I Went to Work!

Thursday was my first time at Mom’s work. It was new (obviously) and I explored a little bit. Mom works at a Lutheran church, and there was a really good vibe there.

I wonder what’s in that room…it has the smell of little kids having been there.

I was very good, and did my bizness outside, unlike Xena on her first day.

First thing, Mom went to the door and let a lady in who only had cats. Of course, I could tell she was a “cat person” before she even said anything about it, so I was gentle and moved slow so I didn’t scare her. I eventually got her to pet me.

The next person was also a lady, but she came in without Mom’s permission. I ran to the door to greet her, then realized I didn’t know her and she might want to kill me. So I hunkered down and gave tight, little tail wags. Then Mom called her by name and I realized she wasn’t an enemy. She stayed with us quite a while and I realized she was a good person. And I got treats out of Xena’s treat drawer while she was there, too.

Then a lot of ladies came in for their special ladies-only meeting. Mom shut the office door, but there’s big glass windows from the floor all the way up to the ceiling. Some of the ladies stopped to see me through the windows and smiled at me. That made me wiggle all over. In the meantime, the Pastor came in. He liked me a lot! As other people arrived for their meeting he introduced me and said, “She’s a good dog.” He asked me to come into his office and visit him, so I asked Mom to go with me. We stayed a few minutes, and then I followed Mom around.

“Hey Mom, what are you doing? Why are you watching that TV that’s hanging from the wall? Aren’t we supposed to be working?”

Mom answered, “Well Lucy, that’s where the people who come to church services get information. It scrolls from one picture to the next with slides that tell them important things. I just programmed the ‘stick’ that attaches to it. Hey, let’s go back to the office and get some more work done.”

I guess that’s why they call it “going to work.” And I didn’t know that you could stick ‘sticks’ into a TV! See? I’m already learning stuff.

Anyhoo, some of the ladies came into my Mom’s my office to pet me after their ladies-only meeting. Then the pastor came in to let us both know he was leaving. He told Mom that she should bring me every Thursday since she’s usually alone there all afternoon. He said I would be good protection. I don’t know why she laughed, but she said she would bring me. I think he really just wants me to come hang out with him in his office. You know, I might just start doing that.

I am Lucy, the Thursday church dog. (Shhh, don’t tell Xena.) *wags*

Valentines and Other News

Hi, this is Lucy. Lots of news today!

I finally got those staples out of my belly, and now I don’t have to wear the Cone of Destruction at all! I even got to resume my duties as Church Dog this week.

Amy and Jeff have never ever told me I did anything wrong, so I figured I could do whatever I want. So…I have been doing my bizness in the house. It’s easier than asking to go out. The first few times, they just cleaned it up and then let me go outside and play with Riley. Then, last night, Amy scolded me for the first time. When she pointed at the “stinky pile” I laid down and positioned my face over it so she could push my nose into the stinky. She got this really sad look on her face and told me no, I just needed to go outside to potty. Also, she said I couldn’t be the Church Dog until I stopped doing this kind of thing in the house and the church. *hangs head*

Now for some good news!  Until this year, I never got to celebrate Valentine’s Day, so I didn’t know what to expect. I got a card in the mail addressed just to me!

lucy-w-v-day-card inside-of-vday-card

I don’t know who Madeline Rose is, but it still made me feel good. 🙂 Amy said it was really from some good friends I haven’t met yet. Oh boy, I can’t hardly wait to meet them!

When Riley found out about my card, he got jealous! While we were playing, he whispered in my ear.

Lucy, will you be my Valentine?
Lucy, will you be my Valentine?

And I whispered back.

Yes, Riley, I like you lots.
Yes, Riley, I like you lots.

After that, Riley taught me how to deadie my only toy.

...and then you rip off the arms.
“…and then you rip off the legs like this.”

I think maybe Riley is my boyfriend now. ❤

Love from your not quite perfect friend, Lucy


Lexi for Mayor Day 3

Hello friends, Lexi here again. If you missed my Campaign Propoganda previous posts informing you why you need to vote for me for the Supreme Leader of Blogville your Mayor, you can check them out: Day 1 and Day 2. Today, we move on to reasons #4 and #5.

4.  Church Dog: This is my official title at both an Episcopal and Methodist Church. I was also the Parish Dog for 7 years at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. I also have a Mother Mary night light above my bed. This should get me the religious vote.

My and my Mother Mary Nightlight
Me and my Mother Mary Nightlight

5. Build Relationships, Not Walls: There is enough for all of us. I have seen inside the pantry, and it is good.

Remember, Vote Lexi.