Big Girl Time

It’s me, Xena the humiliated. I mean, one drop of blood on the library chair, and I have to wear my Big Girl Panties. I’m so embarrassed!

I’ve decided Angel Lexi was right about clothes. Phthhh.

The good news is that this is the last Big Girl Time for me ever! I am going to get my Big Girl Surgery in January or February. I got all the good I’m going to get out of my whore moans. And I might even be out of my diapers Big Girl Panties by Christmas Day.

I don’t think anyone can see me in my fort.

Hey, I never got to finish telling you about what else happened (and didn’t happen) at my weekend away for Freestyle. As you know, I won my first title on Saturday. And I told you we were going back the next day to see if I could get an even better score. Well, when we woke up in the morning, there was a drop of blood on the sheets and I was swollen you-know-where. So Mommy had to pack up and take me home. But it turned out to be a false alarm. By the way, we are still waiting for our video of my performance. It sure does take them a long time!

Isn’t it supper time? I sure hope Mommy finds me here to give me food!

Moans, from Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

Big Girl Panties

Overnight, my big girl time came to visit. I got some yicky blood on Mommy’s bed sheets, but she’s not mad. She said everything comes out in the wash. I feel all “off” today. I thought it might make me feel better to hug my blankie for a while.It did help a little bit. For a little while.

I don’t have to wear my big girl panties when I go outside, so Lucy went out with me in the dog lot until it got too hot.

Then, when we came back in and the panties got put back on me, I felt embarrassed and  I hid under the pillow in my kennel. Oh, that’s where my blue bone went!

Toward the middle of the afternoon, I fell into despair. Isn’t this ever going to end?

Finally, I asked Mommy to baby hold me. I’m so glad she was home with me today.She  held me and loved on me every time I asked for the rest of the day. Those were the best parts of the day – other than food time. Oh, and our walk was good, too.  I sure hope this is all over by tomorrow.

For now, I am going to just make a pillow sandwich with me in the middle and try to sleep this whole thing off. 

Mommy changed me into clean panties. You might have noticed these are the green ones. The blue ones are now in the wash, along with my Warrior Cape.

Goodnight, everyone. I am Xena the Schnauzer wearing my Big Girl Panties.

Xena’s Mom here with a word about why Xena is not yet spayed. I know this can be a rather hot topic. It is not because we are being irresponsible or that we are going to breed her. It is for her future health. Both her breeder and her vet recommend at least 2 to 3 estrus cycles before spaying. When the time comes, I will be exploring the option of a partial hysterectomy, leaving her ovaries intact to continue to give her the hormones that help her body in so many ways.  I urge you to go here to read about the newest findings of early spays/neuters.

I’m a Big Girl Now

I feel lousy.

Of all the humiliating things to happen in life…I’ve been “on my period” for over a week. It sucks. I hate my diapers.

Mommy says I am a big girl now, but these make me feel like a baby again. And not in a good way. I never had to wear these things when I was a baby.

Mommy got me what she calls “big girl panties.” I think that’s a fancy name for washable diapers. She has to safety pin them to my shirt so they don’t slide off. It’s ’cause I’ve got a stubby little tail like Angel Lexi, so there’s nothing to keep them in place but a pin and a prayer. Mommy even stuck me with the pin last night. Was it my fault I was moving around trying to see what she was doing? Now I know why she says, “Ow!” a lot when she changes me.

And to make things worse, I’ve had the squirts since Saturday. I feel lousy. I can’t make it outside in time so I have quit even trying. Then I have to get my bummie washed and a clean diapie on. And sometimes the nasty stuff squirts out of the diapy hole where my tail is supposed to be. It’s all very icky.

Since my period started, I don’t take my toys out to the hallway at work anymore. I don’t go to Miss Beth to get baby-held anymore. I don’t even play with Lucy anymore. I understand (sorta) that this misery will make the hormones do their job in making my bones good and other things like that. She says I only have a few more days of feeling down, of my emotions going crazy. I wonder if she has ever been through this.