Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

Today we thank  The Cat on My Head for helping us to say Happy Mother’s Day with our Selfies! To settle the argument of who got to go first, then next, then next, Riley declared we shall go in age order, starting with the oldest. Here we go, and this one’s for you, Mom!

Mom Amy: Y’all make it a great Mother’s Day, my dear girls and sweet boy. I’m so happy everyone is healthy and happy. I love you too!

Xena: Why are you all dressed up in this picture, Mom? Are you going somewhere?
Mom: No, this is a picture from last night just before your Dad and I went out ballroom dancing.
Chia: You mean when you left us alone with no food or anyone to bug,umm, I mean, pet us?
Lucy: I was afraid you wouldn’t come back!
Riley: Happy Mother’s Day!

Chia, Xena and Their Dad on Awww Monday

Thanks to Miss Sandee at Comedy Plus for hosting Awww Monday!

Xena: I was just laying here, just me and Daddy, minding my own busy-ness, when…

Chia: I love you Dad, look at me. Am I your girl?

Xena: I had that whole leg, then Chia pushed me over. I use passive resistance. That way I don’t get in trouble…or bit.

Chia: Why is your hand on me? Why aren’t you scritching me? Why is your hand just laying there like it’s dead?

Xena: She’s never satisfied. I wish she’d get down if she’s not happy with what’s going on up here.

Chia: Mom, why won’t Dad look at me. He keeps staring at that stupid TV. I think I’m more interesting than the stupid TV.

Xena: *to herself* Think again, hotdog.

Chia: Hey, there’s Lucy, what’s Lucy doin’? Lucy, whatcha doin’? Wanna play?

Xena: That’s right, long one, go bother Lucy. I’m stayin’ here with my Daddy. *singing to herself* “There ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low enough, ain’t no Chia wide enough, to push me away from you, Daddy.”

It’s a Vodka Day by Chia on Happy Tuesday

I haven’t been to the church where Mom works, but some stuff has come to me. I heard that the pastor went to a morning-long meeting and they were giving out a bunch of goodies from a vodka company rep that was there. Mom came home with a large collar, a medium collar (all too big for me, rats!), 2 scarves (also too big for me), and 2 squeaky toys. They all have the vodka company logo and picture on them. Lucy’s wearing her new (medium) collar, Riley’s got one of the scarves, and I’ve got a new squeaky toy!

It’s my Vodka bottle from Tito’s. Their motto is “Vodka for Dog People.” Riley keeps stealing it. He chewed a hole in the corner. I wonder if any vodka came out. I wonder what “vodka” is??

Riley: I was trying to smell like something other than the bath I just had.

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Spider Poetry Thursday

First, thanks to  Angel Sammy for the pretty and kinda scary picture this week.

Chia: Hey guys, lookit this cool picture from Angel Sammy! I think I got this one.

Here’s my poem:
Itsy bitsy spider
Went up the water spout…

Xena: That’s not your poem, that’s forgery.
Lucy: You mean it’s plagiarism, Xena. And yes, it is, Chia. Try again.

Oh what a tangled web we weave
when first we practice to deceive.

Lucy: What I want to know is how you know all these songs and poems! Oh, and you can’t use that one either.

Chia: I listen a lot. And remember.
Xena: Too bad you don’t listen to Mom, BOL!
Chia: Forget it! Here’s my very own, very original poem.

Stay Away by Chia

The colors are dazzling
The symmetry great,
But I won’t go near it
For fear I’ll get ate.

I done good!

A Buttery Detente on Awww Monday

Lucy: Hey, Chia. check out this picture.

Maybe we could be nice countries, instead of you always attacking me and me attacking you back (in self-defense). You think it’s a fun kind of playing, but it upsets me terribly.

Chia: Whatcha gonna give me? Schnapps? Whiskey? Dog treats?
Lucy: I’ll give you a bite on the tail if you keep being a hostile country to me.
Chia: I’m calling for a detente while I think about this.
Lucy: Sounds good to me! I’ll take one with some butter on it, please.

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Our Dream Place and Thankful Thursday

Thanks to Brian’s Thankful Thursday, with special thanks to Brian for hosting it

Xena: I’m thankful for Chia making me feel like a young pup again. She’s a lot of fun to play with, and I’m always thinking up new ways to get her to chase me and play with me, instead of her getting in trouble for bothering Lucy.

Chia: I’m thankful for my sis Xena. She never gets mad at me or gets me in trouble (I do that without anyone’s help). I hope someday I’ll be able to be the church dog, too!

Chia: We decided to do something called “collaborate” on the picture poem today. It was really Xena’s turn, but she wanted us to do it together.

Xena: Our poem today was written by me, Xena and me, Chia. I start it out, and then Chia gets every other line.

DreamLand by Xena the Schnauzer and Chia the Jacksund

I found a place where my dreams play
And where my thoughts will often stray.
A place that’s a fancy curly que,
One built just for me and you.
We sing and dance and have such fun,
We hop and skip and then we run!
The grasses all are good to eat,
And then we stop to wash our feet!
I hate to wake from this sweet dream
But I heard someone say, “Ice cream!”

Thanks, Teddy and Angel Sammy from Two Spoiled Cats for the picture inspiration for today’s poem!

Jailed, Drugged and Hung

Hiya, Hiya, Chia here. What a day Monday was! Mom thinks I have a behavioral disorder. I can’t seem to help myself sometimes when I see Lucy. And she’s my BFF! But my tail curls and stiffens, well, my whole body stiffens. Then I sound like I have Tourrette Syndrome. Hey, maybe that’s my disorder! The Cee Bee Dee oil does help some, but it hadn’t had time to kick in when I attacked Lucy in Dad’s office while he was in there working. Lucy, really sick of the whole thing, attacked back, and Dad had an awful time getting us apart. Don’t worry, no one got hurt. At least that time.

After Mom released me from jail, er, my kennel, she held me like a baby and stroked me softly and murmured sweet things to me and my body relaxed and my eyes started closing. We stayed like that for a long time.

A little later in the morning it happened again out on the back porch where both my brothers, Adam and Andrew, were and Mom came running out, too. Mom and Andrew both took a “hit” by one of our teeth, but their blue jeans protected their legs. Even Lucy got in trouble that time.

Anyhoo, I was tried and convicted without a jury of my peers or even anyone to bark up in my defense, so back into jail I went. I was subsequently drugged with something a bit stronger than Cee Bee Dee oil. I think it was in the hamburger Mom tossed me through the jail bars. I shoulda known, but who can resist hamburger meat, right?

You absolutely will not believe what happened a while later, early in the afternoon. The jailer released me for Brother Andrew and Mom to take me downstairs, wrap me in a sling, and hang me. I immediately got the stupid cat muzzle off, pulled my front legs out of the sling and started sliding to the floor, but Mom caught me. First escape attempt thwarted. Then the black muzzle went on, and it’s harder to get off. Then, brother Andrew held my feet and head and I could barely move. Then Mom attacked me with a nail dremel. Oh. My. Dog. The torture!

Riley: This is fascinating. Did Mom Amy hurt you with the dremel?

Chia: She hurt me all right. She hurt my feelings. So when she released me and took me back upstairs, I went after Lucy again.

Riley: Don’t do the crime if you can’t serve the crime, little sis.

That time wasn’t so bad. I got put outside until dinner time. After dinner I went in the front room and laid down on the loveseat right next to Lucy. She said she forgave me and laid her head across my back.

Riley: Lucy’s a good friend. You should treat her right.

Chia; Yep, she is. But just before bedtime…

Riley: Please don’t tell me you did it again…aren’t you ashamed to even admit it?

Chia: Well, yes, but tell the truth and shame the devil, right? So anyhow, I went off on Lucy back in Dad’s office again while he was on the phone. So I’m back on the chain gang. Er, I mean, back in my kennel for the night.

Grazing at Home on Nature Friday

First, big wags to Rosy and Sunny over at the LLB Gang for hosting Nature Friday! 

Riley: Mom Amy seems to love the wild violets we’re seeing everywhere. These are in our dog lot. It’s a wonder they survive what is always happening out there.

Xena: Hey there, totally changing the subject, we’ve got our very own grazing grass right here in our side/back yard. You see, Mommy left parts of a bale of straw sitting around after Halloween last fall, and they started to grow grass. Our side and backyard is losing dirt and grass, so that was a pleasant surprise! Riley found it first and we heard him say, “Mmmmmm, so goooood!” So of course, the next time we got out in the yard, we all had to check it out!

Chia walked through first to see what all the fuss was about and to sample it.

Chia’s like our Mikey from that cereal commercial. So if Chia liked it we knew to jump right in. Lucy and me, we staked out our claim.

Then, because Chia thinks she has to be close to Lucy at all times, she went and started grazing in Lucy’s area.

Lucy: I didn’t care, as long as she didn’t start her crap with me. I am just so over that. Thank goodness she was too interested in this new treat we’d found.


Riley: Hey, where’d everyone go?

Xena, Lucy and Chia wishing everyone a happy Friday. Hey, where’d Riley go?

Chia’s Bad Girl Song on Awww Monday

Chia: I’m wearing my Big Girl Panties again. It’s been 10 months since I’ve had to wear them, and I hear talk that this will be the last time. Xena said I’ll be getting my Big Girl surgery in a few months. I’m not gonna think about that. I’m just gonna keep bein’ me.

Lucy: Lord help me.

Chia: You’d better say your prayers, Lucy.
Mom says this song is so “me,” especially now.

Thanks to Miss Sandee at Comedy Plus for hosting Awww Monday!

Xena at Breeder’s and Daddy has Chia

Xena: Hey friends, I’m on my way with my Mommy to visit my Granny, Toni, who is my breeder. It’s been over five years since we saw each other! I wonder if she’ll recognize me. It’s a three hour drive each way, so I sure hope Mommy packed lots of snacks for me. Just as I reminder or for the first time for my newer friends, this is me at 13 weeks of age getting ready to leave the only home I ever knew and make a new life with a new family.

I wonder if I’ll remember Granny or anything else there. I hope Mommy brings some treats. (Did I already say that?)

In the meantime, Chia promised to keep Daddy company. I wonder what they’re doing?

At home:

Xena: I hope they’re having a lot of fun. I’ll be back as soon as I can to tell you about my day with Granny!

Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

Saturday Sisters by Choice

Xena: Sure, sometimes we argue over things, like whose kennel is this and who gets to sit on Mommy’s lap. But sometimes it’s like this morning. The kennel door is always open so we can go in and out as we want (except when Chia is in jail!). I actually had the kennel first this morning, and Chia came in asking me to leave. I always hold my ground by simply ignoring her demands. Today she just cuddled up for our morning nap. It was kinda nice.

We had already spent time playing together with our stuffies. I grabbed one and ran so that Chia would chase me. Sometimes we play tug-of-war for a short while and then run and jump at each other and make funny noises. I’ve taught Chia how to dance, and she’s taught me how to, well, how to be a puppy again. Sure, Chia can be extremely annoying, but in my big schnauzer heart, I guess I really do love her.

Happy Saturday, everybody! Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

We’re All Here on Awww Monday

Chia: It’s early and Mom’s taking pictures. It’s still cold out, so I pulled down my blanket – you know the one I got for Christmas and it’s all mine – off the back of the couch and wrapped it around me.

Now I’m warm and comfy.

Xena: So, my sissie Chia is happy on the couch, and I’ve claimed her place in her bed that’s in my kennel. Mommy says this is called an “on-going feud.”

Mommy has been letting my pretty hair grow out to keep me warm this winter. I got a bath, and she said to tell you this picture was taken before she got to brush my pretty hair.

Riley: Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Lucy: Excuse me, I don’t mean to be rude, but I’m trying to take a sunbath.

We all want to thank Miss Sandee at Comedy Plus for hosting Awww Monday!

Poetry by Chia

First, a big thanks to Brian’s Thankful Thursday, with special thanks to Brian for hosting it! 

And thanks to  Angel Sammy for just the right picture for me, Chia! I hope you like my rap poem. I think it’s boss! And I dance when I sing it, too!! Did you know I can stand up on my hind feet and hop back and forth, standing straight up? Seriously! I think maybe they named hip hop after me. Anyhow, here’s my poem.

Xena and Lucy and Riley: We know Chia can be a pain in the patootie, but she can also be loads of fun and real loving. So today, in the spirit of the season, we decided to (try) to be thankful for our little sister, Chia. And as a thanks, we’re giving her the picture to write a poem. Take it away, Chia.

Chia: Hey, thanks gang! *full body wiggles and wags*
Now, here’s the best picture of the year, especially with me in it! (Sorry my hat fell off.)

Leader of the Gang-sta by Chia the Leada’

Who’s in that gangsta squad?
It’s me, Chia, *growling* wad wad wad.
Who made that huge destruction?
Li’l ole me, with no instruction!

It seemed to take forever!
I worked with a high fever
Of tearing, ripping mayhem.
When asked, I answered, “Yes ma’am!”

‘Twas me who decorated
Town square… ’twas all G-rated!
I earned my name of Leader
Woof, woof! I am the Speeder.

Lucy: Maybe that’ll take care of her tearing up stuff around here for a while.
Xena: Are you kidding? That’s just gonna fuel her.
Riley: I’m hiding my stuffies.

Saturday Potpourri

Xena: We’ve got a bunch of odds ‘n ends to show you today. I’ll start off, cause I’ve been bored, bored, bored.

Mommy’s been working almost full-time at a church, Daddy’s been sick in bed (but he seems better now), and Mommy’s also been working from home for the place where Daddy works. Then, after supper, when everyone settles into the living room before going to bed, I have to run into my kennel to protect it from Chia taking it over. That doesn’t leave any time for cuddling or petting or playing. But I hear we’re going to In Dee Anna, so maybe things will liven up soon.

Lucy: First, in case you were worried about me, I haven’t had to wear pj’s lately, but I see them being packed for our trip to the cold, white north in a couple of days. I also saw my new sweater from last Christmas being packed.

Mom had 2 grooms yesterday and 5 today, and she had to carry them down the hallway into the downstairs kitchen to wash them in that sink. Her hose watchamacallit for her grooming sink fell apart.

She tried a coupla places around town, but no one had the parts. Lowe’s didn’t even have that type of sink hose, and the other place told her how to take hers apart and fix it. Nope. So she’s waiting on Amazon to send the two she ordered – in hopes that at least one will fit and work – but they won’t be here until next Wednesday when we’re all gone to In Dee Anna, er Indiana.

This here’s Shaggy. She belongs to one of Mom and Dad’s friends from church, and he’s also our handyman.

Shaggy’s letting Mom know what she thinks of being here and being groomed!

Riley: I can hardly wait until everyone leaves for a few days. My heart person, Andrew, will be here with me and just me!

He’ll bring in any packages and maybe he’ll even fix the sink for Mom Amy. And I’ll get tons of petting and sleep in the bed with him. I hear Andrew’s coming Sunday night. I hope that’s really soon!

Chia: Hi, it’s me, Chia! I was supposed to be the one who told you my Dad’s been sick all week, but of course Xena had to do it first. Grrrrr.

I cuddled up with him to keep him warm and help him feel better. Uh, try not to look at my hair all over the sheet, OK? Anyhoo, it worked! He was up all day yesterday and even asked Mom to play one of their word dice games last night. Today he left to go play in his big band. You’d think that as good as I was to him, he’d of at least taken me with him, right?

Oh, and since Lucy showed you a picture of her in her new sweater from last Christmas, I’m gonna show you mine!

It’s getting packed, too! Well, gotta go now and make sure Mom packs all my stuff.

Love, Xena, Riley, Lucy and Chia

A Precarious Perch on Awww Monday

Many thanks to Miss Sandee at Comedy Plus for hosting Awww Monday!

Chia: Hi Mom, let’s sit here together on the couch while you watch your favorite Amazon show…like we always do!

Riley: Nope, my turn.

Chia: *thinking to self* There’s gotta be a way....

Riley: *thinking* Crazy little dog just doesn’t know any better. Hmmm, that massage felt good, and I do kinda like how cozy warm I feel with her and the blanket on me, and she really doesn’t weigh that much…

The Mom’ note: Chia pulled the blanket off the back of the couch onto Riley’s back, then did a lot of rearranging and digging at it before settling in. I fully expected Riley to growl, show his teeth, snap at her…something! Especially since he’s got arthritis in the area where she’s laying. Nope. They both slept like that for an hour.

Chia Helps Decorate for Christmas on Wordy Wednesday

Xena: I thought this was Wordless Wednesday.
Lucy: Seriously? You really think that Chia could be quiet for that long?

Chia: Ooooo, lookie what I found! I heard Mom and Dad talking about all the cool stuff I find for them, like paperclips and rubber bands. And they look so happy when I give the stuff to them.

I wonder if my brother Andrew will appreciate it too…

Hey Brother Andrew, look what I found. Can I put it on the Christmas tree? Can I, huh, huh, can I? Do you love it? Do you love me? *wiggle wiggle wiggle*

I do love you, Chia. And you’re a good helper. Come on up here.

You just hold onto that bow until I get these tree lights untangled, then we’ll find a special place for it on the tree.

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