My Thoughts on Being Toto

I am back!

Everyone still says, “Ahhhhh” the first time I run out onto the stage.

I like Grayson, who plays the part of Dorothy. She is the keeper of the treats.

I like the Lion – no one has told me his name. He is soft and I am comfy when he holds me.

I like the flying monkey. He isn’t used to dogs, but he loves me and I am sweet to him so he will know that dogs are good. I have to be reminded to run when he puts me down. Grayson yells, “Run, Toto, run!” and Mommy is in the wings waving a cheese stick for me to come eat. That helps me remember.

I like the wicked witch. We remember each other from last time. She gave me a present, some bling for my collar. I like bling.

The trees do not scare me this time.

I have to remember to stay away from the edge of the stage where it drops way down into the music pit. I can feel Mommy’s fear every time I get too close to it. Sometimes Grayson calls to me when I get too close.

I am doing a good job. Everyone says so. Once in a while I run off stage to my Mom so she can tell me I am doing a good job. I need that reassurance at times.

I am Toto. Hear me bark.

Both Dorothy’s (or Dorothies?)

April 4, 2014
This time it was just my face that got washed. And I went to Rock City! It was an event especially for the kids, and there, dressed up like Cinderella in a fairytale, was my second Dorothy. For those of you who haven’t yet read my entire blog from way, way back when, I, Lexitheschnauzer, am the famous Toto on stage in Chattanooga. And if you haven’t read my entire blog, why not? For those of you not in-the-know, I was Toto in 2006 and again in 2010. Everyone in the cast was different the second time except for me, probably because I did so good the first time. And this was my Dorothy from the second time.

Me at Rock City with my royal crown.
Me at Rock City with my royal crown.

Anyhow, she was all dressed up different and had grown up from her high school self and none of us recognized her until she told us who she was. Oh well, she didn’t have any treats for me, so what do I care?

Later, we went into the gift shop to hear Kim read us a fairytale. I think this was my Dorothy/Kim, but it has been so long… I barely remembered her, and just couldn’t get excited over a story without treats. I know how this sounds, but it isn’t like she has ever made an effort to come visit me, take me for ice cream, or anything! How can she expect to keep up a relationship with me if she doesn’t do those things?

There were good dog smells all around, and my family was all there except for Adam and Riley, so it was still a good evening.

Lexi, the Royal Schnauzer

Birthday weekend fun

May 11, 2006
Wow, what a great birthday weekend. It started on Friday when I went to help teach dance. We had cake and everyone sang to me and I got a huge pig ear. I danced and ate up the whole pig ear. Hmmm. I wonder what happened to the rest of the pig…

Then I got to have cake again for breakfast on Saturday, and Mom took me shopping. We went to a fancy downtown dog store and I got two bling and a free treat. After that we went to Petsmart and I got two more bling but no treat. All day Mom sang to me about my birthday and I was so excited!

On Sunday – my real birthday – I had cake again for breakfast and hot dogs for lunch and pizza for dinner!!! I went to get the pizza with Mom and when she said it was for me too, I got so excited I shook all over and wagged my tail as fast as it would go. We had ice cream for dessert because the cake was all gone. I know, because I got to lick the icing off the bottom of the plate.

Birthdays are really great, but I want a cheeseburger now. I thought this was just the start of something new, like not having to stay in my crate anymore during the day. I thought I was going to get to eat like this every day. You know, something that happens now that I am a whole three years old. I must admit that I am a bit disappointed. Guess I will have to stick with my Grandma to get the toast every morning. Things could be worse. (I wonder when I will have another birthday….)

Lexi, the three-year-old

My birthday weekend

May 5, 2006
I am so excited (except for the bath part!) This is my official “birthday weekend!!” and it starts tonight.

I have been going once a week to help Mom and Jeff teach dance to some teens and adults about an hour’s drive away. They just love me 🙂 and tonight we are taking birthday cake and candles and we are going to have a party! I just love parties. I hope I get ice cream too. I really love ice cream. And they all know I love bling bling, so maybe I will get presents even though Mom had to go and tell them not to bring any.

This teaching dance thing is a blast! I run up and down the line of dancers and leap up in the air to show them how to dance. Sometimes I even have to bark to get them to do it right. They smile and pet me a lot. Then I run over to Mom and stand up on my back legs so she can take my hand paws and dance with me. Sometimes she picks me up and dances with me in her arms, and I like that too. I am absolutely exhausted by the time we are done, what with all that running and supervising and being adorable. That’s hard work. But I get to sleep on the ride home.

I can hardly wait to find out what else we are doing this weekend for my birthday on Sunday!

Lexi, the soon-to-be birthday girl

New bling

January 9, 2006
I have a new bling bling. Mom’s dance friend – his name is Jeff – put this shiny red ring thingy on my collar and told me it was my new bling. I think it is beautiful. I don’t know why Mom said it was mean to do that and to get the J-ring off my collar. Anyhow, Mom’s friend took it off and I pawed and pawed at his hand and at my new bling until he put it back on my collar. I am walking around very proud of my new bling, and I hope Mom doesn’t take it off again. After all, she has her necklaces, why can’t I have a bit of bling, too!