Baby Bridger on Awww Monday

Thanks to Comedy Plus for hosting Awww Mondays.

Lucy: I love Bridger. He’s a tiny person. He’s like a little puppy. Except he doesn’t have any fur and he can’t walk. But boy, can he cry! He makes lots of other noises too, like giggles and churgles and murmerings.

Sometimes I lick his toes, and he doesn’t really react, but maybe he can feel my love and devotion Oh, did I forget to tell you who Bridger is? He’s Mom’s work helper’s pup, er, baby. He’s four months old now! I watch when his Mama changes his diaper. I might have to do that some day, you know, and I want to be prepared. Or I might get to eat it someday, and I want to be ready. Not that I’ll admit I’ve ever done that before.

Xena: Sometimes I hide behind Mommy’s chair when that baby is here. I’ve thought about turning off the computer so I can get more attention so Mommy doesn’t have to work so hard, but I can’t really do much with this cone of allergies surrounding my head. I sure hope Mommy hasn’t forgotten who her baby is.

I wonder which of these things turns off the ‘puter.

Sometimes I lay in my bed and sulk wait patiently for Mommy to notice me.

JenJen Bear keeps me company, and sometimes Elle and Oscar come by to cheer me up. Can you see Lucy reflected in the mirror behind me? Her bed is under Mommy’s table-desk.

I usually bark a lot when Miss Brooke and Bridger come in downstairs to go to the office. Today I slipped down quietly and greeted them nicely. I even went over to little Bridger to give a friendly wag hello. Mommy didn’t even know I was downstairs, I was so quiet, and Miss Brooke was impressed with my behavior. Unfortunately, she didn’t have any treats to give me. Unlike Lucy, I am not interested in a dirty diaper.

A little later when Mommy “went” to work downstairs, I went back down with her and did a repeat performance. Smile, wag, no bark. Mommy told me what a good girl I am. (I still didn’t get any treats, but I’m not giving up.) Mommy thinks the change in my behavior might be because of the CBD oil I am on to try to help with the itchies from my allergies. (CBD oil ordered from Miss Monika at Tails Around the Ranch. Check it out.) She doesn’t know that I’ve simply switched tactics.

Lucy: I don’t need drugs to be nice.

We also wanted to tell you that we just got back from a trip where we were stuck in a house by ourselves for 87 hours, almost ran over five baby cows and a red fox, and and got to schmooz with our peep relatives. Mom is going to help us post about that a little later this week.

Lucy and Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess