This One’s for You, Angel Lexi

I know you liked squirrels, Angel Lexi, and that you even had a back yard living arrangement with them when you were young. It didn’t make you too popular with the other dogs, but you couldn’t have cared less.

Yesterday, Angel Lexi, I was walking down the street with our Mommy and Daddy and saw a squirrel laying in the street. I wondered if it was bathing in a sun puddle, or maybe had gotten tired and fallen asleep. I tugged on my leash, wanting to go over and greet her, and when I reached her, she didn’t move. I don’t know what I expected, but it sure wasn’t what I found. I sniffed her body and could smell some blood under her head. I gently nudged her head, asking if she was ok, but she still didn’t move. Before we continued on our neighborhood walk, Mommy reached down, picked up the squirrel and laid her in the grass by the road.

On the way back home I wanted to check on the squirrel again. I could tell that something very important was missing, and looked to Mommy for help on what it was. She explained that the squirrel’s soul had left her body because she was dead. This was my first time staring death in the face. The poor little girl’s eyes were still open, and they were brown, like mine. I was starting to feel really sad about this whole thing. I just stood there staring at the dead squirrel and thinking about what to do. Finally, I said a silent prayer for Angel Lexi to find her and take her to meet the Big Guy. Then I tried to nudge her eyes closed with my nose, but they came back open, so I left her in peace.

This video is In honor of the little friend I will never know, and of my Guardian Angel Lexi.

Squirrel asks to be adopted.

With love,

Your sister Xena

At Heaven’s Gate

At Heaven’s Gate

I don’t want to go mom,
And leave Ella, you and dad.
My time is getting nearer mom,
But oh the fun we’ve had.

We’ve been so many places,
We’ve had so many friends.
We’ve had our share of hard times,
But they were great in the end.

I fought hard for you mom,
For you I stayed so strong.
I’m going to miss you and dad,
Oh mom it won’t be long.

You say I’ll see my friends mom,
All that have gone before.
I’ll even see GOD mom!
And he’s who DOGs are named for.

I don’t want to to leave you mom,
But oh won’t it be great.
I know you’ll love me forever mom,
And I’ll be waiting at Heavens gate.


We will love you always, Piper.

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January 10, 2004 – July 24, 2018