Sunday Selfie Sleepy Crew with Xena

We are happy to join The Cat on My Head for Sunday Selfies.

Xena: It’s selfie time and I think it’s Riley’s turn. Now where did he go? Ah, there he is in our favorite red chair. Ri! Wake up for your selfie! Riley! *click*


That didn’t work out so well. Guess he forfeited his turn. I think that long mess called Chia is next in line for a selfie. I know she’s around here somewhere; she and Lucy were just playing. Or maybe I should say she was just grabbing Lucy’s face and stretching the skin as far as it would go while Lucy pawed at her to get her loose. Oh! There they are.

Well, so much for either of them doing a selfie. At least Lucy still has a face. *click*

I guess it’ll be my turn after all. But first, I wanna tell you about Chia “grossing Mommy out.”

Mommy was sitting on the rug on the porch, taping down the edges so that Chia couldn’t turn it over and tear it up. She got one side done and put her hand down on the rug to lift up to turn the corner. Her hand pushed on something soft and small and kinda gooey. Chia had killed one of my lizards, and it was laying there without it’s tail. I’ve never seen Mommy wash her hands for so long.

A few days later Mommy and Daddy were having lunch on the porch, and Mommy had laid her eyeglasses on the table while she ate. She looked down and saw a “twig” on the floor. Chia’s always bringing sticks and stones in from the dog lot, and Mommy picks them up so she doesn’t eat them. She realized when she laid the “twig” on the table that it didn’t look quite like a stick. When she put her glasses on she discovered it used to be a grasshopper, but now had no legs to hop.

If that put all kinds of icky image in your head, let me replace them with one of pretty little me.

Hoping you have a grossed-out-free week (which is much more likely without Chia around).

Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

The Sunday Selfie Five

We are happy to join The Cat on My Head for Sunday Selfies.

Today we are starting with the founder and original author of this blog, our Angel sister, Lexi the Schnauzer.

Now we each get to take a turn so there’s no resentment or fighting. Since I, Xena, am the schnauzer who inherited this blog, I get to go next. Yesterday I got my monthly groom and weekly bath so I could look nice for you.

Don’t you just love how Mommy made my picture extra special to make me the focus of your attention?

You wanna guess what happened next? All of a sudden, Larry the Lemur, who had been missing since June, appeared from a field of flowers on our back porch! But where did the flowers come from!?

I was never very crazy about Larry, but he seemed changed. He said he’s been hiding because of Chia. Yep, I get that.

And can you guess what happened next? Chia zoomed past me, grabbing up Larry on her way.

Larry’s worst fears came true. Chia’s mouth is open, ready to deadie my stuffie. It was like the movie Nightmare on Elm Street. Do you see him covering his head to try to protect himself? Chia wouldn’t give him up to Mommy, so Mommy pulled her tail. When she looked back to see what was happening, Mommy grabbed Larry and helped him find a high place to hide again. Hey Chia, that was your turn for your selfie, BOL!

Riley’s up next. Mommy gave him a bath in the big tub yesterday, and she hurt her back trying to get all 75 pounds of him out of the tub. She told him he was on his own and left him there. Obviously, he did. (She’s going to the chiro doctor tomorrow.) Anyhoo, Riley said it was his nap time, so just get this picture thing over with. Riley, you’re not gonna get very far with that attitude!

Riley: Grrr.
Xena: OK, big buddy, all done!

Finally, we have Lucy, who wanted us to make her picture pretty like mine.

That’s all of us! So, who do you think has the prettiest picture. If you vote for me, I’ll…

Lucy: Xena! You’re doing it again! It’s not a contest!! And there’s no voting, either.

Xena: Well, if it was, Chia would lose.

XOXOX Lucy, Riley, Chia and Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess.

Chia’s Thankful Thursday

Today we are joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday, with special thanks to Brian for hosting it!

Hi! Hi! Hi! I’m Chia!! And I get to write in the blog today. Woohoo! Every time I crawl in Mom’s lap and she has this puter thing there, I try to type on it. I use my paws and my nose and I know I could do it by myself if I just had half a chance. Phooey. But I’m here to be thankful today, and I am! I am thankful for my big sissie Lucy!!

Lucy plays with me and she lays with me and she tells me I am her own, woo, woo, woo…well, maybe not that last coupla parts. OK, here’s some pictures to prove it’s true.

I lay real close to Lucy in the big bed unless, of course, I have burrowed under the covers.

I’ve learned to lay on the pillow like a princess from my other, mean sister, Xena. (She chews bones I should have and won’t back down to me.) It’s best to lay like this when I have a pillow under me and Lucy to lean against.

Sometimes the pillow gets knocked on the floor and Lucy lays at that end of the couch. That’s when I just curl up with her like this. She makes a pretty good pillow, and I can even hear her heart beating. Or is that her tummy making noises?

Anhoo, I think I could write the Thankful Thursday every week!!

Xena: NO!

Chia: grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Grooming and Company on Awww Monday

We are joining Comedy Plus with much thanks for hosting Awww Mondays.

Lucy, Ace Reporter here on the Groom Beat with another new groom.

Hi folks! It hardly seems like it’s been only a week since I last reported on a new groom — yet here is a new one yet again. And, once again, this pup’s mom was referred to us by one of our current clients. Lily is a 2-year-old shih tzu who couldn’t get in to see her regular groomer for 2 months. Here’s what she looked like when she arrived at our door.

She didn’t weigh more than three or four pounds, just a wee bit of a girl with more mats than anything. Groomer Mom felt her over real quick-like and delivered the bad news that she would have to shave Lily down (that’s a grooming term) everywhere – even her face. Her mom said to do whatever she needed to do, that she wouldn’t be upset.

Lily was a mover-around-the-tabler (that’s a reporting term) but a real sweet little girl. I thought you might like to see a mid-groom picture, too.

The part where the hair is close to the skin was matted like felt, so the shaving was real slow-going. Groomer Mom shaved a big tick off before she could see it, so she had to use her special tick tool to get the head out of Lily’s skin. Then she grabbed her super-duper flea spray as those nasty buggers started emerging from under all that matted hair.

Groomer Mom knew this wasn’t going to end in a pretty groom. But sweet Lily was going to feel so much better, and her Mom would have a blank slate to start with to keep this from happening again.

The new appointment she made for 6 weeks out would also be an important part of that, too!

To finish up, I want to report that everything has mostly calmed down around here. Our aunt and cousin have gone off to do whitewater rafting today before they leave out for home. Jemma has done well, and most of us have been real nice to her. Chia started nipping at her, so Jemma started nipping Chia’s butt, BOL! Jemma can whip around real fast like most dogs of that breed, so Chia doesn’t stand a chance. We aren’t sure if she understands that it’s her own fault.

Jemma: You’re a good reporter, Lucy. You tell it like it is.

Lucy: Thanks, Jemma.

Then we all got new, meaty stew bones to chew outside. Chia got in Xena’s face about it, and it turned into a real, honest-to-goodness dog fight! I stood back to let them sort it out, and the only peep to jump in and stop it was Mom.

Xena: She didn’t have to, I was whooping that little brat’s butt!

Lucy: Like I was saying, Mom grabbed Chia, but that pup is so long that she slipped out of Mom’s hands and she and Xena went at it again. Mom grabbed up Chia again and threw her in the kennel, getting a bad scatch on her leg in the process. Dad was sitting right there and didn’t do anything at all. Boy, was he ever in trouble when the dust settled.

Xena: That wouldn’t have happened if Mom had let me finish it myself! I’m in charge, and that long brat isn’t going to usurp me as alpha here.

Lucy: What about Riley?
Xena: I stay outa his way.

I’m innocent, Your Honor.

So, folks, that’s our calmer weekend. Hope your week includes only nice things.

Lots of licks and wags, Lucy, Ace Reporter

Grooming with Mom on Awww Monday

Lucy, Ace Reporter here on the Groom Beat with another new groom.

Hi friends and followers. It’s me, Lucy, here to show you another new pup who came with his brother and sister to be groomed. His siblings, Maggie and Bentley, have been here several times. They are the 3-year-old pups of Laila and Louis, who come to us very often.

Hi! We’re Maggie and Bentley. We came and got groomed too! Don’t forget US!

The new pup is Tyrian. He is a chiweenie. His hair is naturally a little over an inch long, so he wasn’t a “mess.” But his folks wanted help with the shedding. The curry comb (that’s a grooming term) didn’t remove much hair, so Groomer Mom used a #7.5 blade (that’ a grooming term) and shaved him all over and neatened up his ears. Dad had to hold him to get his nails cut, then he settled down and stopped being afraid.

Groomer Mom noticed similarities in personality between Tyrian and Chia, and knew it must come from the daschund part of each of them. His eyes and the looks he gave her were almost identical to Chia’s. Mom said she has decided she really likes daschunds! We all like our own little half daschund an awful lot, too.

This is Lucy, signing off with wags and licks until the next great groom!

We are joining Comedy Plus with much thanks for hosting Awww Mondays.

POTP for Chia

Monday after I returned from my trip I gave all the dogs raw, frozen cow hoofs. Chia kept picking up the other dogs’ chewed hooves and scraping and eating parts of them. Since Tuesday she has been vomitting and not having any bowel movements. Oddly, she still seemed happy and active. Yesterday I cooked her chicken and rice, and she ate a little of it in broth. This morning she refused any food and is visibly ill.

I’m taking her to the vet on the way to work this morning, and praying it’s not a blockage. We want our healthy, bouncy, in everyone’s face girl back. I know your prayers, POTP, good thoughts will help. Later today I will let y’all know what happens. One thing for sure – no more cow hooves!


While Mom’s Gone

Xena: Hi friends! Let’s catch up. I have questions…

  1. Why has Mommy been working day and night and not taking us for walks?

Lucy: Don’t you know the High Holy Days is only a little over a month away and she has to get lots of stuff ready for it? She’s not only too busy and too tired to go for walks, but she said with the way you’ve been itching, she’s limiting your time outside.

Xena: I don’t like that answer.

2. Where’s Daddy?

Lucy: You sure don’t pay attention. He left earlier in the week for Indiana to see a lot of his family who are driving and flying in. I thinks it’s called a unicorn. Or a reason. Wait, I remember! It’s a reunion.

Xena: I don’t know why he didn’t take us…

3. Where’d Mommy go, and why is our sitter coming over?

Lucy: Sheesh, I’m not getting paid enough for this.

Xena: You’re getting paid?

Lucy: No. Mom went to a place a few hours away to meet up with one of her closest friends who still lives in Pee Aye, where Mom grew up. She’s gonna be gone for a couple of days, but Dad’s coming back tonight in time to feed us.

Xena: OK, now that I’ve got that all cleared up, I’m going to show everybody some pictures and a video Mommy asked me to post while she’s gone so y’all don’t miss us too much, BOL! I’ve had to wear my “cone collar” all the time so I don’t make raw places on my neck and face with my claws. Even with all the special supplements, there’s something right now making me super itchy. Mommy took it off me for a little while so we could all play. (I couldn’t pick up the ball with it on.)

I’m claiming my kennel back from Chia.

Then I got itchy…

That Chia’s a sneaky opportunist and a ball thief.

Lucy was resting on the couch the other night when Chia play-attacked her.

Now Chia’s in my kennel where she doesn’t want to be and I can’t get in it and Lucy and me, we’re just waiting on our Daddy. Oh, Mommy said she’ll be back in a few days to “visit” y’all.

Love and wags, Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess, Lucy and Chia