Xena’s 4th Birthday

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It’s my birthday and I’ll bark if I want to, bark if I want to, bark if I want to…
Two people for me to bark at already stopped by the house today. I wonder how many more I’ll get to bark at before we quietly go to bed at the end of my special day.

I started the morning with a nice bowl of cauliflower and cubed deer steak with a topping of finely ground eggshells (for calcium), a squirt of krill oil (to lube me all over), and a dollop of tumeric paste (for allergies). Yummmmmmy!

Then Mommy and Daddy took me for a cooler-than-later morning walk through the neighborhood. Well, Lucy and Chia went too, but I know it was specially for me today. (Riley was still in bed.) When we got back I got my legs and face rinsed off to help keep away the allergies, then played with Chia for awhile before we all settled into our post-brekkies naps. I woke up with all my stuffies wishing me a happy birthday!

Oscar the Schnauzer: We’ve been in hiding since Chia arrived. But our best friend Xena is worth taking a chance for. We love you, Xena! Happy Birthday!
That’s when I got a birthday present – a new member of the stuffie family.

I think he’s a lemer. He’s really soft and cuddly. I might call him Jim. Or Tom. Or Larry. Larry the Lemer. Has kind of a ring to it, doesn’t it?

Then Chia showed up again. She plowed her way through my stuffies like they were celebrating her! Her first victim, er, choice was Chippy, probably ’cause he was out front.

After tickling him and throwing him across the room, she played with Eleephont and dug out two balls and a bone and finally retrieved Chippy and settled down on the couch with me.

You’re disturbing my nap.

Later me and Mommy are going to work on our Freestyle. I’m learning to run over to a pole and touch it with my nose, and then get a treat tossed to me. Then I run back to Mommy and get another treat. This stuff is soooo easy, but I still insist on getting paid. I’m also learning to do pivots with Mommy – I mostly just march in place with my front feet and move around in a circle with my back feet. We do that until Mommy gets dizzy and almost falls over, BOL.

First, though, I get to chose which tuna steak I want for supper. That little blue sticker on the package says fresh caught.

Mmmm, I think I’ll take this one, and Lucy can have the other one. Chia eats kibble, so no sharing with her. Mommy, can we give her just a bite, do you think that’s ok? OK, we’ll offer it and if she doesn’t want it, well, it won’t go to waste.

I am the four-year-old Xena Schnauzer Princess Warrior *woof* *woof*

My Last Day of Being Two

Well, it turns out that I didn’t get to go anywhere with Mommy today. She left early with a cooler packed with ice bricks, and I saw Daddy packing her lunch. She said bye to me and Lucy and that she would be back, like she always does, just in case we think she is leaving for good.

Me and Lucy and Chippie played for a while until Daddy came upstairs from his basement office and asked what was going on.

By then, we all were worn out. Does that mean I’m getting old?

After we got kefirred at noon (that’s what it’s called when we get served our kefir at lunchtime), we went out on our new porch so we could hang out while we waited for Mommy to come home.

Me and Lucy played chase across the porch, not even slowing for the doggie door. We made a full circle of the yard before we slipped through the door again and onto the porch. I turned and ran back out before realizing that Luce the Deuce, er, Lucy wasn’t chasing me anymore. When I stuck my head in to peek, I realized it was a trap! Just look at Lucy’s tail! She was ready to spring on me! I turned and ran and off we went. We played so hard that once again we fell down exhausted.

87 hours later Mommy got home, and all she carried upstairs from the car was some groceries from Trader Joe’s. With my most excellent ears, I heard her ask Daddy to unload the rest into the downstairs freezer.

“I’m dreaming of a tripe birthday,
Not like the ones I’ve had before.
Where the innards glisten
And Lucy listens
To hear if we might be getting more…”

This is Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess, one day away from 3 years old, with this stupid, revised Christmas song stuck in my head.

Xena’s Birthday Weekend

Xena: Since it’s almost my birthday, can I lay in your Porch Bed, Lucy?

Lucy: You mean the Bed Formerly Known as Riley’s? Sure. I’m good right where I am.

Xena: Did you hear what Mommy was saying earlier about my birthday? She was talking about getting me a special treat and yummy food. She didn’t know I was cooling off behind her chair and could hear every word she said.

Me cooling off behind Mommy’s chair

Lucy: I heard some of it, but I was under the table dozing. I don’t think she saw me, either.

Xena: I also got to see what she had up on her ‘puter screen. Look at this!

(Click on picture for link to site.)

Xena: Then I heard her on the phone with someone saying she wanted the Tripe-stuffed cow hoof and two packs of the plain cow hooves and a case of the XKaliber mix like I used to eat growing up and would you be able to eat it too and I don’t know what the person answered her. Aaaand, she said she wanted to take me with her almost to Atlanta to pick it all up.

She asked if I could eat it, too?!?

Lucy: You know, Xena, you could always ask Mom about it. Even if that ruins her surprise for you, I know you won’t let it go until you find out. Here she comes now.

Xena: Mommy, are we going to Atlanta to get my birthday surprise?

The Mom: No. (We’re actually going to Marietta, north of Atlanta, but I’m not telling her that.)

This is Xena the almost birthday girl, wondering if I should get my ears checked. I was sure I heard her say… *sigh*

Special Days

Lucy: gorgeous green

Xena: powerful purple

Our Mom had a birthday and our Dad made a big deal about it.

He made her his special chicken dish and pasta and fresh broccoli. We didn’t beg at the table; we just wanted to stay close to Mom on her birthday. Honest.

Our Aunty Jen and Uncle Bill are crazy lots of fun. They sent her this happy birthday message.

Later in the week Mom’s friends at work had a little party for her and someone named Lester who had a birthday the same week. They sang happy birthday to her and Lester and had special sweets.

You might know that Mommy works at a place called a synagogue. I don’t like it cause I’m not allowed to go to work with her like I did at the Methodist church. But Mommy seems to like it anyhow, which I totally don’t understand. So, what I wanted to tell you, is their big sanctuary had been closed down for a long time, and finally got repaired. They had a big party to celebrate the dedication and reopening just before something called High Holy Days. Mommy and Daddy went to celebrate with them. They had something sacred called scrolls carried in from the chapel, where they had been worshiping after they couldn’t use the sanctuary. They passed the scrolls up the center aisle then danced around the sanctuary to music, carrying the scrolls, until they were passed up to the “ark” on the “bimah.” Mommy taught me those words. See, I could be a great help to her at work. Anyhow, someone took this picture.

That’s Daddy handing the sacred scroll to Mommy.

After that part was over, they ate and drank wine and visited with everyone and generally had a great time while we sat at home waiting for them.

Lucy: But we have been getting some good walks when the temperature cools off a bit in the early evening, just before twilight. Every day we get a nice walk is a special day. E”special”ly if we see people who pet me or if I almost get to chase a cat.

Dad asked why we don’t walk as nice on the leash as Riley (center). I pointed out that we also don’t spend 87 minutes every walk reading pee mail like Riley does.

I heard we’re all going to Aunty Jens and Uncle Bill’s this weekend. And I saw Mommy packaging our food. I’ll get Uncle Bill to hold me and see if Morty has gotten bigger than me.

And I’ll get to play with Ella, try to make friends with Morty again, and maybe even get another kiss from Achilles. So today is going to be another special day!

And I get to go home with my Dad, Andrew!

We can’t wait to get on the road! Kisses and wags from Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess and Lucy, and Riley, too.

Adam’s Birthday with Us

Last weekend our peeps brother Adam came over and spent the night so we could celebrate his birthday together. You might remember Adam from when he helped plant the hostages . We were so excited to see him! Adam goes outside and sits on the patio a lot so he can blow stinky smoke out of his mouth. Regardless, we like to go out with him, at least until it gets too hot, even for us. On Sunday, our other peeps brother Andrew was supposed to come over for pizza and to visit and to celebrate his our brother’s birthday. Mommy told him 5:00, but to try to come early if he could. We all decided that when if he came early that Mommy would order the pizza and we could eat then. We all got pretty hungry.

Why isn’t Andrew here yet?!

Adam got so hungry that he ate a bowl of cereal. Mommy said she would wait until 4:30, then order the pizza. Before she went to get it, me and Lucy asked her if we could eat just a little early so that she wouldn’t have to, you know, interrupt the celebration or so that – good God forbid – the pizza get cold while she was preparing our dinner. She saw the wisdom in this and got our supper ready. We thought she would be in a big hurry to get out the door to get the hot pizza with pepperoni, mushrooms and double cheese *drool* and not make us “Wait!” for our supper. Yeah, like that was gonna happen.

Come on, Mom, say it!
Say it, say it, say it, say it!

Mom: “FREE!”

As soon as we gobbled down our suppers, Mommy headed out the door to pick up the Dominoes pizza – Adam’s favorite. By the time she got back, Andrew had arrived and everyone gobbled down their suppers. Then came the DQ ice cream cake!

I don’t know what to wish for.
Adam made his wish, and I think he probably wished for a schnauzer like me. He couldn’t tell or it might not come true.

The celebration continued the next day with lobster and shrimp and steak – all of Adam’s very favorite foods. Everyone was too busy stuffing their faces enjoying their meals to think about sharing with the poor pups in the house. We did get some ice cream cake. That was our first time ever to get ice cream or frosting or cake. Now I know why the peeps keep it all for themselves!

Adam and Andrew have both gone to their own homes, and we are waiting to see what else happens this week!

Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

Birthday Finale

If you missed how my birthday started, or if naughty Mr. WordPress removed it before you saw it, Mommy fixed it and you can check it out here. Mommy got home from work and we got another good meal. Then she gave me…another ball. Can you believe it? This one has spikes and when she squeezed it, it squeaked and started flashing a light. This one was from a different galaxy than the first one, but still from outer space.

I guess these were all teases – or maybe tests to see how brave I have become – ’cause then I got my real presssie. A new treat puzzle! It’s called a Dog Brick by Outward Hound. Mommy filled it with cheesy goodness and you can see what happened next. (You can skip the part where Mommy is loading it with cheese if you want.)

At first I was skeptical, thinking it might be another alien, but it didn’t yell or blink lights at me, so I decided to check it out. It was easy, except for that last piece where the lid popped open. I suspect Mommy will make it harder next time “more of a challenge” is what she says. Anyhoo, I love my new puzzle!

We ended the night with a special treat I never had before – doggie ice cream!

Come on Mommy, we are doing a good “Wait.” Please say “Free!”Nom, nom, nom, slurp.Yep, it’s as good as I heard it is.

Love, Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

A Belated Birthday Story

Hi, this is Lucy, My 3rd birthday and 2nd gotcha day was January 14, the day before Dad’s birthday. I was excited, thinking maybe I would get a great big cake and maybe ice cream and lots and lots of treats. I saw a big, heavy package delivered a few days before, and just knew it had to be something for me. I was right! You are never going to believe what I gotThe meanies folks said this was a present to help me learn how to behave, to not chew up anything, and that would be a gift to everyone. Do I look happy with my present?

It is really big, and I can even walk around in it. Here is a picture of me and Ella in it together, to give you a sense of just how big it is. We could have even fit one more of us in there. This is the one that Achilles-dini escaped from when he and Ella were here for a few days. I wish he would show me how he did it, he, he.

Oh well, maybe my 4th birthday will be better.

Wags and kisses, Lucy

Birthday Surprises

Dear friends, before I start telling you about my great birthday, I want to say I’m sorry for tricking you. I didn’t mean to. My paw hit the publish button by mistake, and I wasn’t near done. But I am now, so please don’t be mad and read about my most specialest day ~Xena

I had the bestest birthday I ever had. Of course it was the only one I ever had. On the way home from work, we stopped at the Smart Pet place. After looking around, we went home with yummy treats for me.

When we got home, there were all my stuffie friends, including Ludwig, in the kitchen with bags of pressies for me. Winter bear got tired and fell asleep while he was waiting for me to get home, so he missed me opening my pressies. This pink bag had a lot of bouncy yellow foam balls that Mommy will throw for me. I love to play fetch with balls, and I’m even getting better at catching them with my mouth and my paws.The flower bag had yummy flavored bones in it – I had to share one of them with Lucy. Mommy let us chew on them for a while before dinner, but when she saw how quickly we chewed them apart, she took them away from us and fed them to that bad old can that’s under the sink. I hate that can. It gets lots of stuff I could eat! 

Ludwig ran and got me to come open my last pressie. He whispered in my ear, “I got this one for you, Xena. You are my friend and I love you.” Sure enough, that bag held my favorite pressie of all…a bully horn sized just right for me. Lucy wanted to chew it up, so I am going to take it to work and leave it there, where she can’t get it.

Next came supper. I got a French meal called steak tartar. Instead of bacon on top, there was fresh salmon. It was on a real fancy plate that used to belong to my Grandma. Next to it is my dessert: sliced apple and strawberries and goat yogurt.

Nom, nom, nom.

Lucy got beef and chicken and egg and cabbage and a tiny bit of salmon. And she got the same dessert as me.

She ate so fast that she made all these disgusting piggy noises (sorry, Bacon). We got our desserts after we finished our meal and had licked our plate and bowl clean. You can see we both dug into the yogurt first.

So that is the story of my first birthday, and I hope everyone liked hearing about it.

I am Xena the One-Year-Old Schnauzer Warrior Princess

At Work on My Birthday


Here I am at work with Mommy, getting baby hold time on my very first birthday. I wonder when I am going to get my nice pressies. I wonder what I’m getting special for supper. I’ve even got my birthday cupcake scarf on so efurryone will know it’s my special day.



Thanks, everyone, for your suggestions for what to ask for on my birthday. Mommy’s giving heart worm prevention to a no-kill shelter in the area. And I’ve asked for more of what I already have, since I can’t think of anything new.

Mommy, Mommy, I need you to tell me sumptin.

Today I turn one year old, right? Does that mean I’m all grown up and I’m not your baby anymore? *whispers* I still want to be your baby.

Mom: Xexe honey, no matter how old you are, you are and always will be my baby and my heart, all wrapped up in one.Good! When does the party start?

(Dear Reader, please come back tomorrow for pictures of the surprise festivities. – the Mommy)

I am Xena the Birthday Schnauzer Warrior Princess




Planning My Birthday

I was cuddling with Mommy while she worked when she stopped and said to me, “Xena, your birthday is coming up real soon. Have you thought about what you would like?” Of course I hadn’t. I didn’t really know about birthdays. Mommy went on to explain that one year ago I was born on June 21. So this Thursday, I will be one year old, and I will get presents and we will celebrate my life.

I thought and thought and asked if I could get some more bravery so that the loud thunder and new things don’t scare me. I want to be brave like Angel Lexi was. Mommy said I will get braver as I get older, and besides, I can do other things that Angel Lexi wouldn’t. When I asked like what, she said I scoot clear under the couch so fast to get my ball that she hardly has time to blink. Angel Lexi refused to do that. That made me smile, and then think some more. I don’t want any more clothes, and I have lots of stuffies. I always get great food – I mean, chicken or steak or fish every night! As well as chickie feet and liver and gizzards and green tripe and fresh veggies and fruit and sauerkraut and coconut oil. What more could a pup ask for in their dish?

I have round bones that I play soccer with and a really big bully horn to chew (it’s really Lucy’s, but she lets me have it). Yep, I have a great sister who puts up with me no matter what I do to her (he, he). I get to go to work and see my friends there, and now to my training classes and sometimes even to stores. I have a soft bed, and a Mommy and Daddy who love me.

Hmmm. This is a hard question. I don’t know what to ask for. Can someone give me ideas?


I am Xena the Almost One Year Old Schnauzer Warrior Princess

Happy Birthday Madi

Today for Madi’s 16th Birthday Celebration, Mom will tell about how she learned to drive.

Xena: *yawn*

My Grandma was afraid to teach Mom, so she hired a professional driving teacher when Mom was 17. He said she was “a natural” and she passed her driving test the first time.

Xena: Seriously? People get paid to teach people how to drive? It just doesn’t look that hard. Push a stick here, turn a wheel there, move your feet around, and voilà, we are where we are going. Kind of sounds like a Dr. Seuss story, doesn’t it? 

Don’t interrupt me, Xena. Where was I? Oh yes. Just a year or so sooner and Mom would have learned in the family ’54 Buick Century. The seats were blue, so Grandma called it Blue Belle. Grandma had to get another car because of all the salt on the roads to melt the snow. The salt killed that big, heavy car. Even its eyes fell in. This is a picture of what it looked like (credit to Mr. Google). 

Xena: No wonder Mommy doesn’t let us have much salt. Uh, Lucy, isn’t that Angel Lexi in the back seat? Was she with Mom way back then?

Um, I don’t think so, Xe. We’ll have to check with Mom about that.

Here’s a picture from January, 1960, of the actual car with my Grandma and her sister in front of the apartment where Mom grew up. 

Xena: Wait, Lucy. Who is that running from behind the bush?

*eyes wide* Let’s just keep going.

When Mom got a boyfriend…

Xena: Mommy got a boyfriend? Really? You’re fibbing, Luce. Mommy would never have a boyfriend. She’s married to Daddy.

When Mom got her first boyfriend a long time before she met Dad, he taught her how to drive something called a straight shift in his old Chevy Nova. We have another picture of what it looked like, courtesy again of Mr. Google. Mom says it was old and beat up and had red seats and didn’t look nearly that good.

Here’s the funny part. Her boyfriend lived out in the country with lots of woods. One part had a dirt track around it, so he showed Mom how to change gears and told her to just drive around the track. She got going too fast and forgot which foot to use for the brake ’cause there were now three pedals instead of two. This silly boy stood in the track waving his arms and yelling at her to stop. She didn’t want to run him over so she swerved into the woods and the car bumped over rocks and big sticks and barely missed trees until it finally stalled out on top of a log. A few days later, after he fixed his car, he took Mom into town and told her to drive his car around while he went into a store. The main road, State Street, was on a bit of a hill. Mom had stopped at a red light, and the car behind her kept running into her bumper. Finally, the man got out of his car and came up to Mom’s window. He explained that it was her drifting back into him, and did she have her foot on the break. She said no, just on the clutch. So that’s how Mom learned to drive a stick shift.

Xena: I think I will just learn to drive our T-Lex. 

Our what?

Xena: Our T-Lex. That’s what Mommy named the car she bought for Angel Lexi before Lexi was an Angel. It’s a Toyota Lexus, hence T-Lex. Isn’t Mommy funny, he, he? How old do I have to be to drive?

I think 16 years old.

Xena: Oh. Well let’s just wish Madi of Madi and Mom a very, very happy 16th birthday, and happy driving!

Lots of love from Lucy, Xena and Mom

This is a blog hop, but since Mom isn’t smart enough can never get linked up properly, just hop over to Madi and Mom’s blog to leave your birthday wishes and hop along.

Lucy’s Special Day

Hi friends, this is Lucy. First, a big thank you to everyone who wished me a good birthday and Gotcha Day. Your wishes worked! We all went to the Smart Pet Store and I got petted by lots of people. One of the workers knelt down to adjust my harness and I gave her lots of sloppy kisses on her mouth. When we got home, Mom put my new collar on me and gave me my cow ear. I never had one before, but I can tell you this: no way was I sharing this yummy goodness with Xena!

Mommy got me two cow ears, yes, two, just for me. She put one away “for later.”  Can you see my pretty new collar? The brown background matches my furs and the dots are bright and cheery, just like me. Mom put extra deer meat in my bowl at supper, and my tummy was full and happy when I went to bed to sleep between my Mom and Dad.

Xena wanted to show everyone her new jammies that our Mom made. My nose is in the picture, so I said it was ok.

Mom told Xena to “say cheese,” and Xena said she never gets any cheese.

Xena has some more news that I told her will have to wait until it’s her turn to write a blog. It’s a sunny 40 degrees (4 C) outside and I am going out to play in the yard now. I think I will roll Xena in the dirt and leaves – she likes that!

Love and Wiggles, Lucy ❤

Lucy’s Gotcha Day

Today is my Gotcha Day! I’ve been here with my Mom and Dad for one whole year. It’s also the day Mom and Dad are celebrating my birthday. So far all I’ve gotten is a late breakfast and left home alone. Hey, maybe they went out to get me something special!

When Mom brought me home from Food City Grocery that first day in the truck, Dad asked if I she found me in the  dog food isle. Mom said, “Don’t worry, we’re not keeping her.” And Dad laughed and said, “Where have I heard that before?” (meaning when Mom brought home Riley). Dad’s birthday is tomorrow and he says I’m the best birthday present she could have given him.  Anyhoo, if you want to read more about me and about my first gotcha day just click this link that is also at the top of our blog. Since I’m only two years old today, the page you go to isn’t very long. I’ll be adding more later, I hope.

Love and wiggles, Lucy

Piper’s 14th Birthday

Today, January 10, 2018, my nephew Piper turned 14 years old. Diabetes, congestive heart failure, and all, he has a strong will to keep on keeping on, and we are so glad for that. Here are some memories of his time with us.

This is his head shot from a photo shoot he was in with his Mama and his brother Milo, who is now, sadly, waiting at the rainbow bridge. It was taken almost eight years ago, and is my favorite picture of Piper. He’s such a handsome boy.

This next one also has to be one of my favorites. Piper is the skunk closest to the camera. I only know this for sure because Lexi never moved or lifted her head during the whole time they were forced to wear the humiliating costumes.

I like this one of Piper in the doggie toy store because he looks like a Scottie. It was just the camera angle, but it makes me laugh. Folks always get Schnauzers and Scotties mixed up when they don’t know much about either breed.  You’ll notice he’s a frugal boy, checking out the clearance section. Or maybe he just thinks he’ll get more that way.

The next two are from 2015, a year before Lexi left us. Isn’t it funny that Piper is on our left of Lexi in most of their pictures. Maybe she thought of him as her “right hand man.” 

Piper joined everyone in Blogville to honor her on Eat a Treat for Lexi day.

Prior to the last move to the Nashville area in 2017, Piper had started going deaf, and his eyesight was failing. I think he was wishing everyone would get unpacked and settled in. And maybe that I would give him some of what I was eating…

Piper, you are for sure our Super Dog today. Happy Birthday, sweet, precious, huggy boy. Your Aunt Amy sends tons of love your way.

A Groom and a Birthday Gift

On Monday, Mom got her two original neighborhood dogs in for a grooming touch-up. I’ve told you about Dora the shih-tzu and Maggie the schnauzer here.  Last week she got another new pup in, a beagle mix named Bella. Bella was scared of my Mom and very anxious, so her Dad stayed during the first part of the groom. That’s why Mom didn’t get a “before” picture. Her Dad wanted her to look like the beagle he paid for when she was a puppy, instead of a terrier with hair sticking out every which way, so Mom shaved her and this is how she looks now. As you can see, Bella was still kinda’ scared, even after Mom sprinkled her magic dust on her.

Before Maggie and Dora came on Monday to be groomed, Mom decided to try out her birthday present from my peeps brother, Andrew. She had been complaining about how dirty the furniture was, so he gave her some more work thing to help with that. She un-boxed her new Rug Doctor, read the instructions, and gave it a try.

Andrew told her to push harder on the head to make it work better.

Then Riley came by and said, “You missed a spot.”

When Mom gave up quit got done, she looked at the dirty water and said, “Cr–p, I don’t know if that’s dirt or part of the chair!”

I think it’s time for me to go outside and chew on my bone for a while.

Love and wiggles, Lucy

All About Mom

Mom is so good to me, I don’t mind if she gets a special day or two. But why wasn’t I included? Saturday was Mom’s birthday, and here’s what happened.

First, Dad made waffles for him and Mom and gave her a real pretty card that almost made her cry. Sheesh, Dad, don’t make Mom cry on her birthday! When they were done eating breakfast, he packed up his horn and “gig bag” (whatever that is) (not important, doesn’t smell of food) and whisked Mom away in the car to a place called the Tennessee Aquarium. Sweet Georgia Sound Big Band were set up to play outside the aquarium. It is a touristy area where people walk around or get pushed in strollers or wheelchairs or ride scooters or get carried on their dads’ backs or in their mom’s arms…any way they can get around. Mom didn’t take pictures because she locked her phone in her purse in her car’s trunk. Umm, I’m glad she doesn’t lock me in the car’s trunk! Anyhow, there was another ballroom dancer named Donald there and they danced together a lot right there in the sunshine. (I wasn’t there to dance with them)  There was a 12 year old schnauzer wearing a Tennessee Vols shirt there, and Mom kept getting her “schnauzer fix.” The band leader announced two times that it was my Mom’s birthday and people came by and said, “Happy Birthday!” to her. Dad said it also gave him something called a pass to come out of the band and dance a foxtrot and a rumba with Mom. Some band friends were in town and met them there after the “gig.” The all visited a while (without me), before Dad whisked Mom away again to a part of town called The Bluffview Arts District(No, I didn’t get to go there, either.)

In The Arts District there are museums and restaurants. The restaurants are all grouped together, like in the collages that Mom makes for my blog. Except they aren’t quite that close together. They all have outdoor seating because it is such a beautiful area, overlooking parts of Chattanooga as well as the Tennessee River.

It wasn’t quite 5 o’clock, so they first went to Tony’s Pasta and Mom made Dad’s mouth hang open when she said she wanted to sit inside ’cause she was so hot. He wanted proof it was really my Mom. She told me that my Dad wanted to make it a super special day, and loves her so much that he would sit outside with her  without complaining ’cause he knows she always wants to be outside. But she also knew my Dad was suffering from the heat, so she also did it for him. (I would have waited outside for them, but I wasn’t invited.) All they ordered were salads and gluten-free flatbread to dip in olive oil with reggiano parmesan cheese. And wine. Mmm, wine. I tasted it once and it is good.  So, during the hour they were there, Mom didn’t remember to take even one picture. Side note: Angel Lexi got to eat there one October, so maybe they will take me next month and I will remind Mom to take pictures.

Then they walked over to  The Back Inn Cafe, where they got their main meal. It is described like this: Elegant Colonial Revival mansion setting features seasonal, globally inspired cuisine & wine.

 The steak was a juicy medium rare and delicious (wait, please, while I wipe my drool on the furniture) and too big to finish, so Mom brought half of it home. It’s in the fridge, but I can’t open the door. By this time they had both cooled off, so they sat outside. The top picture shows the TN river, and the bottom picture is the bakery that supplies the three restaurants. The same family – the Patera’s –  owns it all. Mom said their waiter was super. Dad listed all his food allergies for him, and the chef changed the recipe and sides on Dad’s salmon so it wouldn’t hurt him.

With bellies full (and my belly was at home, empty), they strolled over to Rembrandt’s where they got dessert. Now, does this make sense? Oh, Mom says it would make perfect sense to a schnauzer.

So that was Saturday. Sunday, they came home early from early church and started cleaning. Dad even ran the vacula. The food in the crockpot had my tummy growling, then more food started cooking in the oven. Pretty soon, my soon-to-be friends came to our house and, after lots of hugs and the obligatory house tour, they all sat down at the dining room table for a feast. Riley and I got put outside. At least I got a bone. When Riley got stuck out there with me, I stayed under the table so he couldn’t get my bone. There has to be a limit to sharing, even with your boyfriend, right?

Later – when the food was all gone – we were allowed back in. The Man loved me and kept petting me. I wanted to show them how Riley and I play, so I started jumping at Riley and biting his face and he started growling at me and biting my face and we were having a great time. I thought the Man would be very impressed, until Mom grabbed us and put us in separate bedrooms. After my new friends left, I spent the rest of the evening with Riley and Andrew, watching stuff on TV in their bedroom. And there ends my story of neglect Mom’s Birthday Weekend.

Love and wiggles, Lucy

Birthday Boy

Hi. guess what day this is. Oh, I gave it away, didn’t I? I had a great day with my Daddy. He made me scrambled eggs for breakfast.

Wow, were they good. What Dad, do I have something stuck in my beard again? Next, my dad took me to the pet store and let me pick out a new toy.


Aunt Amy said I look like a Scottie in this picture and wondered if I had been hanging around Sophie too much. Uncle Jeff, who knows all about picture taking and stuff, said, no, it was just the angle, that I am still a schnauzer.

I heard I am getting a box of presents in the mail from Aunt Amy and Uncle Jeff, but it won’t be here until tomorrow. That means I can have birthday fun for two whole days. It’s my bedtime now, and I think I will give Mom and Dad the puppy eyes so they will let me sleep with them tonight. After all, it is my birthday! *tail wags*

Piper on Loan

You know someone is your best friend when they lend you their schnauzer for a month. Yes, Piper is on loan to his heartbroken aunt and uncle until mid-October. His job is to, well, to be a schnauzer, and he is doing it quite well. He does have 12 years of practice under his collar. To keep us both busy, I have begun working with him to reinforce some fun things like heel and stay. Wouldn’t it be grand if we progressed to doing some dancing while he is here! We’ll have to see if he has the same twinkle toes as his cousin did. It’s been nice just doing routine dog things, like letting him out to do his business, feeding him, petting him, combing him and all the other normal, everyday things one does for/with their dog. It’s helping to fill some of the empty space, both within and without. Piper is looking up at me, as if to say, is it my turn to blog now, Aunt Amy? Take it away, Piper.

Hi, it’s fun to use my Angel Lexi’s blog and I am sure she wouldn’t mind. It’s been kind of strange to smell her everywhere, like on her dog bed and the rug, but not be able to find her.

Today I went to work with Aunt Amy and I could smell Lexi on the floor in her office. I licked the floor where she used to lay a lot; it helped me remember her better. I got to meet Mr. Dave, who was Lexi’s favorite person at work. He always brought her treats and talked really nice to her. I only barked at him once, then I got lots of ear scratches. He has a schnauzer, too, so I couldn’t scare him with a bark.

I was pretty good at work. Mostly. I did poop in the hallway and pee on the carpet in the pastor’s office (again). I got scolded a little, but it wasn’t bad. Aunt Amy says my cousin had years of office work experience under her collar, and doesn’t expect me to know everything right away. I am glad she understands that I am very new at this and am still learning, and I had the accidents from being a little nervous.  I wonder when I get to start doing actual office work and what it will be. Maybe I could shred papers for the church.

Next came the Big Surprise! We went out for lunch to celebrate the pastor’s birthday that was 2 months ago. These crazy humans. Hey, maybe they were waiting for me to be able to go with them!!

Come on Piper, Amy is inside paying for our lunch.
Come on Piper, Amy is inside paying for our lunch.

Who's happy to be at Aretha Frankenstein's for lunch?
Who’s happy to be at Aretha Frankenstein’s for lunch?

When Aunt Amy went inside the building – you know restaurants in the U.S. still won’t let dogs inside…what a backward country – I started to scream. Yep, I’m a screamer. So pastor took me up close to the door and I settled down waiting on Aunt Amy to come back out. When Aunt Amy came out, she took a look at where we were and said, “So, did Piper start screaming?”

Teen Dog

Thursday night, before she sat me on the bed for a talk, I watched Mom pack her bag. She told me to pay close attention because she wanted to explain something to me. She said, “Lexi, I blah, blah blah.” And, “So I will be back blah, blah, blah.” Then she picked up her bag and left without me!

Dad got back home from band practice hours later a short time later. I thought sure he would bring Mom back home with him, and I looked everywhere without success. Daddy tried to explain to me what I think Mom had already explained, but I was too distressed to listen well.

Friday came and went and no Mom. Saturday morning, I was ready to listen.

So tell me again when Mom will be home...
So tell me again when Mom will be home…

“Tonight,” he said. “She will be home for your birthday tonight, Little One.”
After feeding me supper, Dad left again with his big red saxophone case and I started watching out the front door for my Mom. It took a very long time, but I finally saw the car coming up the driveway. I was so, so happy and I kissed her all over. Mom took me into the kitchen and what did she bring me home for my birthday? Yes! Mickey D’s. We sat down at the table together and I shared halfies of my cheeseburger, fries and caramel ice cream sundae.

lexis 13th bday
I am a teenager today – 13 years old!



Riley’s Birthday

Today is my big younger brother Riley’s special day – the day we all celebrate his birthday. He is now officially 6 years old. Mommy made him his very favorite cookies: Tomutto and Cheese.

0501161345a Combine 1/2 C tomato paste, 1/2 C water, 2 Tbsps olive oil, 3 Tbsps parmesan, 1 Tbsps oregano. Slowly mix in 2 C whole wheat flour. Knead until smooth, then roll out to about 1/4 inch thick and cut with cookie cutter. Bake on ungreased cookie sheets. Mom found if you bake at 350 degrees F for 25. min., you get softer, chewier cookies. If you bake at 325 F for 2 hrs you get crispier, harder cookies.

Still warm from the oven, we packed them, wrapped them and headed to Riley’s house. (No, he doesn’t have his very own house, he, he. He lives with my brother Andrew and Jentry and The Boy.) We had a pawty and a good time was had by awl.

Riley! I am NOT hiding a cookie in my ear.