Lucy’s Birthday Wish

I’ve been dreaming about my birthday coming up this Thursday. I’m going to be four whole years old! Isn’t it funny how I keep staying half a year older than Xena?

At first I thought about new chew bones or new treats or maybe a trip alone with my Dad to visit my Grandma. But now there’s really only one thing I want.

My BFF is having surgery right now. The dogtor is removing all those growths covering several of her teeth. They are going to send some of it off to make sure it isn’t the thing that took Angel Lexi. All I want is for Ella to be OK and be so excited to see me and to play with me for a lot more birthdays. I hope the Birthday Fairy can hear me.


More News from our BFF’s

Mom and I have had a busy few days at our BFF’s. Remember Claud the c-a-t?

Claudia, aka Claud, aka the c-a-t
Claudia, aka Claud, aka the c-a-t

She now looks like this:

Claud the naked cat
Claud the naked cat

Yep, Mom brought her grooming tools from Tennessee and shaved the c-a-t. I saw the clippers come out and I know a look of panic crossed my face. Then I saw Mom carry Claud to her make-shift grooming table and watched as Claud promptly flew off the table, not to be seen again for hours. When Mom finally found Claud and got her back on the table, Mom “scruffed” her during the entire groom. She said it was the only way she could shave her. Claud was not amuzed. (I was.) In the picture above she is hiding in the closet.

Monday was our BFF’s birthday and there were people coming and going all day. I was worn out from greeting everyone with hearty barks. Tuesday was the same way. Thankfully, only one couple came by today, and they brought food. They liked me and I got some of the food. It was good eye talian food.

Mom left the house for a while yesterday and said she had a reunion with her whole family. She was gone a couple of hours. Here are the pictures she took of the reunion.

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he Family in Oakwood Cemetery
The Family in Oakwood Cemetery

When Mommy came back to our BFF’s, her eyes were red. Her eyelids were all red, too. Apparently, the poison ivy had come back with a vengeance and had traveled to her face.

Poison Ivy by nose and on eyelids. It itches.
Poison Ivy by nose and on eyelids. It itches.

It took three days for Mom’s doctor’s office to call in a prescription to the pharmacy and the pharmacy to get the medicine in stock. The rash wasn’t bad when Mom first called the doctor on Monday. By today – Wednesday – it is on it’s way to real bad. Mom is not amused.

Today we weeded and watered our BFF’s garden. She has flowers and tomato plants.  I adopted the St. Francis of Assisi statue. Did you know he is the patron saint of animals? I will leave it for our BFF to take care of it when we go home.

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My daddy can’t be here, so I have adopted our BFF’s husband to be my temporary daddy. He thinks it’s great that I go to him now to ask to go out and to be fed and to get treats. 🙂 I wonder why my daddy at home doesn’t appreciate all the attention…

I can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow.