Grooming with Mom

Hi friends! It’s me, Lucy, back with all the news worth reporting from the Groom Room. Today I want to introduce a new pup by the name of Gryff. But before I do, it’s important for you to get the back story (that’s a reporting term, you know) on how this all happened. First, though, here is Gryff before being groomed.

The day before Gryff came over, the Groomer aka Mom was grooming another little shih tzu, who we will just call “Ann” to protect the innocent. She’s been here a couple of times before, and is a sweet, if squirmy pup, under a year old. When the Groomer was done, she let “Ann’s” Mom know to come get her. Her Mom replied that her husband would pick up “Ann.” Mom packed me and Xena in the car to go to the vet, so we could leave as soon as “Ann” went home. We sat in there for almost an hour waiting, while Mom, er, the Groomer sat in the groom room with “Ann” in her lap, also waiting, for the pick up. Fifty minutes and several phone calls later, the husband showed up with both a stinky attitude and stinky breath. Mom, er, the Groomer figured out right away that he had been watching football and was unhappy about having to come pick up “Ann.”

We missed our vet appointment (I love going to the vet and always want to stay with those fun people) and we had to get out of the car. Mom called Dad and vented. She was really mad. She said if the guy had even said he was sorry, she would have been over it. But no, not even a thanks. Anyhoo, Mom finally asked God to take away the anger and forgive her for her mean thoughts. You won’t believe what happened next! A lady texted her saying “Ann’s” Mom had given her Mom’s number and she wanted to make a grooming appointment for her shih tzu! Mom called her and Gryff came the next day. Here he is after his groom.

Mom felt like God had answered her prayer, and not only forgave her, but sent her a blessing.

This is Lucy, Ace Reporter, signing off.