Lucy’s Ramblings

We’ve been home from our trip for over a week now. Sometimes I think about the fun I had, especially playing with Ella. Mommy made me a card with special effects, ’cause Ella is a special girl.She’s my new BFF. Sometimes I hear noises so I look out in the yard to see if she has come to visit, but it is always a bird or a squirrel or a rabbit. Occasionally, a cat has the nerve to cross through my property without permission! I always let Mom know when that happens.Mom hasn’t been going to work at all, so Xena and I have been getting more walks around the neighbor-hood. Sometimes we see people on our walks and I start to wiggle all over. Mom explains that I love people and asks them if they would pet me. They always say yes, and I get to make new friends. When the X dog stops barking her fool head off, they sometimes pet her too. Back home, Mom takes off our leashes and let us run zoomies in the front yard. I guess we aren’t grounded anymore. (So does that mean h-e-double hockey sticks froze over?)

I discovered a large gray cat sunning himself in the driveway of a house we always pass. I don’t usually pull on the leash, but that time I had to show Mom how much I wanted to go say hi. Mom just said, “No, Lucy,” and kept walking. Now, every time we pass that house, I look for the cat. Sometimes I pretend I am just reading pee mail in the grass, but I am actually scanning the yard and porch and driveway for the cat.

Speaking of cats, do you remember Oscar who lives with my Grandma in Ill in noise? It seems like he is still there and taking advantage of my Grandma.

          I said FASTER, Slave!

Well, it’s been nice not having to share the blog with my pesky little sis. but that’s all I have to tell you today.

Wiggles and licks, Lucy

Meanwhile:Has anyone seen my girlfriend? The pretty little schnauzer girl?

Shhh, I’m hiding. Don’t anyone tell him my address!

Lucy’s First Valentine

Just when I was feeling really low ’cause of my (ex)boyfriend skipping out on me, a very handsome kittie with a heart as big as Texas (or Canada) put a smile on my face and wag in my tail. Purrince Siddhartha Henry sent me my first ever Valentine’s Day Card.

Yes! I will be your Valentine, Siddhartha Henry. (I think that will make me your Purrincess for the day.)

With love always,


Purrs for Jamison

purrs4jamisonday Today we set aside a time to remember the brother of our well loved Noodle the Schnoodle, whose DNA test says he isn’t but none of us believe it. I most vividly remember the day Jamison took over Noodle’s blog without Noodle’s permission. Talk about Noodle being hot under the collar! He even brought charges against Jamison with Frankie and Ernie. The ruling was not in Jamison’s favor, and I don’t think he ever tried that again. The one thing I know for sure about Jamison is that his Mom loved him so very, very much and did everything she could to save his life. Please, if you haven’t already done so, please, please go to their gofundme account and try to help out, even if it’s just a little. Dear Jamison has crossed the rainbow bridge, but the bills are still there to be paid. Many thanks to the community for getting together to help ease that burden.



Many know and love Noodle from his blog Jamison is his feline brother. On Monday, Dec. 26, Jamison was attacked by Rudee, the black mouthed cur who has been living with the family while they try to find him another home.  (Prior to this, he has never shown any signs of aggression.) Jamison remains in critical condition. He has 3 pelvic fractures and his left leg is paralyzed (unknown if it is permanent or due to the fractures). He had surgery that night to insert 2 drains and to place 14 sutures. Jamison has not made much improvement. He’s battling hypothermia on and off . He’s anemic – platelets should be 30, and are steadily dropping; the last count was at 20. This could possibly be due to high fluid intake diluting blood, or possibly a bleed that hasn’t been pinpointed. He’s not eating on his own at all and still isn’t walking but he’s very doped up on pain meds so it’s to be expected. His prognosis remains guarded.

Every afternoon at 4:45 the family has to pick him up from the vet and transport him to the overnight emergency vet. Then in the morning they pick him up at 7:30 to bring him back to the day vet.

They have incurred well over $2000 in vet bills so far and there are many more to come for Jamison’s recovery.

Noodle’s Mom set up a gofundme account when our Lexi came down with cancer, and we were facing about $2500 in medical bills. So many of you helped! Every donation was greatly appreciated and added up to ease the financial burden. Won’t you please help Noodle and Jamison’s family now by going to GoFundMe? If you would like to avoid the admin fees, you are welcome to email me at lexi at lexitheschnauzer dot com and I will give you their address. I know not everyone can help financially, but please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers.