Please Be Careful

I saw this and thought I should warn everyone who lives with a cat. Please be careful.

In case you couldn’t read what’s on this picture, I will tell you, ’cause it’s impawtant:

Bringing you dead animals: This isn’t a gift, it’s a warning.

Staring contests: If you get caught in a staring contest with a cat, do not look away. Looking away will signal to your cat that you are weak, and an attack is likely to follow.

Sprinting at light speed out of any room you enter: When your cat does this, it’s actually a failed ambush.

Kneading on you: You may think this is a sign of affection, but your cat is actually checking your internal organs for weaknesses.

Hiding in dark places and watching you: Your cat will often hide in order to study you in your natural habitat.

Throwing up grass: Through this painful feeding and purging process, cats prepare their bodies and minds for combat.

Sleeping on your electronics: Humans have superior technology. Your cat knows this and will attempt to disrupt all communications to the outside world.

Pawing at your face while you sleep: Cats aren’t very good at smothering people, but this won’t keep them from trying.

Excessive shoveling of kitty litter: After using the litter box, your cat endlessly kicks litter around, most of it ending up all over the room. This is practice for burying bodies.

MOM: Lucy! What are you doing? Don’t you know a lot of our friends are cats? What about Siddhartha Henry, or Madi, or Shoko? Do you think they are like this?

What? They’re cats?

MOM: Of course they’re cats. What did you think they were, dogs?

Well…. *shame-faced* I, I guess I never thought about it. I mean, they’re nice and I like them and I never thought about them being any different than me. I hope I didn’t offend anyone.

I am Lucy, the apologetic.

Xena’s Visitor

Xena: Hi Ludwig. Why are you wearing my walking vest?

It is because Das Mommy has invited me home for Easter holiday.

Xena: Really? That’s great! You’ll get to meet my big sister Lucy and, and (quietly) you might like her…more than you like me… and then… No, no, Ludwig, you wouldn’t like it at my house at all! Not at all! Lucy might eat you. You’ve gotta tell Mommy you can’t come. But that would be rude, lovely Prinzessin. You must not ask me to do that.

A few minutes later…

Xena: So this is my car, Herr Ludwig. It’s name is T-Lex after my Angel Sister Lexi. It goes really fast, but you mustn’t be afraid. You can look out the windows and see other cars and people and buildings and all kinds of stuff.

This is fun, Prinzessin Xena. I would like to have a T-Lex also.  It is wunderbar.

Xena: Ludwig, wake up! We’re almost home.

Xena: First the important stuff. This is the toy basket. Those are my toys. Understand? My toys.I have no need of toys, beautiful Xena. After all, I have you.

Lucy: Who is your friend, Xena? Can I play with him?

Xena: No! Er, I mean, I’m showing Ludwig around, so please don’t bother us right now. Why don’t you go see if our supper is ready? And ask Mommy to set a place for Ludwig, too.


3 hours later…

Xena: What am I gonna do, Lucy?I don’t know, Xena. He’s your problem. You brought him home and told me to stay away from him. All I know is this is my bed and you can’t sleep here.

I am Xena, the Schnauzer Warrior Princess with nowhere to lay my head.

A Vet Visit and a Lesson on DNA HW Testing

Xena: How did you like your  bath, Lucy? This is the first one I ever saw you get.

Lucy: It wasn’t bad, especially with Mom in the tub with me. And I want to be clean and smell good to go visit my friends at the vet’s. I even got a pretty scarf.Lucy and Xena: Is it time to go yet, Mom?

Xena: Hey back there! Lucy! What are they going to do to us when we get there?

Lucy: Hmm, I think they’re going to pet us and give us treats.

40 minutes later

Lucy: Hi nice vet lady. What’s your name and where did they take my little sister? Tell the other nice lady to not give her treats. She gave me a treat and Mom yelled at her. Well, she didn’t exactly yell. But Mom told her I’m not allowed to have those kind ’cause of me being on the raw diet. I don’t want the other lady to get in trouble with my Mom.

Dr. Karen: Lucy, sweetheart, you don’t have to worry about Xena getting treats. We are taking a little bit of blood from her leg, just like we’re going to do with you. It doesn’t hurt much, just a quick pinch. 

Lucy: Why are you stealing our blood?

Dr. Karen: Your Mom asked us to do a DNA Heartworm test. That way you don’t have to take heartworm prevention, because it lets us know even if there are tiny little baby heartworms in your blood. If there are, one shot will kill them. The difference between this and what’s called the occult test is the occult heartworm test only lets us know if the heartworms have grown up and are around your heart. Then it is hard and dangerous to kill them. So we are going to do this every 5 1/2 months to make sure you and your little sister are safe from the big bad heartworms.

A little later, after blood is drawn and bill is paid.

Lucy: Wasn’t that fun, Xena? We got new friends and we’re going home now. I lost over five pounds, too. I weigh 51 point 7 pounds. And I heard them say you are up to 15 pounds! You are getting to be a big girl, Xexe. 

Xena: They also squirted some medicine in my mouth (bordetella) and stuck another needle in my butt (3-year rabies). Yep. Fun. *sigh* I’m going to sleep now. Wake me when we get home.

Mom’s note: I started asking myself, “Why am I poisoning my dog every month?” And of course, my answer was so that she didn’t get heartworms, as well as fleas and ticks.  Then I found out about DNA testing for heartworms. It catches any that are present while still in the early stages (microfilea), and they can easily be killed with one shot of ivermectin. The DNA HW test must be repeated every 5 1/2 months. The cost is also less or the same as monthly heartworm prevention, depending on what your dog weighs. I urge you to read about it here. There is also a recipe for all natural flea and tick prevention, as well as mosquito repellent, using essential oils.

I feel like I am slowly navigating my way through a “brave, new world,” defying all the traditional ways our veterinarians are taught to care for our dogs and cats, and learning new, safer ways to keep them safe; ways that my holistic vet wholly embraces. I feel very blessed and less alone to have Dr. Karen by my side on this new journey with my girls.

Hopeful Lucy

I’ve had what Mom calls the doldrums since my Riley left. I haven’t seen or heard from him for at least 87 days. Him and Andrew went away and their room is cleaned out and I can’t even smell him anymore. This is the last I saw of him, walking away from me.

I sure do miss my Riley, but Mom says I need to move on. She says there’s plenty more dogs where he came from.  In other words, she explained, he’s not the only dog on the block. I think she’s trying to tell me that I could have another boyfriend if I wanted.

I’m feeling pretty low, and I know Valentine’s Day is next week. (I’m available).

A little bit about me:

I don’t hunt cause the guns would scare me but I sure can chase a squirrel faster than lightening. I’ve never had a chance to go fishing but I bet I would like it ’cause I love to splash in puddles. I’m a play puppy and a cuddler. I never want to fight or have anyone mad at me. I am OK sharing my food and water. I am a svelt 56 pounds (and large chested). All I really need is love and attention and to be treated well, and I will be yours forever. So, does anyone want to be my boyfriend? At least for this month?

Love and half-wiggles,

A hopeful Lucy



Lucy’s Special Day

Hi friends, this is Lucy. First, a big thank you to everyone who wished me a good birthday and Gotcha Day. Your wishes worked! We all went to the Smart Pet Store and I got petted by lots of people. One of the workers knelt down to adjust my harness and I gave her lots of sloppy kisses on her mouth. When we got home, Mom put my new collar on me and gave me my cow ear. I never had one before, but I can tell you this: no way was I sharing this yummy goodness with Xena!

Mommy got me two cow ears, yes, two, just for me. She put one away “for later.”  Can you see my pretty new collar? The brown background matches my furs and the dots are bright and cheery, just like me. Mom put extra deer meat in my bowl at supper, and my tummy was full and happy when I went to bed to sleep between my Mom and Dad.

Xena wanted to show everyone her new jammies that our Mom made. My nose is in the picture, so I said it was ok.

Mom told Xena to “say cheese,” and Xena said she never gets any cheese.

Xena has some more news that I told her will have to wait until it’s her turn to write a blog. It’s a sunny 40 degrees (4 C) outside and I am going out to play in the yard now. I think I will roll Xena in the dirt and leaves – she likes that!

Love and Wiggles, Lucy ❤

Lucy’s Gotcha Day

Today is my Gotcha Day! I’ve been here with my Mom and Dad for one whole year. It’s also the day Mom and Dad are celebrating my birthday. So far all I’ve gotten is a late breakfast and left home alone. Hey, maybe they went out to get me something special!

When Mom brought me home from Food City Grocery that first day in the truck, Dad asked if I she found me in the  dog food isle. Mom said, “Don’t worry, we’re not keeping her.” And Dad laughed and said, “Where have I heard that before?” (meaning when Mom brought home Riley). Dad’s birthday is tomorrow and he says I’m the best birthday present she could have given him.  Anyhoo, if you want to read more about me and about my first gotcha day just click this link that is also at the top of our blog. Since I’m only two years old today, the page you go to isn’t very long. I’ll be adding more later, I hope.

Love and wiggles, Lucy

Mystery Solved

Woof to all my friends! I didn’t mean to leave everyone in suspense. It’s just that I didn’t know any more than Xena did about where Dad and I were going. We drove for a long time before stopping for the night. We had a huge bed, sized for a king, so I slept right in the middle, up against my Dad. I wanted him to feel warm and safe, you know. Mom had packed my raw diet in portions for Dad to feed me breakfast in the hotel. I know that ’cause I had watched her weigh, package and label it all. So the next morning Dad dumped my breckies food into my bowl. Dad didn’t know how fast I always eat that yummy meat, so he thought I didn’t get enough and gave me another package! Woo hoo! Score! (Later Mom told him not to do that, and that he would have to come up with another meal for me!)

We piled back into the car and kept going into colder weather. Finally, we ended up at my grandma’s house in Illinois, where there was another surprise waiting. A cat had moved in. I tried to give a friendly greeting to Oscar, my grandma’s new cat. After sniffing me, he swatted my nose! Ow!! How rude!

I decided to leave Oscar alone the rest of the night and see if he felt any friendlier in the morning.

The next morning, after my first outie with my Dad, I wanted to go downstairs to my bedroom. Oscar growled, “Thou shalt not pass.” Huh?

I took this to mean I should run really fast down the stairs.

Speaking of running, Dad has been letting me run off-leash during the day when we go outside together. I run really, really fast and always come right back to him when he calls.

I spend time with my grandma during the day but I can’t sleep with her at night because of Oscar. Darn cat. Well, I’m still trying to win him over, and then we can both sleep with grandma.

Mom, be sure and tell Riley and Xena where I am and that I will be coming home after Christmas.

Love and wiggles, Lucy the un-grounded

Group Photo Shoot

Mom tried to get all three of us – me, my guy, and my little sis – in a picture together. She has a new respect for all you peeps who do this on a regular basis. Here’s how it all started…

Xena: Hi Mom! Will you take my picture? Maybe another cuteness picture?

And continued…

Mom: That’s a great idea, Xena. In fact, I want to get pictures of all of you together.

Lucy: I don’t feel like getting my picture taken.

Riley: Me neither.

Mom: Come on you guys…it will be fun!

Lucy: I don’t want to do this today. And I don’t see any treats.

Xena: Is that a bug or part of the carpet? I think I’ll hop on it.

Mom: Xena, stay where you are.  Riley, come on and get in the picture.


Mom: Lucy and Riley, you can do better than that! Look how nicely your little sister is posing.


Xena: I think it might be a bug. One of those ladybugs.

Lucy: Where?

Mom: Xena! Lucy! Look at me.


Mom: Riley, buddy. Do you think you could show less enthusiasm?

Riley: No. And I know sarcasm when I hear it.


Alas, exhausted from their failed photo shoot, all dogs fell asleep. And thus ends another attempt at a group photo card.

Double-Grounded Fun

Now that I am double-grounded because I ran off about 87 times, I don’t get to run through the big yard and play with my guy, Riley. Sometimes we run up and down the fence together, with me in the dog lot and him in the big yard. And sometimes, just for me, Riley puts aside his disdain of getting his dainty paws messy in the dog lot. Yesterday was one of those times.

We walked and ran together.

We played tug-of-war and keep-away with the stick.

And Riley used his  dainty yet powerful paws to try to dig a hole big enough so I could escape.

Lucy: Riley, stop! Andrew’s looking.

Riley: I’ll just push this brick in the hole to hide your exit route.

Lucy: Hi Andrew! Us? We weren’t doing anything.

Love and Wiggles, Lucy the Convict

A Thankful Get-Together

Xena: Mommy, Mommy, where’s my breakfast? Mommy, Mommy, when am I going to meet my new friends?

Mom: I’m fixing your breakfast the same as I do first thing every morning, Xena, then we’ll be seeing your Auntie Jen, Uncle Bill and cousins Piper and Ella. 




Xena: Have they seen my latest cuteness picture? Are they going to love me?

Lucy: *sigh* I got this one, Mom. Yes Xena, they will love you. I met Auntie Jen and she is a lot like Mom. She’ll fuss over you and hold you and give you kisses. Piper has gotten to be a senior schnauzer, and he has recently gone blind, so take it easy on him, will you? And Ella is going to be MY friend, so paws off. 

Mom: Lucy….

Lucy: Ok…she can be your friend too, but mostly mine. 

(a few hours later)


Piper: Hi Lucy and Xena. I’m Piper. I used to live here before you did. I knew your sister, Angel Lexi,  87 years before she was an angel. We were BFF’s. We hung together all the time.






And this time, when Mom leaves, I’m goin’ with her. We’re a team, ya’ know.










Hi Lucy, I’m Ella. Look at pretty you! Me and you, we’re the same size! We could be friends. Wanna’ play?





Piper: Excuse me…how did I end up in this play pen? Let me out. There’s nothing wrong with my nose and I smell food.





Piper: That’s better! Oh, hi Aunt Amy. Got anything good there I can have?


So, the humans ate and drank and laughed and talked and enjoyed the day with family and friends who are also family. No one remembered to take pictures of Lucy and Ella playing. They played all day long and became the best friends we all hoped they would be. In fact, we even discussed them going back and forth between our homes in Chattanooga and Nashville each month, but no one was willing to give up their half of the duo for a month at a time.

Piper mostly tried to stay out of their way. Xena tried to keep up with them and did a lot of obnoxious schnauzer puppy yapping. Thank goodness she finally wore herself out.


Tired smiles and wiggles and snores from Lucy and Xena the Schnauzer Warrior Princess

My New Sweater

Mom took me to the smart pet place and I tried on lots of clothes. She finally decided on this sweater to keep me warm this winter. I think I look quite pretty in it. I got to wear it  for the first time today because it was 32 degrees (that’s 0 degrees centigrade, says Mom) cold out this morning.

Here comes Xena. We are getting along great now. We are playing all the time. She makes ahrahrahr noises at me and I make them back at her while we play bitey face. Sometimes we play chase, too. It’s a modified bully breed kind of playing. I know now I have to be gentle with her, because 1. She is not a bully breed and 1. She is still a baby and 1. I don’t want to get into any more trouble. And besides, now I have clothes, just like her.

I love you, little sister. *licky kisses* Mmmm, your beard tastes good.

Love, Licks and wiggles,


Grateful for Blogville

This is Amy, Mom to Lucy and Xena, as well as Angel Lexi. I am sharing my gratefulness today for Blogville. I first used Dogster. Dogster limited its users to 5 pictures and there was no real community there. Because it had been bought out with the new owners talking about closing down the blogging portion, I decided to create my own website to blog about Lexi, my thespian schnauzer. I soon became addicted, and was thrilled every time someone new found The Adventures of Lexi the Schnauzer – actually, I still am!

Of course it’s easy to become attached to animals. I was, however, a bit surprised when I found myself starting to really care about many of the people behind the keyboards. I watched a true community form whenever someone was in need – whether it was for prayer, encouragement, financial, or all three. Then, when I was losing – and lost – my heart dog Lexi I was overwhelmed by the kindness, the caring, and the support I got from this community of people I had never met in person. I don’t know what I would have done without you.

Now, you join me in enjoying the antics of my girls. You commiserate with Lucy over her trials with the “cute puppy,” applaud her in her victories, worry for her when she runs off, and rejoice when she shows the world that bullie breeds are actually sweet, loving dogs. You follow along with Xena as she learns about her world, overcomes her fears, tries to dominate her bigger siblings and grows way to fast. And you give me many smiles and some tears with pictures and stories of your own furbabies.

Thank you. thank you, thank you for all of this. I am grateful for each and every one of you — friends who have become family. Wishing you folks here in the U.S.A. a wonderful Thanksgiving and hoping everyone else celebrates right along with us.

God Bless.

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Before I Got Double-Grounded

I am not allowed loose outside at all now, not since I ran away once or twice or was it four or five times? I’ve lost count. So I like to remember how much fun I used to have playing outside with Riley.



We hunted for the best sticks and carried them around together.









And tried to take them away from each other.









And played tug-of-war.










Sometimes we chased each other.









And played tug-of-war some more.





Pleasantly exhausted, we would finish the day with a good nap together. Just me and my guy. *sigh* Before I got double-grounded.



Licks and little wiggles, Lucy




Guess Who’s In Trouble

Yep, it’s me. Can I help it if Mom doesn’t put the cotter pin in the gate and Riley opens it? We went to visit some of our favorite nearby folks. Just trying to be neighborly, ya’ know?

If it wasn’t for the new ID tag Mom got me I might have been able to stay out longer. But the neighbors called Mom and Mom called Andrew and Andrew came and got us – after he found his way back home from tromping through the woods into different neighborhoods looking for us. He was not a happy camper, I can tell you.  ~Lucy, the Delinquent

What can I say? I mean, what do you say when your girlfriend tells you she wants go go on a date? I mean, like, when she bats her big eyes at you and says things like, “You’re so good at opening gates, sweetie pie!” I’ll tell you what. You don’t say anything. You just open the gate and take her on a date. ~Riley, the Unjustly Accused



New Playmates

I have a new playmate. (Mom was so surprised that she didn’t get the video just right, so please overlook that.)

Her name is Xena. I thought and thought and finally realized I had to play more gently with her than I do with Riley. Riley and I play this way, but we are rougher. Now Xena’s not afraid and we are having tons of fun together!

Be still, Xena. Just rest for a moment, OK?


Love and wags, Lucy

I have a new playmate! (I think I could have done a better job on the video than Mommy did, but I was busy playing.  And excuse the gagging at the end…I got some hair stuck in my throat.)

Her name is Lucy. I haven’t had another dog to play with since I left my littermates. Now Lucy is playing nicely with me and I don’t feel like she is going to run me over and smoosh my brains out. We played all day long! Of course, we took little breaks to eat and go potty – outside!  Then we played again until it was time to go to bed. I can’t wait until we play together again tomorrow!

I am Xena the Schnauzer Warrior Princess

Sister Trials

Hi Lucy.


Come closer. I want to tell you something.


*Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack!


Hey! Leggo my leg!


Why are you being like this, Xena?


I’m bored. Turn your head that way, Lucy. I want to tell you something else.

Whack me once, shame on you. Whack me twice, shame on me. 

OK then, I’ll lay paws on you and pray for you to recover from your recent whacking. I am the church puppy, you know. 

Love and Wiggles from “the abused patient what have I done to deserve this big sister Lucy

And from me, Xena, the Schnauzer Warrior Princess 


Sisterly Love


Lucy: OK, so first, I want to thank everyone for their support. No one told me I was a bad dog for running off. Ya’ll just told me how pretty I am and to be patient and don’t make my Mom worry about me ’cause she loves me very much.

Xena: Well, it’s true, except for the part of not being a bad dog for running off.

Lucy: I wasn’t talking to you, Xena. I was talking to all my friends who love me. Some day you will love me, too, because I am going to be a wonderful big sister to you. I remember now what it was like coming to a place – even a good place – that was all new and trying to learn what to do.

Xena: You rolled me in the dog lot today. That wasn’t nice. You scared me.

Lucy: I was trying to play with you. I will be more careful next time.

Xena: Mommy got a brand new toy just for me. His name is Racoon. I love Racoon.

Lucy: I am glad you love Racoon, Xena. Mom spent Saturday going to the half off sale at all the area Goodwills. The toys are for all of us. And I got a “new” collar.

Xena: What about my tennis ball?

Lucy: Again, the toys belong to all of us, little sister. Mom threw the ball for you a lot, and you learned it is called “ball.” That was good, Xena.

Then, Mom made sure I had a turn to play, too. She wanted me to remember that she loves me just as much as she loves you, and that we can still have fun together.

Did you know that we stood and watched you play by yourself and do zoomies? I bet you didn’t see Mom look over and smile and wink at me. Do you know what I did then, Xena?

Xena: Did you ask for a treat?

Lucy: No, I winked back!

Xena: No way! I think you’re fibbing, Lucy.

Lucy: Way! You should have seen her mouth drop open before she grinned real big.

Xena: Then Mommy and Daddy took us all – even Riley who mostly ignores me – for a walk. Mommy forgot to bring the camera phone to take my picture. She didn’t realize she needed that picture until after we got home and she went into the bathroom.

Lucy: Xena! You didn’t!

Xena: At least I went to the bathroom in the bathroom. Hey did you see my new cuteness collar? That must have been what kept me out of trouble.

Lucy: The way you acted on the walk, she probably couldn’t have gotten your picture anyhow. You bunny hopped down the road and barked and barked and zigged and zagged and totally wore yourself out.

Xena: *yawn* No I didn’t.

Lucy: Shhh. Goodnight, little sister.

Love and wiggles, Lucy

Lucy Confesses

Hi. My name is Lucy and I am a runaway. It’s because I have a problem. Her name is Xena.

There, I have admitted it. That is the first step, right? You see, I never ran off from my home until Mommy brought home the cute puppy. Yep, that’s what everyone calls her. Oh, what a cute puppy. Do you have any idea how much I want to stop up my ears every time I hear that? She has ruined my life. I never get time with my Mom and Dad. Well…almost never.

One day not long ago Andrew took me and Riley outside to play. The first thing I did when Andrew looked away was to run off through the woods with Riley, and let Riley take the fall for it. It was easy to get him blamed for corrupting me. After all, I had never run off before.

Sure, they let me sleep in the bed with them now, but I know it’s just because they feel guilty about letting the cute puppy sleep there. They don’t have me fooled.

I was cold, so Mom covered me up and I slept with my head on her pillow.

But the brat the cute puppy got her spot on the bed too!

I just get so sick of Xena taking all my stuff. And she never gets in trouble for it, either.

                             Xena has ALL the bones.

Mom was with us the next time that we were all in the back yard, outside the fence. I saw her look down at her phone and I took my chance. Riley had just gotten a lecture about not running off, and he told me he was staying put. So I took off into the woods behind the house by myself and Xena followed me. I didn’t really mean to take her. I didn’t want her around me at all. So I sent her back and she was waiting by the fence when Mom came running from scouring the front yard and the woods looking for us. I waited just a bit to see if Mom even cared that I was still gone. When I saw her running around asking everybody if they had seen me, I decided to come back home too.

Yesterday I saw a rabbit and sped off after it. Is it my fault that Riley followed me? Andrew came running after us, but we just kept going. After running and running, we wandered into the yard of a nice family with little kids, and we had a great time playing with them. I had managed to shed my collar with all ID, but Riley still had his on. Two hours later, while Mom was at work, she got a call from the mail lady saying she had seen us in a neighborhood on the other side of a very busy two lane highway. Mom left right away and had gotten as far as our subdivision when she got a call from the man whose house we were at. I wouldn’t go to her. I figured I was in trouble and this would be a nice family to stay with. I mean, why does she need me anymore, anyhow? She has the cute puppy now. Right? Well, she got me into the truck and I jumped back out. The nice man helped Mom by lifting me back into the truck, then lifting in Riley. Then he had to take the cute puppy off of Mom’s back – yes, really, the little thing is like a monkey – before Mom could stand up.

I think the next step is to believe that a power greater than ourselves can restore us to sanity. I sure hope so. In the meantime, I am grounded. No more off-leash time outside of the fence or house. Oh, and did I already mention that yesterday I lost my pretty red collar with my rabies and name tags? *sigh*

Love with no wiggles,  Lucy