but then you already know that!

    Piper’s sister Ella was there too. She likes to be close to people just like me.


    Ella with Jeff
    My Dad and Ella


    Mom and Dad had a good time on their weekend vacation. There was lots of laughter and good food. Mom took some pictures of my cousin Piper.

    Mom said please excuse that he is not bathed or groomed. His heart gives out and he falls over when those things happen. I know that not getting a bath or having your furs stolen sounds great to most of us pups, but I think Piper would rather get a bath than have a bad heart. 😦 Like Angel Lexi, Piper is black and silver, and they look a lot alike. Anyhoo, Mom says if you have an extra good thought or prayer you can spare, Piper could really use it.

    Tomorrow I am going to try to pin down Mom again to tell you all about our my delivery and food!

    Wiggles and Wags, Lucy




    A Beach Party Invite

    Dear Shelby,

    When Aunt Amy told me about the Spring Break Beach Party, all I could think about was taking you to the beach. I know you don’t really like water, so we don’t have to go swimming or participate in the Scuba Diving or Surfing events. But wouldn’t it be great fun to run free on the beach?

    Shelby, you will be so beautiful running with me!

    We could also join in the Treasure Hunt — maybe we will find some bones to chew! And the Amusement Park looked like fun too. I promise we will only go on the rides you like.

    So, what do you say?   Yes  or    Yes  (or  _ Maybe, but probably YES)
    Your biggest admirer,

    P.S. Your protective brother Sidney can come, too, but he will have to find his own ride.

    Preparing for the Big Day

    Piper is head over paws about Shelby, and we think Shelby may feel the same way. However, not wanting to take any chances of someone else sweeping in, Piper screws up his courage and asks…
    Pipers valentine to Shelby

    ❤                   ❤                    ❤                    ❤                    ❤                    ❤                   ❤

    In other news, Gracie went to Florida to meet up with Noodle for the big party tomorrow. Since Lexi loved them both, they decided to honor her by going to the Valentine’s Day Bash together as friends. They thought it would be a good idea to get to know each other first…

    Listen, Gracie. I think Mom’s calling us for dinner.

    You kids have fun and don’t do anything Lexi wouldn’t have. (Oh boy, I think I just opened it up for too much fun…)


    Gifts from the Heart


    I want to showcase the beautiful sampler that Sidney, Shelby and Sophie’s Mom, Susan, made in honor of Lexi:


    I just love this, not just because it is lovely and commemorates my girl, but also because of the heart and thoughtfulness that went into it. It is sitting on display with my other “Lexi things.”

    As you may already know, Piper and Shelby have started up a bit of a romance. In case you missed their second date, you can go here to learn all about it. Ms. Susan also made a cross stitch for Piper and his Mom:


    So what do you think? Is this a bit of a bribe to ensure Piper’s Mom lets him continue to court her daughter? Or a thank you to Piper for staying with me for two weeks to comfort me after Lexi crossed the rainbow bridge?  Whatever the reason, you can see the love stitched into these works of art. Piper’s Mom sends her huge thanks and appreciation to Susan as well.

    In any case, Piper will be showing up at the Valentine’s Party with Shelby. ❤

    Birthday Boy

    Hi. guess what day this is. Oh, I gave it away, didn’t I? I had a great day with my Daddy. He made me scrambled eggs for breakfast.

    Wow, were they good. What Dad, do I have something stuck in my beard again? Next, my dad took me to the pet store and let me pick out a new toy.


    Aunt Amy said I look like a Scottie in this picture and wondered if I had been hanging around Sophie too much. Uncle Jeff, who knows all about picture taking and stuff, said, no, it was just the angle, that I am still a schnauzer.

    I heard I am getting a box of presents in the mail from Aunt Amy and Uncle Jeff, but it won’t be here until tomorrow. That means I can have birthday fun for two whole days. It’s my bedtime now, and I think I will give Mom and Dad the puppy eyes so they will let me sleep with them tonight. After all, it is my birthday! *tail wags*

    Piper’s Big Date

    I knew Shelby had been stuck in the house with her brother and sister for 87 weeks after her surgery and was needing some peace and quiet. I thought about the beach, but Shelby was concerned about sand and bacteria getting in her incision, even if it was completely healed. So for our first date all alone, I took Shelby to a lovely little cabin in the mountains. Heck, I can hang out just about anywhere and be ok, but I wanted my girl to have some comfort and pretty surroundings. She isgirl after all, and I learned from my Mom that girls like those things.

    I thought we could start with a little stroll leading up to the cabin.


    We arrived just before the sun started to drop behind the trees. I was a little nervous about the cabin being nice enough.

    Shelby, do you like the cabin?

    Once inside, we thought we would rest in front of the TV for a while.




    We watched a show, but all I could see on the TV was Shelby.. so I tried to look at some books, but again, all I could see was Shelby!



    By now we were both hungry. I heard that Shelby loves mangoes, so I made sure to get some. I didn’t know if she liked her steak cooked or raw, so I had Mom pack both.



    We had a big day, and with our tummies full, we started to nod off. We each went to our own bedrooms, ’cause we are good pups. However, someon started hearing things and got scared.



    I might have awakened Shelby, but I felt safe I knew she was safe, and we I slept well the rest of the night.



    We got up early the next morning to do a bit of fishing, then watched the sun rise over the lake. What a beautiful finish to a perfect date. I sure hope Shelby felt the same way.



    Note: the graphics in this post were made possible through the help of Noodle’s Mom, Samantha.

    Party Like It’s Halloween!

    Riley with mask


    Can I go first, Amy? Yes? OK. This is Riley. No one told me about the Halloween party at Dory’s. Now I am all dressed up and have nowhere to go. Hey, maybe my Dad will take me trick or treating. I love, love, love little kids, and I would get to see a lot of them if I go out tonight! *paws crossed*







    Piper and his gorgeous date Shelby from the Corkscott clan enjoyed the great food, drinks and other anipals at Dory’s Halloween party today. In fact, I think they are still partying! This was a first date, folks, so I can’t wait to see if they hit it off. I know Piper was more than a bit nervous, but he is such a sweet boy, I’ll bet Shelby was a bit taken with him. *fingers crossed for him*

    Lexi popped into Dory’s Halloween party and, as she commented there, “I am back for the party ’cause there are so many good food things and all my friends are gathered together in one place, but please don’t think I turned into a vampire dog when I died. I am not really a vampire! It is just a really great look for All Hallow’s Eve! Bwahahahaha – I have come to suck your blood. (barked in Transylvanian accent, of course)”

    Hmmm. It seems like there is something just wrong about the title Angel Vampire, don’t you think? Happy Halloween, my sweet girl.

    Wishing everyone a safe and happy Halloween, with no unexpected “bites”!





    Sophie, are you there?

    This message is for Sophie the Scottie. 0929161042a-1

    Hi Sophie. I didn’t know how else to reach you. This is Piper the Schnauzer.


    Will you go to Dory’s Halloween Dance with me? I know it is short notice, and we are supposed to have our pictures to Ms. Beth by Monday, but I just found out. Will you go with me, huh huh, please? I know you are still recovering, and I promise to be very gentle and only give you a little hug if you want one. We don’t have to run or dance if you don’t feel up to it.

    If anyone else who might see this knows how to reach Sophie, would you please give her a call or a text or an e-mail and tell er, ask, her to read this. I have never asked anyone out before, so I am not sure if I am doing this right. I am going to be so disappointed and maybe even embarrassed if she says no. Sophie, please say, “Yes!”