Dog Bed War

I’m Shania, and I like sleeping in the big bed.
It’s MY bed (and Mom and Dad’s).
Move over Daddy, I’m comin’ in.
Riley isn’t always here, so if I want to use his bed, I will.
I knew Angel Lexi and deserve to use this bed that was hers after all the crap she put me through.
This is MY bed. I inherited it from Angel Lexi. It’s a schnauzer bed.
What are you doing in my bed, Xena?
This is the bed Mommy bought just for me. Sometimes I let my stuffies sleep in it with me.
I won. I fit in Xena’s bed.
I made a bed out of the dirty laundry pile. *phtt* What do you mean, my beard needs washed again? Aghh!
How does Morty the pig fit in this bed?

Riley, Bed Stealing and a GiftR

iley: I’ve been feeling better about being here with Lucy (and Xena). Although I still miss my Dad, I know he’ll come back for me and I might as well enjoy my time here. Right? I’ve started eating more – I really love that sauerkraut and coconut oil that Miss Amy mixes into my food – and I’ve had more energy. Lucy and I run in the big front yard while little Xena runs after us and jumps and barks and growls at me. I finally figured out she’s not trying to be mean or “take me on” but its’ her way of playing. I ignore her, as she usually just bounces off of me. In this video, me and Lucy played kinda rough, so Miss Amy kept Xena away.

Every evening between 7:00 and 8:00 I start barking at Mr. Jeff. Miss Amy always knows what I want, so at first she had to cue him, “Riley wants you to throw his ball.” Now he knows, and we play ball in the house – down the hallway and into the bedroom or the library or the living room. It’s nice to have a guy like my Dad who will play ball with me.

My bed got moved into the living room so I have somewhere other than the hard floor to lay when the family is together in the evening.

As everyone was getting ready to go to bed the other night, Miss Amy noticed that I had stretched out so that my head was hanging off my bed. She knows that I still chew up things – at least stuffies – so she went through the house looking for something she “didn’t care about”. Then she remembered the brown blanket that I had chewed big holes in years ago. She retrieved it from the closet and laid it all bunched up under my head like a pillow. I slept especially good that night.

The next day, when I got up to eat breakfast, that crazy schnauzer ran and jumped into my bed.

She and Lucy eat a lot earlier than I do, so her beard was all spiky-wild from her food. Then she acted like she had to guard my bed so I wouldn’t try to get back in it. Silly schnauzer! I spent the rest of the day in her favorite red chair. That one kinda back-fired on her, didn’t it?

The Mom: I don’t like to wear shoes in the house unless my feet are cold so I often slip them off when I sit down. One particular day, I found a present in one of my sandals.

I don’t know who left it there, but it warmed my heart.

It might have been me. Or Xena. Or Riley. We all love Mom.

Epilogue: Andrew picked up Riley and took him home with him. Riley may be coming back…or he may not. Either way, Lucy and I love having him here. And, I suspect, even the crazy little schnauzer does, even though she would never admit it.

By Riley, Lucy, the Mom and the Crazy Little Schnauzer Warrior Princess

Life’s Short, Bite Hard

One of my blogging friends told me I did the right thing putting my stink on my new bed. Once my stink is on it, it is mine! With that in mind, I decided to get as much of my stink on the bed of He-Who-No-Longer-Exists as I could. Besides, he’s been gone about 87 days and I think by law he has forfeited his right to this bed. Maybe Frankie or Ernie could tell me for sure.

Mommy found Angel Lexi’s other shirt – she only had two shirts and a hoodie because of how much she hated clothes – and tried it on me. It’s the tiniest bit too big, but I have been wearing it anyhow. Maybe I will get more inspiration from Angel Lexi that way – or maybe she is just laughing at me! Can you read it? It says Life Is Short Bite Hard. BOL!

I am biting hard on this bone, for sure!

Hi Daddy! Don’t worry, I won’t bite you.

Lucy: Dad! Don’t let Xena bite me any more! My face already hurts from her teeth.

I am just going to hide out here in the bedroom until that shirt comes off Xena.


I think I will log some more hours in MY bed. Catch ya’ll later. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz