It’s My Birthday!

Lucy: Hi there friends. This is my fifth Gotcha Day and the day we celebrate my sixth birthday! I had a pretty quiet day with my Dad and sisters and Riley. Mom came home from work and gave me an extra bit of meat in my supper bowl. Then I got my present…a brand new treat puzzle! It’s just like Xena’s big one that holds tons of treats. I don’t have to use her little second-hand puzzle anymore. Thanks, Xexe, and you can have it back.

I haven’t had bananas for months, so Mom filled my new treat puzzle with pieces of bananas that I had to get by lifting, sliding and finally licking out since the banana stuck to the inside. She helped me with that part.

Everyone got their treat puzzles filled and we had a party with them.

Guess who got the hand-me-down puzzle…Riley! It kept slipping on the floor, so he picked it up and carried it into the front room onto the rug.

After everyone else finished their puzzles, I was still hard at work on mine. I was taking a bit to get the hang of all the moving parts. Chia has a pointy little nose, so she began flipping it open and taking out the pieces of bananas. Since she doesn’t much care for bananas, she laid them on the floor for me to eat. Eating the snacks is what this game is all about anyhow, right?

Well, I have to go say bye to Mom and Dad now. Dad is all better from that C-19 thing and him and Mom are going dancing tonight. Tomorrow we get to celebrate Dad’s birthday! I hope he gets a nice new treat puzzle, too.

Love, wags and licks from Lucy, the birthday girl.

Chia’s First Birthday

We are happy to join The Cat on My Head for Sunday Selfies.

Hi, hi, hi! I’m Chia and I get to do my very first selfie today ’cause it’s the day we’re celebrating as my birthday.

Oops, first try.

Lucy, will you help me with my selfie?

Lucy: Then it won’t be a selfie.
Chia: But no one has to know. Please, please, please, please…
Lucy: Ok, ok. *sigh*

*snap* Oops. Well, at least you got my body. I wonder if we could glue the head shot onto the body one…
Wait! Mom, will you take a picture for my first selfie?

Let me see! Let me See! Oh no! My face is blurry.
Mom: If you would stand still, Chia, your picture wouldn’t be blurry.

Today is also the day we celebrate our country’s independence from England. I heard we’re having grilled hamburgers and hotdogs and sweet potato chips and I get some ’cause it’s my birthday, too!

Lucy: Mom said I could re-run a video my Dad helped me make for the 4th of July. I get to star in this one. It’s one of our favorites, and we hope you enjoy it too.

Wishing all our friends in the USA a good holiday enjoying the freedom that was won for us in the American war for independence.

XOXOX Lucy, Chia, Xena and Riley

Happy Birthday Me (Riley)

We are happy to join The Cat on My Head for Sunday Selfies.

Yesterday, May Day, was my eleventeenth birthday! Dad Andrew and Mom Amy had a big yard sale that took up most of the day, so I didn’t get to do too much. But then Mom Amy came in and gave me the biggest meaty bone in the package! Me and Lucy and Xena all went outside with our bones and chewed happily for a long time. I left a lot of the marrow and some of the meat on it so I could work on it again today. I couldn’t figure out what the rush was with Luce and the schnauzer cleaning theirs off as fast as they could. Then, when we all got up to come in, Luce grabbed my bone and tried to take off with it! Mom Amy put a stop to that! She washed it off, bagged it, and saved it in the fridge for me. Lucy got a scolding, but that didn’t stop her from grabbing the smaller bone the the schnauzer had brought in and left on the couch.

Mom Amy’s no dummy, and neither is that little schnauzer. She said, “Xena, do you want to go out and get Lucy’s bone to chew on?” Xena ran outside, then through the porch doggie door, found the bigger bone, and claimed it as her own.

Anyhoo, I’ll get my BIG bone to chew again when Mom Amy gets home from seeing my peeps bro Adam for the first time since the beginning of March last year. And maybe she’ll have something else for me, too!

Here’s my selfie. I asked for it to be a side shot so you don’t have to see my vampire red right eye.

I get to lose that cone for good (I hope) Monday week. (That’s the southern way of saying a week from this Monday, for all you who aren’t schooled in the proper way of speaking.)

Don’t I look good? I feel good too! My happy indicator is wagging all the time now.
The red film sewn over my right eye looks awfully scary, but my eye isn’t hurting and we think it’s healing. The doc got my eye culture back and changed my antibiotics. I don’t care. They taste the same in the big hunk of Philadelphia Cream Cheese as the the other pills.

Have a happy Sunday and happy birthday to everyone else who has a birthday soon. May you get great big meaty bones (or whatever you like best).

XOX Riley *wags, wags, wags*