Awww Monday: Great News and Flashback to Xena’s Adoption

Lucy: First, the great news! None of the growths on Ella’s gums were malignant. Thank you all for your prayers, good thoughts and POTP’s.

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Amy (aka The Mom) Recently I came across a video from when I drove three hours to south Georgia to pick out a puppy.

We lost Lexi September 4, 2016. A little over four months later on January 14, 2017 Lucy came into our lives. A few months later, after unsuccessfully trying to find her a home, I was still grieving hard for Lexi. Lucy was laying at my feet when I felt God say to me, “Look down, I gave you this dog.” I started to cry, and went into Jeff’s office to ask him if we could keep her. Without any hesitation he answered, “Yes, of course.” He was already in love with her. Lucy helped heal my heart and prepare the way for another schnauzer to come into our lives.

So, after failed attempts to adopt or rescue a schnauzer, on October 6, 2017, I found another reputable breeder. After my last groom on that Saturday I took off for Jackson, GA. A little boy and a little girl were presented. I wanted them both, but could only get one. The breeder only allowed one adoption at a time, and besides, that’s all the money I had. Of course, I chose Xena. To this day I think of the other one as “Oscar.” I guess that’s how one of our stuffie schnauzers got his name. Can you tell which three-month-old schnauzer I brought home?

Yes, it’s the little cookie monger, the one with the colorful harness.

Xena was scared in the kennel on the three hour drive back home, and had to have a bath before I brought her upstairs.

Lucy was very curious and immediately accepting of her new little sister. She was, and still is, the very best sister a little schnauzer could have.