Awww Monday Tug-o-War

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Chia: I’ll play with you, Riley, how Mom just showed me. Please don’t hurt me.

Riley: I won’t hurt you, hotdog. Just remember whose rope this is when we’re through.

Chia: I think I’m winning.

Lucy: I’ll help you, Riley!

Grooming and Company on Awww Monday

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Lucy, Ace Reporter here on the Groom Beat with another new groom.

Hi folks! It hardly seems like it’s been only a week since I last reported on a new groom — yet here is a new one yet again. And, once again, this pup’s mom was referred to us by one of our current clients. Lily is a 2-year-old shih tzu who couldn’t get in to see her regular groomer for 2 months. Here’s what she looked like when she arrived at our door.

She didn’t weigh more than three or four pounds, just a wee bit of a girl with more mats than anything. Groomer Mom felt her over real quick-like and delivered the bad news that she would have to shave Lily down (that’s a grooming term) everywhere – even her face. Her mom said to do whatever she needed to do, that she wouldn’t be upset.

Lily was a mover-around-the-tabler (that’s a reporting term) but a real sweet little girl. I thought you might like to see a mid-groom picture, too.

The part where the hair is close to the skin was matted like felt, so the shaving was real slow-going. Groomer Mom shaved a big tick off before she could see it, so she had to use her special tick tool to get the head out of Lily’s skin. Then she grabbed her super-duper flea spray as those nasty buggers started emerging from under all that matted hair.

Groomer Mom knew this wasn’t going to end in a pretty groom. But sweet Lily was going to feel so much better, and her Mom would have a blank slate to start with to keep this from happening again.

The new appointment she made for 6 weeks out would also be an important part of that, too!

To finish up, I want to report that everything has mostly calmed down around here. Our aunt and cousin have gone off to do whitewater rafting today before they leave out for home. Jemma has done well, and most of us have been real nice to her. Chia started nipping at her, so Jemma started nipping Chia’s butt, BOL! Jemma can whip around real fast like most dogs of that breed, so Chia doesn’t stand a chance. We aren’t sure if she understands that it’s her own fault.

Jemma: You’re a good reporter, Lucy. You tell it like it is.

Lucy: Thanks, Jemma.

Then we all got new, meaty stew bones to chew outside. Chia got in Xena’s face about it, and it turned into a real, honest-to-goodness dog fight! I stood back to let them sort it out, and the only peep to jump in and stop it was Mom.

Xena: She didn’t have to, I was whooping that little brat’s butt!

Lucy: Like I was saying, Mom grabbed Chia, but that pup is so long that she slipped out of Mom’s hands and she and Xena went at it again. Mom grabbed up Chia again and threw her in the kennel, getting a bad scatch on her leg in the process. Dad was sitting right there and didn’t do anything at all. Boy, was he ever in trouble when the dust settled.

Xena: That wouldn’t have happened if Mom had let me finish it myself! I’m in charge, and that long brat isn’t going to usurp me as alpha here.

Lucy: What about Riley?
Xena: I stay outa his way.

I’m innocent, Your Honor.

So, folks, that’s our calmer weekend. Hope your week includes only nice things.

Lots of licks and wags, Lucy, Ace Reporter

Awww Reindeer Stuffie Monday

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Xena: Why did Riley scoop Reindeer up in his cone before he got it off, then dump him on his bed, and just leave him there?

Lucy: I dunno. I don’t fool with stuffies, and I have no idea why Ri does half the stuff he does. I just try to be his friend.

Xena: Reindeer must be lonely. I’ll cuddle with him for a while.

Awww Monday, “Fast” Sunday

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So you probably think I mean Sunday goes by fast. Nope. It’s just the opposite. Sunday is a s-l-o-w day. Why? Here’s what’s been happening on Sunday evenings.

Why’s Mommy still sitting out on the porch? It’s way past our supper time.

Oh crapola. This is Sunday. Why can’t she ever forget what day it is. Lucy! Go out and get Mommy! Start bugging her. Tell her we’re dying from hunger. We have to campaign for our supper.

I just don’t get why a night when you don’t eat is called a “fast” day. I wonder how long until breakfast.

I am Xena the hungry schnauzer warrior princess

New Puppy Cousin on Awww Monday

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We have a new cousin. Her name is Jemma and she lives in Apple River, Illinois, way, way up north, almost to Wisconsin. Her pawrents are my Daddy’s sister Jen and his niece Josie. Jemma is a Border Collie mix.

Jemma is growing really, really fast. I think she was born last summer in July. We haven’t gotten to meet her yet since she is an eleven hour drive away from us. But, since she’s part of the family, I wanted to share the good news with all my friends.

Our Grandma loves to have Lucy to come visit and sleep with her. I’ve never been allowed to go. *pout* I have to stay home with Mommy while Daddy makes the long drive. But Jemma lives only a few minutes from Grandma’s, so Jemma fills up her love tank. In the last picture you can see how big Jemma has gotten. I hear rumours that me and Lucy are going to get to go visit them this summer. We sure hope so!

XOX from Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

Aww, Poor Lucy

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A quick forward from the Mom. Lucy was caught eating poop out in the yard in the morning. Later in the afternoon there were very stinky, steamy brown puddles throughout the house to be cleaned up. My money was on Lucy. Then she urgently signaled she had to go out and my suspicions were confirmed. To give her digestive system a rest, she had to go help her Dad do his video work while her sister got fed.

Awww Monday with Chief

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Hi, Lucy here. This isn’t an official “Grooming with Mom” post by me, Ace Reporter on the Groom Beat. But it has to do with one of our newer grooms.

You may remember that each time Chief comes, we’ve been noticing the color changes on the puppy’s hair. Mom predicted in October that he had reached his adult coloring. Chief was here last week, and we want to look back to see if there is any change.

Chief is still a very active and wiggly puppy. That means that both grooming and photographing can be challenging. Here are just two of the photo failures.

And here are post-groom pictures of Chief since he started coming to us for his spa day.

I think Mom’s prediction was right. What do you think? You can click on each picture to biggify it.

Lucy (Ace Reporter) giving you wiggles and licks

Aww Monday-Vacation Over

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Achilles and Ella went home with their dad yesterday. They were so thrilled to see him that they forgot to say goodbye. But we have precious memories of their time here with us.

Achilles is fighting severe allergies. He was recently allergy tested and has the sea rum (serum) like Xena. When we could monitor him closely, he didn’t have to wear his hood (cone) or Rambo suit.

When all 80 pound plopped down on you, you felt it. Xena usually stays pretty close to her Mommy, so care had to be taken that he didn’t plop down on top of her when he also wanted to be close. Such a sweet, happy boy. He wiggles all over, and just wants to be loved.

This is Xena greeting Achilles (after she stopped barking at him).

Ella and Achilles also liked the same chair in the living room. Maybe it was because of the “guard” schnauzer on the pillow watching over them.

That’s where Ella slept most nights, with the blanket her mama made her under and over her.

The pictures below show what close friends Ella and Lucy are. It took 1.5 seconds for this wonderful relationship to begin.

Oh, and for those who asked, yes, Achilles did get his time back in the home office after Xena ran him off. He even got his “hood” or cone off for a while.

Achilles found a spot on the corner of Lucy’s bed. She didn’t move over for him, but she didn’t mind sharing, either.

For now we will say adieu, with hopes next time comes sooner rather than later.

Lucy, Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess and the Mom

Xena Writes a Story on Dr. Seuss Day

Lucy: Hi Xena. Whatcha doing? You look like you’re up to something.

Xena: I’m thinking. It’s Dr. Seuss Day. He wrote fun stories and poems. You know Angel Lexi was an author, too. She wrote a whole book about her life and adventures. I’m thinking maybe I could write a little story.

Lucy: You’ll never know unless you try. Like Dr. Seuss said, “Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!” So, how are you going to do it?

Xena: I’m thinking maybe I’ll dogtate it into one of those dogtation machines. Then, if there’s a mistake, I can blame the machine.

Lucy: Sounds like a plan. Have you come up with a story?

Xena: Yep. Here goes: My name is Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess. Xena for short. Xe for shorter. I have two Siamese cat friends. Their names are Shoko and Tyebe. They live in a different country named Canada. Shoko is smart, and Tyebe is fun. They have their own blog. The end.

Lucy: Your dogtator seems to be working just fine. But there’s a couple of little things maybe that need changed.

Xena: Are you saying you don’t like my story, that my story stinks? Or don’t you like the Canadian cats?

Lucy: I love the Canadian cats, and your story doesn’t stink. Every good writer has someone called an editor, and since you’re such a good writer *toes crossed* you deserve a good editor like me. Now, first of all, all short stories are at least a few pages long. It would be great if you told more about everyone in the story and different things that you all do or like to do. And there is usually a plot.

Xena: But this is about cats, not plot hounds.

Lucy: Uh, ok, never mind that. The other thing is that you must not use your friends’ real names. You need to make up names, like Mary or Ann or Susan or Tammy or…

Xena’s story: A Dog and her Cat Friends, with no Plot Hounds, Part One

Xe was a beautiful miniature schnauzer with salt and pepper coloring. She had a very happy life with her dog sister Lu and her peeps, Mom and Dad. Xe went on a trip on a boat. It was a big boat, and it sailed all the way to the land of Siam. There was lots of dancing and food on the big boat, so Xe had many days and nights of fun. All the boy dogs wanted to dance with Xe because she was a very talented dancer, and pretty, too. At night, she always went back to her cabin alone and slept by herself. She missed cuddling up to Mom and Dad in the big bed back home, but then she remembered she wasn’t allowed to do that all night now, anyway. But that’s a story for another day.

After being at sea for several weeks and eating her fill of the fishies of the sea and dancing until she thought maybe her legs would fall off, Xe saw land. Before sunset that day, the big boat docked at that wonderful land called Siam. Everyone on the boat ran off and started to explore. While walking between shops, Xe met two Siamese cats. The older one was named Sho and she was very wise. The young one was named Tye and she was full of energy and very mischievous.

“Where are you from,” asked Tye, “and what is your name? I’m Tye.”

“I’m Xe, and I’m from the wonderful land of USA.”

“That’s Sho over there. She’s my big sister. Do you want to be our friend? Sho doesn’t like to play very much. Do you? What do you like to play?” Tye was full of questions, and kept jumping at the little schnauzer, who had never had a cat friend before.

When Tye stopped to catch her breath, Xe replied, “I love to play, especially chasing balls. I like to run with a friend, too, but I don’t like to be jumped at.”

“Look out little schnauzer named Xe!” exclaimed Sho. “You almost got trampled by the local traffic.”

Was that a schnauzer I just stepped on? Mmm, I smell mango. It must have been a mango.

So Xe and Tye went to the edge of the jungle where there wasn’t so much traffic and found some mangoes to play with that had not been stepped on by an elephant. Tye jumped at the fruit and batted them around with her front paws, while Xe ran and brought back the mangoes that Tye had hit further away. Sho sat and cleaned her lovely paws while keeping a watchful eye on the young ones. When one of the mangoes rolled into a nearby creek, Xe started after it.

“Stop!” meowed Sho in her loudest Siamese voice. “Little schnauzers have to be very careful about going near water where mean old crocodiles live. They have a reputation for wanting to eat all the schnauzers in the land.”

Are you a schnauzer treat? You would make a tasty morsel, a little snack before dinner.

Just as Xe heard Sho yell for her to come back quickly, she saw Mort the Siamese crocodile, who was camouflaged in the muddy water. That was enough to scare even a very brave little schnauzer warrior princess like Xe. She quickly turned and ran back to Sho and Tye as fast as she could. Xe collapsed in front of them, quivering with fear or maybe with adrenaline. Yep, it was probably with adrenaline. Realizing this magical land was actually full of danger, Xe was grateful for the Siamese cats’ offer for her to go home with them to spend the night in a safe place with comfy mats on the floor to sleep on. In Siam, everyone named their huts, and Sho, being the oldest, had named their hut Canada.

The next few days were spent with the three of them together, learning more about each other and becoming fast friends. Xe sat at Sho’s feet and listened to her talk about her life in Siam, soaking up her words of wisdom. Once Sho quoted Dr. Seuss, saying, “Only you can control your future.”

Sho taught Xe the song, “I am Siamese if you please, I am Siamese if you don’t please.” That song would run through the little schnauzers head for years to come, reminding her always of her good friends and the wonderful time they had together in Siam.

Sho would nap often, and during those times, Xe and Tye would play-wrestle and chase each other around the hut, being careful to stay out of the Siam elephant traffic and away from any creeks or pools of water. Every evening the three of them took walks in the lane that bordered the jungle, being careful not just of rampaging elephants and schnauzer-eating crocodiles, but also of wild boars, leopards and cobra snakes.

Xe: “Where’s Sho?” Ty: “She stopped for a potty break. She’ll catch up soon.”

Sometimes they brought mice that Tye and Xe had caught during the day to throw at the leopards if they came too near. The plan was that the mice would bounce off the leopard and then start running, causing the big, wild cat to chase after them. Out of Sho’s hearing, they whispered about trying to stuff a wiggling mouse down a cobra’s throat if they got the chance, but that chance never happened. Sometimes it misted a light rain during their evening strolls, and even Sho joined the youngsters in a joyful rain dance that included a lot of hopping and turning and yipping and chirping. After these happy dances, the three of them would run back to their hut Canada and wrap up in fluffy towels, while they sipped cups of warm, sweet tea before settling into their bed mats for the night. Always, while drifting off to sleep, young Tye would whisper something a wise “Dr.” once said, “Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.”

The day finally came for the the big boat to blow it’s loud horn. Three times the horn sounded, signaling its imminent departure to all who wanted to sail home from Siam. With tearful hugs, Sho and Tye bid Xe goodbye and safe travels. Oh, and they exchanged email addresses so they could keep in touch and maybe even plan how to get together again. Xe dawdled so long, not wanting to leave her new – and only – cat friends that she almost missed the big boat, leaping astride the boarding ramp just as it was being pulled onto the ship. She jumped into the big boat and turned quickly toward shore, her ears flapping in the wind. She feared this would be the last time she would see Sho and Tye, and her eyes blurred as she blinked back schnauzer tears. And then it came to her: Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened. – Dr. Seuss

Xe’s fears were not to come true. The three best friends – or maybe just two of them – would find a way to see each other again soon. The End.

By Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess