I’m Home from the Vet – Well, most of me is

This has definitely not been the best day of my life. First Dad refused to give me my brekkies. Then Mom left me at the vet office and I got stuck in a cage. Next, someone stuck a needle in my arm and stole my blood. Then the vet called my Mom. I was hoping Mom would say, “Oh, I will be right there to get my precious darling Lexi.” Nope. When the vet called her two more times, I started to get worried. That didn’t last long – it’s hard to worry when you are first sedated, then knocked out by something running into your vein. While I was asleep the doc stole five of my teeth – Five! In one of the phone calls, he had told Mom that “at my age” there could be bone loss leading to loose teeth, but he wouldn’t know until he got the plaque off. Even though they all felt firmly anchored, the plaque sometimes holds them in place. So why did he take the plaque off?  Grrr. Ow, that hurt.

Remember that lump on my paw? Refresher here: https://lexitheschnauzer.wordpress.com/2016/01/31/potp-for-the-paw/ The doc found another lump between my paw pads on the same foot. Since it wasn’t directly beneath the lump on the top of my foot, he wasn’t sure if it was two separate tumors. He was concerned because the one on the top had grown so quickly.  When the doc got in there with his knife he realized that the one on the bottom had pushed up the thin skin between my toes and caused the one on the top. Or something like that. When he got them off he saw that even though the skin on them was thick, the inside was filled with a creamy liquid. He told Mom on his fourth phone call that it was a good sign and didn’t recommend spending the money on a biopsy. Finally, Dad picked me up and brought me home to Mommy.


While Daddy went back out to get my pain medicine, Mommy held me and rocked me and sang me to sleep. You know I was in pain to let her do that. But it was strangely comforting. During that time, Dad sent Mom a text:

I can’t understand why he still isn’t home with my pain medicine!

My blood work was mostly good, but my liver enzymes were “off the chart” high. Mom told the doc that she had warned me not to drink. Ha, ha. Silly Mommy, I have already gone through the 4 step program for Kahlua and Cream.

Step 1: I ask for it.

Step 2: Mom says No.

Step 3: Mom and Dad start calling it “special K”, like I don’t know what they mean.

Step 4: They stop buying special K. Drat.

Mom asked for a copy of the bw:

Dr. Smith said this can be a sign of Cushings, but I had a Cushings test a year or two ago because those same levels were high then, and it came back negative. I don’t have any of what’s called “clinical signs,” either. To help my liver, Mommy bought Milk Thistle. Dr. Karen is my acupuncturist, and she said this will help bring the ALKP level down.  I hope I get it in something good, like butter, or peanut butter or hamburger. Mmm.

Daddy’s home. Finally! Time to take my pain meds. I wonder what took him so long…