Valentine’s Preparations

Today we have all been hustling (he, he) (OK, tomorrow you will get my little joke) to prepare for the day of love. Mommy and Daddy helped me first thing this morning, and what fun we had! I sure wish I could tell you about it, but then it would ruin Noodle’s surprise. I’ve been in an extra-good mood all day from it, though. I had forgotten how much I like to d…oops, almost gave it away there!

While Dad was continuing to work on Noodle’s surprise, Mom started working on Daddy’s surprise. I helped by keeping Mom company and eating the stray apple peel.

Mommy's love pie
                                                    Mommy’s love pie

We don’t know yet if it tastes good. We have to wait for Daddy to get home from his band gig, and Mommy says it will be so late that we may just eat it for breakfast!
Here’s the recipe if you want to give it a go.