Boring Days

Mommy and me, we aren’t working at the St. Luke church anymore. We went from 3 days to 2 days to 0 days. You can see I was always busy there; never a boring minute. We took my ‘puter home with us (you can see a little of it just behind my bed) and I am still waiting on the IT people to set it up for me at home.                                                                       Me busy at work

I can’t go to Mommy’s new job at another Methodist church ’cause they have something called a Licensed Daycare. Mommy said I wouldn’t like it there anyhow, ’cause there’s lots and lots and lots of little screaming kids right outside her office door. She puts on her headphones and listens to music. I don’t have any headphones, but it doesn’t matter ’cause I’m not allowed to go anyhow. So here I am without a job. Sometimes I get so bored I count the flowers on the blanket. Yep, my Guardian Angel Lexi is teaching me how to count. So far I can count one plus one plus one. I think that comes to one.

At least Mommy’s home with me on the days we used to go to work together. And so is my friend Sweetheart Bear.Sometimes we watch Netflix shows together. Last week I saw this huge animal on the TV and I barked and barked at it. I found out it is called a horse. The rest of the afternoon, I barked at the TV every time I walked past it, just in case that horse was still there. I wanted it to know I am a brave Schnauzer Princess Warrior. I think I scared it away, too.Sometime I play with my bones and bully horn. I chew them and I throw them and push them all over the house. It makes tons of wonderful noise. The only problem is I won’t be able to hear the horse coming because of all the noise. Mommy says that’s ok, she can’t hear anything, either, when I am doing that.                        Will someone please find Xena a job? ~Lucy

I think I will take a nap before we go to my Agility Won class.I am Xena the *yawn* Bored Schnauzer Princess Warrior