In Purrsuit of Flavors Stew by Xena

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Hi everyone! Mommy said I’m such a snoopy dog, I might as well post the recipe I found in her old recipe box. I think this recipe would keep us fed for a very long time. I wonder if we could eat it raw. It would be done and ready to eat sooner that way, too. And it doesn’t have any foods I’m allergic to!

Mmm, daydreaming about stew.

Ready for the unique recipe I found in Mommy’s box? Here you are, and if you make it, be sure and let me know how it is. (Sorry, I don’t have any pictures of it.)

A note from my Mommy about Riley’s new food:

Shortly after my post about Riley’s new food, a concerned blogging friend emailed to say grain-free dog food has been associated with cardiomyopathy in dogs. I researched some articles, and there may be some correlation. Nothing has been proven yet, and there is not a final determination. I did want to make my readers aware of this, though. Even more importantly, I asked my holistic vet, who gave me the full story, and it does not correlate with most of what you find on-line, not even with the CDC report. She even explained in detail how the nutrients in the grains work and why there is now all this hype about it, without revealing the entire story. Once again, it comes down to the big dog food companies like Hills and Purina trying to beat down their competition.
Most of The Honest Kitchen’s food is NOT grain-free, but contains whole grains, so I hope you will still check it out. The two things that stood out the most to me….
1. It is all HUMAN-GRADE. I don’t have to worry about sick or euthanized animals or moldy corn being used in their food.
2. NO High Heat Cooking. First the meat and then the formed chunks are all cooked at a low temperature. The very high temperatures at which most other kibble is cooked causes carcinogenics to form.
Also, if you do want to try it, check on-line with Petco. Apparently they are “gobbling up” most of what Honest Kitchen is selling, so they’ve got it in stock with free shipping over $30.

Thanks to my blogging friend for sending me this info, and I will soon be letting Riley try some of Honest Kitchen’s other great offerings!

Riley Gives 4 Paws Up for His New Dry Food

We are happy to join The Cat on My Head for Sunday Selfies.

As many of you know, I choose to feed raw meat, as well as fresh fruit and lightly steamed veggies to my pups. Chia has successfuly – and joyfully – switched over, also.

Then there’s Riley. He looked longingly at the other dogs’ bowls as I placed his bowl of kibble on the floor. Technically, he is my son Andrew’s dog. Andrew is not in a situation where he can keep Riley right now, and probably not for the foreseeable future. We had Riley before he became Andrew’s dog, and we continue to love him more and more as each year passes – he’s a 75 pound 11-year-old. But, eventually, RiBoy will go back to living with Andrew. The two of them are closely bonded. Anyhow, if we switched Riley to raw now, he would not to continue on that diet.

We always want the best for him, things that can continue after he moves out again. So what to do about his food?

When my sister-in-law was here visiting this summer with her daughter and dog, I took a good look at the bag of dog food she brought.

This intrigued me, so I went to their website. I learned that the food was never cooked at a high temperature (it also says this on the back of the package, below. High cooking temps are a big contributor to cancer. There were a few ingredients I didn’t recognize, so I researched them, and they’re all good.

On the website I learned they only use human grade ingredients, and test batches by tasting them. Yes, the people eat the dog food!

So, now you know what Riley eats. He loves it. And it doesn’t bother me if one of the other pups eat a few chunks of his food. I couldn’t believe I had never heard of this food before!

After a couple of weeks of this, he began eyeing the fresh food that Lucy, Xena and Chia were eating, and looked a bit sad. So I began adding some “extras.” Fresh broccoli, homemade sauerkraut and beef bone broth, greens, carrots, greens beans, etc. There were a few he didn’t care much for at first; it took him a little time to get used to them. Now, he looks for what is hidden in amongst the other food and gobbles it all down together. Until I got this Honest Kitchen dog food, Riley never, ever cleaned his bowl, no matter what was added to it.

So, along with this new, healthy diet, becoming part of a pack, and the addition of 1-year-old Chia, Riley’s puppy side has once again emerged.

I want to add that I am not being paid or given anything for this post. I care, so I’m spreading the word. Let me know if you try it! Oh, and I just learned that the company is adding cat food, made with the same integrity, to their line of products.

Happy Tuesday to you!

In Purrsuit of Flavors – Enchilada Sauce

Thanks to Shoko and Tyebe of the Canadian Cats and Nelly and Phenny of Easy Blog for hosting this yummy day.

Lucy: For today’s Purrsuit, we are sharing Dad’s most favorite Mexican sauce. He even brags to his friends about this wonderful enchilada sauce that his wonderful wife makes. So far, no one has asked for the recipe, BOL!

Riley: But first, Mom Amy said I could share my favorite sauce recipe. I call it…

“Riley’s Super Tasty Topping”

1/4 can dog food – I’m currently eating Beyond Ocean Whitefish, Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe
About 2 big tablespoons of organic coconut oil

Mix all together in a glass cup or bowl or whatever is laying around.
Heat for about 20 seconds in the microwave, or until the coconut oil is real soft, or even melted.
Mix real good with whatever kibble you are eating, and enjoy before another dog in the family who shall not be named scarfs it down.

Lucy: Thanks Riley. Good food post. Now it’s Mom’s turn. Take it away, Mom!

That’s sure a hard recipe to follow! *giggle* Since Lucy so kindly introduced this sauce, we’ll get right down to the recipe.

We hope your first week of 2021 is going swell!
Lucy, Riley and the Mom

Cancer Awareness Month – A Personal Awareness

Today’s post is not a “fun” post, like you are accustomed to on this blog. However, I felt this was a good time to explain some things. As you all know, cancer, in all it’s forms, is rampant in our country and across much of the world. I doubt that there is anyone reading this whose life has not been affected by it’s destructive ravages. Blogville has certainly lost it’s share of beloved animals, and many bloggers have also bravely battled this usurper. My first encounter with the dreaded “C” was when I lost my aunt – who I called Nan and was a second mother to me. She had intestinal cancer, treated with radiation that was not well understood or controlled back in the 60’s, and at the cost of a forever colostomy bag. As a teen I remember helping with that bag, swallowing back what kept trying to erupt from my stomach, and never letting on it bothered me. As too many of you know, that’s what you do for love. I remember Nan celebrating her 10 year cancer-free date, only to be once again struck down – this time permanently – by this killer.Nan was the fun adult in my life. She taught me how to waltz; she took me trick or treating; she sat at the dining room table and colored with me for hours on end; she taught me how to plant pansies (sorry, Nan, that one didn’t take so well) and pull weeds; she taught me card games; we laid in bed together while she made hand shadow puppets on the wall; she showed me how to walk with a book on my head to teach me posture; we sat in front of the fireplace and put together beautiful puzzles for hours on end; and she taught me the correct table setting for a formal dinner.

My next encounter with the dreaded C was with my sweet Sammy dog. The first sign something was very wrong was when he stopped eating. I worked at the vet hospital at the time and, after hours, assisted in the surgery that removed a huge malignant tumor from his abdomen. The vet, Dr. Sally, went through three saline solution bags, letting them run into his open abdomen and swishing around to try to remove any remaining cancer cells. I suctioned as she swished.  Sammy had always been a shy, sweet dog, playing second fiddle to my first schnauzer, Freda, and afraid of his own shadow. Dr. Sally gave Sam – nine years old at the time – just three months to live after the surgery; she even showed me the article in her medical book that said so. Many prayers went up and Sam miraculously recovered. He seemed to realize that he had been given another chance at life, and he was determined to take it with all the zest and gusto he could manage. No longer afraid of anything, he flirted with all the ladies (yes, dogs can flirt) and was my main boat dog.Sam loved to jump off our little pontoon boat, swim to an island, explore for a while, then wait until he got eye contact with me before swimming back to the boat, which I later named “The Sammy Joe.” Sammy lived two more years before a different type of cancer hit again and took our boy from us.This was Sammy’s last Christmas. He got a new Teddy Bear sweater that he was so proud to wear. He was 11 years old.

I always did everything the vets told me I should do: give monthly HW prevention that also contained flea and tick prevention, get the dogs’ vaccinated annually, feed the best dog foods, brush their teeth with pet toothpaste, etc. After all, this is why they went to school and they knew best, right?

Then, as many of you know, my busy, vibrant 13-year-old schnauzer Lexi came down with a carcinoma that first showed it’s ugly self as a tumor hanging from her upper gums. The above picture is of me brushing her teeth.I went out of town for 3 days, then it took me 2 days to begin to brush Lexi’s teeth again. In just those 5 days this tumor appeared in her mouth and grew huge. (Look just to the left of her canine.) I immediately took her to the vet, who removed the tumor and a small part of her upper jaw, and sent it all for a biopsy. Upon arriving home from the vet, my stoic girl cried in pain until my husband, whose truck got a flat tire on the way, got back with the pain meds. Lexi never liked being held, but the only thing that comforted her was me holding her close and rocking her while I sang little songs to her.

We were then sent to UTK (University of Tennessee in Knoxvillle) Vet School, where they did more tests. There was a new , promising drug that had shown great results, but would take a month to begin working. They told me that Lexi did not have a month. 

From the first day I arrived home with her as a puppy, my heart dog was always a precocious girl. So, as if to prove the vets wrong, she lived three more months before she succumbed to what was already – seen on x-rays – in her lungs and heading to her brain.

I have not told you all of this to make you sad. Rather, I think it explains what I did next. During the year following Lexi’s death, I grieved hard. But that’s not all I did. I started asking hard questions. What caused this cancer? How could I have prevented it? What more could I have done? So I began searching the web for answers. First, I focused on food. I began to read informative articles on why prepared pet food is so harmful. First I found out that the high heat that kibble is subjected to creates cancer-causing agents. And kibble is subjected to it first in cooking the meat, then again after it is formed into kibble. I then read over and over again how dog food companies source their ingredients, and I began to understand that most of them, even the supposed “good ones” will do or falsely claim anything about their products to get consumers to buy their brands. Then I read about the Raw Diet and realized that, done right, this was the safest way to feed. I submerged myself in information so that I would have the best chance of doing it right. Within a few months after she arrived at our house I started Lucy on the B.A.R.F. Raw Diet.                                     chicken drumstick, gizzards, egg, spinach and coconut oil

beef, kale and sweet potato

I’m sure many of you  were shocked and/or put off when you read about this on my blog. But I have always tried to be honest and transparent, and this was now a part of our lives. Feeding raw takes a lot of work and time.

Next, I started learning more about vaccinations and discovered that, just like people, most vaccinations are unnecessary after the initial puppy vacs. Not only are they unnecessary, but they play havoc with a dog’s gut, from where their immune systems become strong or weak.  My holistic vet has worked out a plan for Lucy and Xena to have titers taken every three years. The titers will let her know if they are still protected from the diseases that vaccinations cover. We have agreed they will each get a 3-year rabies vaccination at that time because it’s the law.

Have you ever asked yourself why you are poisoning your dog? I used to do it every time I gave them their monthly heart worm prevention, and the answer was always because I don’t know how else to prevent heart worms. Then, through more research and study, I found out how.

There is a DNA  heart worm test available from Canada. The normal occult hw tests only show the presence of adult heart worms. If the result is positive, the dog has to go through a long, dangerous, expensive and sometimes painful treatment. The DNA test, however, detects even the smallest beginnings of heart worms. It takes almost six months for the heart worms to mature, so Lucy and Xena get the DNA test every five and a half months. So far, so good. If, however, anything was detected, one single injection of ivermectin would kill the larvae. So no, I am not ignoring it or downplaying the terrible affects of heart worms. I am simply approaching it from a different angle, one where I am not asking myself why am I poisoning my dogs.

All of these seemingly radical changes I made have been done for one purpose. And that is to never again have to say goodbye to my beloved dogs because of cancer. Everything I have changed is because so many of the old, accepted ways have been proven to cause cancer. It has taken time and much study and reading; it didn’t happen overnight. I have to keep reminding myself that I couldn’t help what happened to Lexi because I didn’t know any better. And now, I’ll never know if it would have made any difference.  I do things differently now, praying it is the right way, and go forward from here.

So, my dogs eat raw food, don’t get vaccinations, and don’t take heart worm prevention. I use essential oils, probiotics, herbs, and other natural aids to keep them healthy and help when they have a problem. I also have the guidance and good advice of a holistic veterinarian who is open to new ways of doing things. May these “extreme” efforts keep my girls healthy and free of cancer all their lives.

I’m not adding a lot of links. You know how to Google anything you are interested in learning more about. I will tell you that I rely a lot on and, from whom I get daily emails. And if there is any question in my head about what I’ve read, my vet is wonderful about taking my calls and discussing it over the phone. (Xena’s not the only one who loves her.)

May your lives and the lives of your loved ones be cancer-free. Let’s work to beat this ubiquitous disease in our lifetimes.

Amy, aka Mom, aka Mommy

Note: When you realize how vet schools are funded, some things the students are taught make much more sense. It is the giant drug and pet food companies – who make huge donations to the schools – who influence their choices.

Friday Food for Thought

Think mushrooms are not safe for your dog? Think again! Just be sure to cook them first, and do not feed them raw.

Xena was just diagnosed with Atopic Dermatitis, which is a fancy way to say inherited inhalant allergies. I was quite shocked and dismayed to hear this – even while rejoicing that it was NOT the sarcoptic mange that I had suspected. I took great care to find a reputable breeder as well as doing everything I can to support her gut health, where the immune system originates. And sometimes, even with the best bred dogs, something can go wrong. Hence, my dismay.

So now, we have nowhere to go but forward, and it seems that reishi and shiitake mushrooms are going on that journey with us. Here’s a quick overview of the best mushrooms to keep both dogs and people healthy as well as to help with certain conditions, from regulating blood pressure to treating allergies and cancer.

You can follow this link to find out more about these fungi that are power players for both you and your dog. We’l let you know how the journey goes, and if we notice a difference after feeding some of these cooked mushrooms for a while.

We hope you enjoyed another episode of Friday Food for Thought.

I’m Xena, and I approve this message. Wait, what? The election is over? Well, I still approve it ’cause it’s about giving me food! ~Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

Birthday Surprises

Dear friends, before I start telling you about my great birthday, I want to say I’m sorry for tricking you. I didn’t mean to. My paw hit the publish button by mistake, and I wasn’t near done. But I am now, so please don’t be mad and read about my most specialest day ~Xena

I had the bestest birthday I ever had. Of course it was the only one I ever had. On the way home from work, we stopped at the Smart Pet place. After looking around, we went home with yummy treats for me.

When we got home, there were all my stuffie friends, including Ludwig, in the kitchen with bags of pressies for me. Winter bear got tired and fell asleep while he was waiting for me to get home, so he missed me opening my pressies. This pink bag had a lot of bouncy yellow foam balls that Mommy will throw for me. I love to play fetch with balls, and I’m even getting better at catching them with my mouth and my paws.The flower bag had yummy flavored bones in it – I had to share one of them with Lucy. Mommy let us chew on them for a while before dinner, but when she saw how quickly we chewed them apart, she took them away from us and fed them to that bad old can that’s under the sink. I hate that can. It gets lots of stuff I could eat! 

Ludwig ran and got me to come open my last pressie. He whispered in my ear, “I got this one for you, Xena. You are my friend and I love you.” Sure enough, that bag held my favorite pressie of all…a bully horn sized just right for me. Lucy wanted to chew it up, so I am going to take it to work and leave it there, where she can’t get it.

Next came supper. I got a French meal called steak tartar. Instead of bacon on top, there was fresh salmon. It was on a real fancy plate that used to belong to my Grandma. Next to it is my dessert: sliced apple and strawberries and goat yogurt.

Nom, nom, nom.

Lucy got beef and chicken and egg and cabbage and a tiny bit of salmon. And she got the same dessert as me.

She ate so fast that she made all these disgusting piggy noises (sorry, Bacon). We got our desserts after we finished our meal and had licked our plate and bowl clean. You can see we both dug into the yogurt first.

So that is the story of my first birthday, and I hope everyone liked hearing about it.

I am Xena the One-Year-Old Schnauzer Warrior Princess

I Shopped at Walmart

On the way home from work, I got to go shopping at Walmart with Mommy. When we first parked, I didn’t know where we were. Then I saw the sign.

I started looking for where we would go into the store.

Then Mommy told me that someone else had already done the shopping for us, so I should watch for them to come out with a big rolling cart.

I saw a lot of cars going by and hoped the store person didn’t have to cross that dangerous traffic with my food.

Then I saw the door where people were coming and going, and figured that must be where all the good food came out, too.

Since I had to wait, I decided to check out lunch leftovers. Dang, nothing but an empty bag. Yep, lunch is why my beard looks like this, BOL! I think that’s my tummy I hear growling.

Look smart! Here they come! Mmmm, I hope there’s lots of goodies in there for me and Lucy.

Hey! Stop putting those in the trunk! Put those chickie wings in the back seat where I can eat them NOW. My Guardian Angel Lexi taught me that NOW is when I should get the things I want. It was part of her mantra.

I am Xena the Schnauzer Warrior Princess Walmart Shopper

Friday Food for Thought …

…and health.

This chart comes from a full article in dogsnaturallymagazine. I try to feed as many of these different foods as possible. For us, palm fruit oil translates into coconut oil. I buy it in the biggest container I can find from Amazon.

I also avoid corn and other grains and starches in my dogs’ diet. And while feeding fish is great, the smaller the fish, the less mercury poisoning.

I recently learned that fish in dog food is not protected by the national ban on a particular preservative used in dog and cat food . This cancer-causing preservative is added right on the boat to fish destined for pet consumption.

Finally, I just found out that even my “natural, sugar-free, nothing but peanuts” peanut butter is not a good thing to feed. *sigh* Go ahead, read the article. *sigh*

So no more PB for me or Lucy or Xena. Guess I’ll check out cashew butter and almond butter. The hubby eats those because of a peanut allergy. And yes, the dogs eat healthier than I do, but I am going to try to make small changes in my diet, too. I’ve already dropped sugar (again) and have almost dropped dairy (again). There are those few pieces of leftover pizza in the fridge calling my name. I feel the physical affects of both these food types, so it’s not so hard to justify banning them from my life. Maybe I should make a policy of “if it doesn’t go in my dogs’ bowl, it doesn’t go onto my plate,” the difference being that my meat will be cooked.

So, no New Year’s Resolutions in this household…just some thoughtful changes that may be coming my way.

Wishing everyone good health and long life, Amy

Our Portrait

I was just thinking about all the yummy food I get to eat. Besides all the meat -that is always my favorite – I eat steamed broccoli and turnip greens and kale and mustard greens and carrots. I get pickled beets and sauerkraut and tiny tomatoes and kala…, er, Mommy how do you spell those olives? k-a-l-a-m-a-t-a. Yep, that’s them. And eggs, yep don’t forget them eggs. Mmmm. And coconut oil and krill oil and sardines, too. And fresh fruit when we can get it, like berries and apples and and applesauce, too. And pumpkin and other squashes. Can you tell I like to eat? Mommy says I wouldn’t be a schnauzer if I didn’t love food.

Lucy: Xena, I thought there was something else you wanted to show our friends.

Xena: Oh, you mean the picture from when you ran off and almost missed getting our special picture made!

Lucy: No, no there’s no pictures of me running off!

Xena: But that’s what the picture always reminds me of when I look at it. That’s the day you got double grounded. Hey, are you still double grounded?

Lucy: I don’t know. *hangs head* Mom and Andrew never let me out to run around loose in the yard any more. *mumbles* I think that’s why Riley dumped me.

Xena: What are you mumbling about Lucy?

Lucy: Nothing! Just drop it, OK?

Xena. OK, it didn’t sound interesting anyhow. So, here is our family picture!

I am Xena the Schnauzer Warrior Princess.

Foodie Friday

Mom bought pork ribs and froze them for two weeks to make them safe for me to eat. They are ready now, and what do we eat with pork? Sauerkraut! I tried it for the first time this week and all I can woof is YUM! (I had an apple core, too, but I ate that from Mom’s hand as my appie tizer.

                                      Before…feed me, feed me, feed me!

                                    During…nom, nom, nom

I gobble up my coconut oil first. It’s my favorite. I even like the pre- and pro-biotic pills Mom drops in it. I know they are good for me, too.

                                   After…can I please have more?

Riley surprised us all by eating sauerkraut from Mom’s hand. (He’s a very picky eater.) He didn’t eat the sauerkraut she put in his bowl, though, so when I got back in the house I ran over and helped him out with that.

I love my raw diet.

Love and wiggles. ~ Lucy

Memory Monday with Lexi


Ahhh, rolling around in the ivy feels so good.

Anyone who has followed this blog for very long knows that our precious Lexi had a very good and full life. Below are a few pictures of Lexi enjoying her time “working” at St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church, or “the church on the mountain,” as she identified it. She guarded my office and greeted all those I permitted to enter (everyone), insisting on being pet and requesting food. Both were often obliged. (She gained five pounds during her two years of Wednesdays and Fridays there.) She enjoyed going into the enclosed memorial garden, whose entrance was directly across from our office. She took special delight in rolling in the vinca, after which I had to try to fluff it up. Ever try to fluff an ivy?

Lexi also had her memorable moments inside. I usually took her breakfast with us. Sometimes she did not approve, and did the D&D (Disdain and Dump). She was always a good communicator.

I do not approve of this breakfast. Get me something else.

Then came our last day at St. Tim’s. A friend gave us a plant. This was the last photo of Lexi  at “the church on the mountain.” More adventures were to come!

This flower is pretty and smells good, but hey, where are the treats?


Friday Foodies and Piper Update

Mom finally realized that the food she bought from was not raw. She had searched their site for raw food, and it popped up and she didn’t read any further. She found this out when she couldn’t find the word “raw” on the package. Upon reading the package more closely she also found that the protein/fat ratio for raw food was way off. It should be 2 parts protein to 1 part fat, and it was half and half. (Maybe ’cause it wasn’t raw, Mom.)  When she called them, they were very nice, said they would fix that search engine, and gave her all her money back. The bag is now sitting in the freezer waiting to be fed on an “emergency” basis. I wonder what kind of an emergency I could have to get some more Tylees…

Then Mom got another revelation.

Yep, she finally looked closer at this danged fish and realized why I wasn’t eating it. She put on some gloves and took a knife to it, trying to just slice off the fin. Ha, ha, that didn’t work so well. It turned into one of Phenny’s DIY projects. I listened for some HBO words, but the worst I heard was, “Ow, that does hurt,” and “I need a sharper knife,” and “I wonder who I can get to do this for me.” She finally got it done with about the same results as in Phenny’s crib. I did get to eat the head and some meat off of it, though.

Anyhow, Mom thought it was time for me to share pictures (’cause I’m not sharing my food) of what else I’ve had for supper recently. In case you didn’t know, I am on the Raw Diet. Mom says it took some time to get her head around feeding raw meat. It took me, however, no time getting my mouth around it. Mmmmmm.

beef, kale and sweet potato


chicken, collards, egg and coconut oil

Mom puts down my bowl and I dive in. She has to be fast to get a picture while there is still food in the bowl.

num num num

I want to end with a quick update from Mom on Piper.

Piper is holding steady, even showing some spunk. Yesterday he moved with his Mom (his Dad was already there) to Nashville. Now Piper and his family are only 2 hours away from us instead of almost 6. We are always glad to be closer, and especially at this time in Piper’s life.

Let me snooze, Momma, while you take us to our new home.

Love and wags, Lucy

A Fish Story

Hi friends! I am patiently – yes, this is my patient look, Mom – waiting for my whole fish supper tonight. Well, it’s almost whole. Someone scooped the really good insides out of it. See, this is what happened: Mom went to the grocery on her way home from work last week and came home with more yummy raw food for me. She is always doing that. 🙂 She asked Dad if he was ok feeding it to me, ’cause she didn’t have the stomach for it. Isn’t that funny? I’m the one who has to have the stomach for it, BOL. To Mom’s surprise, Dad said yes. I could smell something really good, so I followed Dad outside to see what it was. He laid down a long plate in the grass and slid something I had never seen before onto it from a plastic bag. Dad said it was my supper. It was curious looking with eyeballs still in a head still attached to a body that ended in a fin. I licked it for a while, not quite sure what to do. Then I started nibbling at the middle section. I eventually worked my way north and then finished off with the south end. I’m telling you, this fish was almost as long as my tail.

After that, Mom decided that Monday was my “fast” day. Yes, I run very fast. I don’t know why that means no one feeds me on Mondays until supper, though. Dad said that meant they should give me my next big fish on Sunday night to “hold” me. Yuk! I don’t want no fish holding me. I just wanna eat it.

Wait, I smell something fishy.

Hello there, fishy.


Hmmm, you smell a bit different today. More fishy.


Here’s a little kiss for luck (he, he).


Oh, a fishy tail. You could be fun to play with.

Lucy: Mom, oh Mom…
Me: What is it Lucy?
Lucy: I don’t want to eat this fish. And I keep having to chase the flies off of it.
Jeff: It might have sat in the fridge too long.
Me: *sigh* Please go wrap it up and throw it in the trash bin.
Note: Lucy ended up eating chickie breast, Tylee’s Raw Beef Diet, and an egg. We have one more fish that’s in the freezer, so will try it next Saturday.

My Delivery

I think this box the guy in the brown clothes left here is for me.

Riley, come see what’s in this box.

I don’t see anything, Lucy.  Hmmm.

(Getting ready for more aggressive exploration)

You’re right, Lucy. I don’t see anything either.

I can’t believe chewy forgot to put anything in the box.

Come on Lucy. Let’s see if we can find it.


Mom had put my new food away so it “didn’t go bad.” I got a great supper with my new raw diet food plus chicken livers plus greens plus strawberry caps. That all adds ups to mmmm. *chomp comp* Can’t talk, eating.

Lexi’s Memorial Service – Recorded

For those of you who were unable to watch live this morning, here is the link to the recorded service. The sound levels are not great on this raw footage, so please bear with it. They improve a bit into it. Later, when my dear, over-worked husband has a bit of time to work on the sound, I will repost it. But for those who don’t want to wait, here it is on Vimeo:

Lexi’s Memorial Service at St. Luke UMC



Trickery at Supper Time

What is this swill you try to feed me!?
What is this swill you try to feed me!?

If you have been following my battle with the C, you already know my appetite has been off ever since the chemo. What? A schnauzer without an appetite? Unheard of before now!! But, sadly enough, it is true. Mom tries hard to give me foods I like, understanding that my taste buds have been adversely affected by the poison injected into my system a couple of months ago. I think it is so funny that she does airplane zoomies around my head with the spoon and makes zoomie noises to get me to open my mouth, just like she used to do when the boys were toddlers. She thinks it is so funny that it often works!


Also, if you are one of my wonderful, faithful, much-loved blog followers, you already know that my cousin Piper is staying with us for a while. Mom has discovered a new tactic to get me to eat my canned food, and I don’t seem to be able to resist it.! Yummy!
Mmmm…food! Yummy! (Piper)

Gimme that food! Mmmm.
Gimme that food! Mmmm. (me)


Massages and Food: These are a few of my favorite things

Massage: I got my massage at work on Thursday, just like Mommy said.

This feels good, and I am keeping you in my sights, Mom.

Do you like this picture? I was in a dimly lit room so Mom used PicMonkey to brighten it and ended up with something that looks more like a painting. Good Mommy. Anyhow, back to my massage. I was a bit more stressed this time and did not relax into it like before. Although, I was caught yawning a few times! I was concerned about where Mom was and wanted to be sure to keep her in my sights. Miss Sky, my therapist, thought it was anxiety from my illness. Even so, I appreciated it a lot and did feel better from the gentle rubbings.

dog food cans

On to food. Mommy and I went to the PetSmart store on our way home from work on Wednesday so that she could get me the high protein food, just like my dogtor ordered. We came home with several canned varieties since I cannot chew the hard kibble anymore. So far I have totally rejected the one on the far left (it was the cheapest), ate part of the one on the far right (it was next to the cheapest) and took three day to finish off the yellow can (same price as second one). I want to try the other two. They cost more, so they should taste better, don’t you think? Mom said my brother Riley is going to have some good topping for his kibble. What?  Hmm, maybe I should try them again…

meat at table
I want liver, not a fancy plate.

Our friend Miss Christy works in the meat department of a local grocery store. She knows everything about meat. Mom went there yesterday to buy me more good food from the meat department. Miss Christy turned her onto beef marrow bones, which are currently cooking downstairs in the crockpot. I have to wait two days for those to be ready. She also told Mom about calf liver, which they carry in the freezer department. Miss Christy said it has the highest amount of quality protein you can get. Mom fixed me some yesterday and OMD, it is about the bestest thing ever.

For lunch today I had ground beef. Since I had liver yesterday, I said, “Come on Mom, you can do better than this,” so she served it to me at the table on one of her good anniversary dishes. That wasn’t quite what I meant. So she said, “Fine. I am putting it on the floor and you can eat it or not.”

Isn't this the same stuff you tried to give me at the table?
Isn’t this the same stuff you tried to give me at the table?

Hey, this cooked beef is really good!
Hey, this cooked beef is really good!

wait, where did it all go?
Wait, where did it all go?


I’ve Been Feeling Better Video

Mommy started up my meds again, the ones that settle my tummy and the lower areas, and I feel better. I am still being picky about my food. I don’t mean to be. It’s just that some things still don’t taste right. OK, the truth is, why eat kibble when you can eat canned? Why eat canned when you can eat hamburger? I mean, right?

Dad wanted to video me last night so all my friends could see I am still alive and barking. Huh? I coerce Mom into spoon feeding me now. How, you ask? Easy, peasy. I just refuse to eat out of my bowl! And when I am done, I let her know. I remembered partway through this supper that I should be eating home cooked chickie boobies or home cooked beef patties. Oh, and it’s true…the camera does put 20 ounces on you.

Pee S: Sorry about the potty part. Dang it, Dad, do you have to record everything?