Piper’s Post

Hi, I’m Piper. Lexi said I could use her blog one time, so I better make it count. I have been living here with Lexi and my Aunt Amy and Uncle Jeff since the beginning of July. Lexi said that I have been here 87 weeks. I used to live here with my Mom, then without my Mom for a whole year while she went away to school. This is my second home. I love my Aunt Amy. She took me for some rides with her, even to the church where she works so that I could be the church dog for the day. She said that didn’t work out real well, so didn’t take me back. I don’t have the experience my cousin Lexi has with going to work. I also went on a trip up North and had a really good time.

I heard Aunt Amy say I have been a big help in getting Lexi to eat. I am so glad I could help. I get special treats, too, and sometimes I get overly excited and grab at them. That is when Aunt Amy says, “Piper! Easy!” and I try real hard to control myself and take the treats gently like Lexi does. I like to hear, “Good boy, Piper.”

I do miss my Mom and Dad and Ella, and will be so happy to see them all again. My Dad is picking me up tonight, but I don’t want to leave. I want everyone to just live together so I can have all my people and Lexi and Ella all in one place. Is that really too much to ask?

I will miss you Aunt Amy. I will miss you too, Piper dear.
I will miss you Aunt Amy.
I will miss you too, Piper dear.

Catching Up

My BFF Piper left me.
              I’m Ella.   My BFF Piper left me.

You may remember that Mom took me and Piper on a road trip over the Fourth of July weekend. We went Up North to Pee Yay to see my bestest friend Rhonda. Ella had to stay at our house with my Dad, who also had to stay at our house. I don’t know why, so don’t ask.

Piper totally under blanket at Rhondas
He, he, they can’t find me.

While we were there, Piper invented a new game of hide and seek. Mom watched the whole thing, but my friend Rhonda suddenly saw something moving around under the blanket, and out popped Piper’s head!






Bed rest is prescribed for my knee.
Bed rest is prescribed for my knee.

Also while we were Up North, I fell down the stairs going up to the bedroom. You see, I was following Mom up these wooden stairs and my left leg sort of gave out on me because of the hip dysplasia. I slid backwards down 3 steps. When I tried to stop myself with my right back leg, I twisted my knee. *sigh* This week Dr. Karen checked my knee and it is sprained. I am supposed to try to stay off it as much as possible, take my pain pills and ice it several times a day.  I get 3 pain pills, which makes me sleep a lot, which keeps me off my leg! Brilliant!


Why are we here?
Why are we here?

After returning home, Piper cried and fussed and drove Dad crazy hid behind the toilet when me and Mom went to work. Mom said she would try taking him to work with us the next day. Daddy cried with joy and kissed Mommy’s feet. Dad thought that was a good idea. Piper is not a working dog like me. He doesn’t know how to behave in an office. He kept running down the office hallway and barking at the nice man fixing our air conditioning. He tried to leave with some people that we didn’t know. And someone  left a puddle in our boss’ office. What Mom? No, why would you think I was jealous and acted out because the pastor held Piper in her lap?  I guess no one will ever know “who done it”!



This is a good place to eat my lunch.
This is a good place to eat my lunch.

Since then, Mom has been taking only me to work, which is as it should be. She has to carry me up and down the stairs to protect my knee. We go upstairs to the big hall to eat our lunch because 99 degrees is too hot to sit outside. Mommy does take me outside a couple of times a day, though, to roll in the grass and soak up some of that wonderful sun.

I'm a good boy riding in the car.
I’m a good boy riding in the car.

Piper has always hated riding in the car because it made him feel sick to his tummy. He would run and hide if he suspected a ride was imminent. Not anymore! Now he wants to go everywhere we go. As a treat, Mom took him for a ride to Walgreen’s to get my pain medicine. Mom apologizes for the bad picture. She said it was hard to get while driving idling at a red light. You can see he is sitting up on the back seat. His normal riding position used to be as low as he could get on the floor of the back seat. Mom says we have made a breakthrough!

I think that gets us all caught up. I had better go and put ice on my knee now. Oh wait! Be sure to come back for a visit on Tuesday. Us Mayoral Candy Dates have HUGE announcements to make, and I don’t want you to miss it. We will all be linking to each other’s blogs so everyone knows everything!   I can’t wait!

A Napping Tribute for Bailey

You may have heard that Bailey over at the Sheltie Times sadly passed away. Angel Bailey and his sis Katy are supposed to host a napping event in the Pawlympics this Summer, so in honor of Bailey, you are invited to post pictures of one of our favorite pastimes –  napping – this Monday.

Christmas, one of our wonderful mayoral Candy Dates, created a badge for anyone who would like to add it to their sidebar, so go on over to his blog on Monday and grab one.  I’m sure Bailey’s parents and Bailey’s sister Katy will be very happy to see Blogville coming together to honor Bailey and show them our support in their time of grief. Thank you, Christmas for your thoughtfulness in organizing this tribute for Bailey and his family. And friends, please reblog this to pass the word as you see fit.

An Overnighter

This weekend Mom and I packed up and went across town to visit my bestest friend, Auntie Jen, along with Piper and Ella. My Uncle Bill had to go away overnight so we went to keep them company and help with some stuff. It is sad that they are moving away; however, it is great that it is only about a four hour drive, which means more road trips and overnight stays!

Auntie Jen is the only one – besides the hospital kids – that I let hug me. Hmm, I wish people would let me know when I have something stuck between my teeth!

Auntie Jen loves me, and I love her too!
Auntie Jen loves me, and I love her too!

Piper and I played hide and seek in the back yard while our moms worked in the house.

Can you find Piper?
Can you find Piper? You may have to enlarge the pic.

Later, Mom and Auntie Jen sat down together in front of the computer to research houses for rent in the new city. I took that opportunity to rest.

Lexi in Jens chair

A realtor came over this afternoon to talk about selling their house. I know Piper and I can be pretty loud when someone comes in the door, and this time it worked to our advantage. Before the realtor lady got there Mom packed me and Piper in the car and took us riding around. Look where we ended up.

Baskin Robbins: heaven on earth.
Baskin Robbins: heaven on earth. We shared a scoop of sugar-free coconut and pineapple ice cream

Christmas, Oreo and Lexi’s Pawsome Adventure

Have you checked out Christmas’ blog today? If not, go take a look at the great time the three of us had while Christmas and Oreo visited me here in the Choo Choo City! They came by themselves in Christmas’ snazzy new wheels and we met at the Walnut Street Bridge. It is the longest walking bridge in the world at 2,374 feet, and connects downtown Chattanooga with the North Shore, across the Tennessee River. It can be pricey to eat out downtown, so I brought food. Can you guess what? Hot dogs and Oreo Cookies, what else! So glad they have a sense of humor. We went on to other major tourist attractions, including the Hunter Museum and Rock City where I am the German dog every October for Rocktober Fest. There is really nothing going on there this time of year so we ran the trails and did some climbing and hide and seek, being careful not to fall off Lookout Mountain. After avoiding being eaten by a shark at the Chattanooga Aquarium, Christmas actually won him over to be a part of his campaign for mayor. What a weiner dog! At the end of the day I wanted to go camping with them, so Chris let me use his mobile phone to call home, but Mom said, no, I had to come home and take my pills and rest. Now, be sure to go see all the pictures and read Chris’ account of our visit!

They're ignoring me
Happy but exhausted!

Massages and Food: These are a few of my favorite things

Massage: I got my massage at work on Thursday, just like Mommy said.

This feels good, and I am keeping you in my sights, Mom.

Do you like this picture? I was in a dimly lit room so Mom used PicMonkey to brighten it and ended up with something that looks more like a painting. Good Mommy. Anyhow, back to my massage. I was a bit more stressed this time and did not relax into it like before. Although, I was caught yawning a few times! I was concerned about where Mom was and wanted to be sure to keep her in my sights. Miss Sky, my therapist, thought it was anxiety from my illness. Even so, I appreciated it a lot and did feel better from the gentle rubbings.

dog food cans

On to food. Mommy and I went to the PetSmart store on our way home from work on Wednesday so that she could get me the high protein food, just like my dogtor ordered. We came home with several canned varieties since I cannot chew the hard kibble anymore. So far I have totally rejected the one on the far left (it was the cheapest), ate part of the one on the far right (it was next to the cheapest) and took three day to finish off the yellow can (same price as second one). I want to try the other two. They cost more, so they should taste better, don’t you think? Mom said my brother Riley is going to have some good topping for his kibble. What?  Hmm, maybe I should try them again…

meat at table
I want liver, not a fancy plate.

Our friend Miss Christy works in the meat department of a local grocery store. She knows everything about meat. Mom went there yesterday to buy me more good food from the meat department. Miss Christy turned her onto beef marrow bones, which are currently cooking downstairs in the crockpot. I have to wait two days for those to be ready. She also told Mom about calf liver, which they carry in the freezer department. Miss Christy said it has the highest amount of quality protein you can get. Mom fixed me some yesterday and OMD, it is about the bestest thing ever.

For lunch today I had ground beef. Since I had liver yesterday, I said, “Come on Mom, you can do better than this,” so she served it to me at the table on one of her good anniversary dishes. That wasn’t quite what I meant. So she said, “Fine. I am putting it on the floor and you can eat it or not.”

Isn't this the same stuff you tried to give me at the table?
Isn’t this the same stuff you tried to give me at the table?
Hey, this cooked beef is really good!
Hey, this cooked beef is really good!
wait, where did it all go?
Wait, where did it all go?


I’ve Been Feeling Better Video

Mommy started up my meds again, the ones that settle my tummy and the lower areas, and I feel better. I am still being picky about my food. I don’t mean to be. It’s just that some things still don’t taste right. OK, the truth is, why eat kibble when you can eat canned? Why eat canned when you can eat hamburger? I mean, right?

Dad wanted to video me last night so all my friends could see I am still alive and barking. Huh? I coerce Mom into spoon feeding me now. How, you ask? Easy, peasy. I just refuse to eat out of my bowl! And when I am done, I let her know. I remembered partway through this supper that I should be eating home cooked chickie boobies or home cooked beef patties. Oh, and it’s true…the camera does put 20 ounces on you.

Pee S: Sorry about the potty part. Dang it, Dad, do you have to record everything? 

Sunday School: Another Pet Food Lesson

Mommy tries to be particular about what she lets me eat. A few weeks ago she took over my blog and posted about the new canned food I am eating by Variety Pet Foods and the evils of Cesar’s. 0511161855I especially like Variety’s Sunday Brunch, Grandma’s Stew and Grandad’s Roast. Today she found a site called Dog Food Advisor whose slogan is “Saving Good Dogs from Bad Food.” Variety Pet Food got all 4’s and 5’s on a 5 point scale. She wanted to share this particular article about “meal” with you today. I guess you could call this Sunday school!

The Mysterious Meat Concentrate Most People Know Little (or Nothing) About

For a dog food, what could contain more protein than whole meat?

Well, surprisingly, a quality grade meat meal can actually be a more abundant source of protein than the whole meat from which it was made.

Here’s why.

Meat meal is a dried end-product of the cooking process known as rendering. Rendering is a lot like making stew — except that this stew is intentionally over-cooked.

With rendering, you start with a meat stew, cook away the water and bake the residue.  And you end up with a highly concentrated protein powder — or meat meal.

Now, check out the chart above. Notice how whole chicken contains about 70% water and 18% protein.

Yet after rendering, the resulting chicken meal contains just 10% water and a whopping 65% protein.

That’s nearly four times more protein than whole chicken!

Nutritious Ingredient or Anonymous Waste?

Of course, not all meat meals are created equal. Some are of very high quality while others are positively awful.

It all boils down to the stew’s contents — the raw materials. And one critically important principle…

No meal product can ever be better than the raw materials that were used to make it.

Better meals are typically made from the meat of clearly identified sources. Low-grade meals come from anonymous materials like slaughterhouse waste and spoiled supermarket meats — even diseased or dying cattle — or dead zoo animals.

For a more detailed look at the dark side of the industry, you may wish to read “The Shocking Truth About Commercial Dog Food“.

How to Recognize Lower Quality Meat Meals

Since many manufacturers do little to clarify the true nature of the ingredients they use, two important rules can help you avoid choosing an inferior products.

Avoid dog foods containing any meat meal that:

  1. Includes the words “by-products” in its name
  2. Fails to identify the specific source animal1

Here are some examples of inferior meat-based protein ingredients. Notice the generic nature of the phrases:

  • Meat meal
  • Animal meal
  • Chicken by-product meal
  • Meat and bone meal
  • Glandular meal
  • Poultry meal
  • Blood meal

Species-specific animal sources include names like beef, venison, lamb, chicken, etc. When you see ingredients like those listed above in any recipe, it’s a sign you’re probably looking at a lower quality dog food.

Back to Work, Back to Vet, Get Well Cards

It’s been a rough kind of week. As many of you know, I had my first chemo treatment last Thursday. Being the good employee that I am (and not eligible for sick pay) I went on in to work at St. Luke last Friday. Here is me getting everything done so I can go home when Mom is ready:

Some of my friends sent me get well cards. First, Noodle, Macy and Molly e-mailed me the cutest cards.

emailed card piZap_1463748051558 piZap_1463748306138

















My boyfriend Noodle also sent me a video card:

Then I got some real live cards  from the mail person. They were actually from Noodle and his family (he wrote he loves me on the back of the envelope!) as well as the beautiful goldens,  Bonny, Belle and Bess and their family. They both had slips of paper in them that made Mom get all teary-eyed. I wonder what they were…

I like my cards, but where are the treats?

I have been taking two different pill for nausea, a pill to stimulate my appetite, and a pill to stop the squirts. I’ve been getting up lots during the night ’cause I keep feeling like I have to go out, but all I do is strain and dribble from the back end. All I want to eat is steak and sometimes chicken, and sometimes I can’t even eat that. Today I ate chicken, and Mom made me pumpkin and oatmeal cookies from a healthy dog cookie cook book. I ate most of one.

sick Lexi in car
I don’t feel good, Mommy.

Then, a little later, everything  I ate came up all at once. I felt like I was going to die! Obviously, I didn’t. Mom called the oncology vet at UTK, Dr. Walters, and she said I had to go to the hospital here in Chattanooga, and that she was going to call the doctor there herself. Mom took me right away, and of course they stuck a glass stick up my poor patootie. The vet tech took my pulse, too. It was odd, no one has ever taken my pulse before. At least it wasn’t invasive like that awful stick. She said my temp and my pulse were normal. Dr. Smith came in and checked me and did what Dr Walters had suggested. He stuck another needle in me (this is really getting old) and started fluid running sub q. That is short for under my skin. Then he gave me a shot to help with the nausea. Mommy told me I was going to get that shot and that it would burn a lot and that I had to be brave. The dogtor said I keep having the squirts because my intestines are very irritated from the chemo and it makes me feel like I have to go potty all the time. I now have more medicine to take with all the other medicine I have. This one is to sooth my intestines and help with that almost constant feeling of urgency, if you know what I mean.

After they were all done and had finished taking all Mom’s money Mom had paid them, I got to go home. I was sooo glad to see Mom! I felt some better when we got home, so I helped Mom eat her pan fried hamburger, then I ate some more of that store broiled chicken, then some of my homemade cookies. I have still been running outside with the feeling that I have to “go” but all my food has stayed down. That is very important to me.

Hoping for a more restful night and no more urgent potty misery!

I am Lexi the miserable with the tired Mommy.


Surprise Visitor

My friend Gracie came to stay with me this week. She must have heard about my illness and wanted to comfort me with her uneaten kibble  sweet presence. No one told me she was coming, so I was very pleasantly surprised when Mom and I got home from work today.

I had to check out Gracie’s digs. (I almost got stuck cause of the cone.)
Gracie had to be sure I didn't steal anything while I was checking out her digs.
Gracie had to be sure I didn’t steal anything while I was checking out her digs.

Is your pet’s food killing them?

This is Amy – Lexi’s Mom – taking over her blog tonight. First, Lexi had a good day and seems to be doing well. I have something else very important to tell you, and didn’t want to start off by scaring you… what follows should scare you, though.

What does the word meat mean when it is a dog food ingredient list. Click the link. You will find that “meat” can be road kill, euthanized animals (with the euthanizing agent still in their bodies, of course), diseased animals, and so on.

This is why I returned all those cute little cans of Caesar dog food my unsuspecting husband bought to spoon feed Lexi while she is recovering from oral surgery.  By the way, I had to use a lit magnifying glass to read the ingredients, and not because my eyes are that bad. Every single one of them had the ingredient “meat by-products” listed. I urge you to read what is in your dog and cat’s food and never, ever, feed them anything that says “meat” or “meat by-products.”  Please.

Teen Dog

Thursday night, before she sat me on the bed for a talk, I watched Mom pack her bag. She told me to pay close attention because she wanted to explain something to me. She said, “Lexi, I blah, blah blah.” And, “So I will be back blah, blah, blah.” Then she picked up her bag and left without me!

Dad got back home from band practice hours later a short time later. I thought sure he would bring Mom back home with him, and I looked everywhere without success. Daddy tried to explain to me what I think Mom had already explained, but I was too distressed to listen well.

Friday came and went and no Mom. Saturday morning, I was ready to listen.

So tell me again when Mom will be home...
So tell me again when Mom will be home…

“Tonight,” he said. “She will be home for your birthday tonight, Little One.”
After feeding me supper, Dad left again with his big red saxophone case and I started watching out the front door for my Mom. It took a very long time, but I finally saw the car coming up the driveway. I was so, so happy and I kissed her all over. Mom took me into the kitchen and what did she bring me home for my birthday? Yes! Mickey D’s. We sat down at the table together and I shared halfies of my cheeseburger, fries and caramel ice cream sundae.

lexis 13th bday
I am a teenager today – 13 years old!



Blogville Pawlympics!!


That’s right, the humans may think they have the market on this Olympic thing, but Blogville is also well known for their own brand of PAWlympic FUN!!

This year, I (Lexi) am joining my fellow Mayoral Running-Mates, Christmas at Paw Province and Arty at Dory’s Backyard in hosting the Blogville Olympics!!

We will be putting together the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and may even host an event or two!!   OlympicsPawsNoDates

What a great question!! Here is what you need to do!!

  1. Pick an Event or Create Your Own!! – It can be just about anything that we with paws, claws or hooves can participate in! See the list at the bottom of this post for past PAWlympic events.
  2. Take a Look HERE on our PAWlympic Schedule. Pick an open date to host your event.
  1. Email Lexi (lexitheschnauzer at the g male thingy dot com), Christmas (claire212 and he is at housefullofkids.com) or Arty (dorysbackyard at the g male thingy dot comwith the event you would like to host AND the date you would like to host it. We will confirm your request and place your event on the schedule. (Whew, what you have to do nowadays to keep those evil spam bots from doing their thing!) You can also contact ME, LEXI by clicking on the contact us (Lexi and Mommy) button at the bottom of this post. Your message will fly straight into my inbox!

PLEASE NOTE THE DEAD LION TO SIGN UP TO HOST AN EVENT IS JUNE 21st.  This will give you plenty of time to advertise your event and get your PAWtheletes!

  1. Gather Your PAWtheletes! After we have confirmed your date and event, feel free to announce your event on your Blog and gather your PAWtheletes together!!

PLEASE NOTE THE DEAD LION FOR PAWtheletes TO SIGN UP FOR EVENTS is JULY 15th. Once again, we want everyone to have plenty of time to get their competition ready!!

Remember we are an EOV (Equal Opportunity Village) and welcome Hermit Crabs, Kitties, Bunnies, Birdies, Donkeys, Pigs and even Doggies to participate in our events. (I, Lexi, ask that no mosquitoes, flies, ticks or intestinal worms apply, please.)

To top it off, this will be a BLOG HOP so Blogville won’t miss any event!! We bet the humans wish they had a Blog Hop for their events!

Questions??  Feel free to ask either in the comments or in an email and we will get an answer to you as soon as we figure it out ourselves!!

Make sure to grab any or all of these Olympic Badges on your way out to use on your sidebar and to promote your event!!

contact form pic

Special thanks to Beth of Dorys Backyard for the graphics and most of the announcement!

Riley’s Birthday

Today is my big younger brother Riley’s special day – the day we all celebrate his birthday. He is now officially 6 years old. Mommy made him his very favorite cookies: Tomutto and Cheese.

0501161345a Combine 1/2 C tomato paste, 1/2 C water, 2 Tbsps olive oil, 3 Tbsps parmesan, 1 Tbsps oregano. Slowly mix in 2 C whole wheat flour. Knead until smooth, then roll out to about 1/4 inch thick and cut with cookie cutter. Bake on ungreased cookie sheets. Mom found if you bake at 350 degrees F for 25. min., you get softer, chewier cookies. If you bake at 325 F for 2 hrs you get crispier, harder cookies.

Still warm from the oven, we packed them, wrapped them and headed to Riley’s house. (No, he doesn’t have his very own house, he, he. He lives with my brother Andrew and Jentry and The Boy.) We had a pawty and a good time was had by awl.

Riley! I am NOT hiding a cookie in my ear.


What do you mean, goodbye?



Here I am in my Auntie Cary’s office at work at the church on the mountain. I said, “What’s that, Mom? I need to say goodbye to my Auntie Cary? I might not ever see her again? I don’t understand.”






“Auntie Cary, I have loved our lunches together, especially the eating part. You always bring me good treats. You have been a good friend. Where are you going? Please don’t look so sad.”



That was Wednesday at my work at St. Timothy’s. Today, Mom told me we didn’t have a job anymore. Our position had been eliminated. How can they possibly eliminate Church Dog? Mom said no, technically they only eliminated Parish Administrator, but the Church Dog position was critically linked to it. *hurumph* Well. it wouldn’t be the same without Mom there, anyhow. Mom had only told a few parishioners that today was our last day, and one of our special friends came by with a present.

For me? It smells nice.



Wait, there’s no treats in here.

Mom is feeling sad today, so I reminded her that this leaves her more time to work on my Campaign for Mayor. Me and Mom, we can’t wait to find out where we will be needed next. This is going to be an adventure!

I am Lexi, the hopeful Church Dog and the next Mayor of Blogville (I hope).