In Purrsuit of Flavors – Enchilada Sauce

Thanks to Shoko and Tyebe of the Canadian Cats and Nelly and Phenny of Easy Blog for hosting this yummy day.

Lucy: For today’s Purrsuit, we are sharing Dad’s most favorite Mexican sauce. He even brags to his friends about this wonderful enchilada sauce that his wonderful wife makes. So far, no one has asked for the recipe, BOL!

Riley: But first, Mom Amy said I could share my favorite sauce recipe. I call it…

“Riley’s Super Tasty Topping”

1/4 can dog food – I’m currently eating Beyond Ocean Whitefish, Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe
About 2 big tablespoons of organic coconut oil

Mix all together in a glass cup or bowl or whatever is laying around.
Heat for about 20 seconds in the microwave, or until the coconut oil is real soft, or even melted.
Mix real good with whatever kibble you are eating, and enjoy before another dog in the family who shall not be named scarfs it down.

Lucy: Thanks Riley. Good food post. Now it’s Mom’s turn. Take it away, Mom!

That’s sure a hard recipe to follow! *giggle* Since Lucy so kindly introduced this sauce, we’ll get right down to the recipe.

We hope your first week of 2021 is going swell!
Lucy, Riley and the Mom