It’s My Birthday! by Chia

I told you there was a surprise today, didn’t I?! It’s the day we celebrate my birthday, since I couldn’t remember the actual day in July to tell my new pawrents 17 months ago. They said I am a real fire cracker, so they decided the 4th of July would be an appropriate day to celebrate. I was extra good this morning. I didn’t jump all over Mom in the bed, but curled up next to her after Dad gave me my breakfast. I didn’t growl (play) at Lucy or just cause general havoc. I’ve been on my best behavior all day!

So, I know you’re just panting to know what I did today. Or maybe you’re panting ’cause it’s so doggone hot outside right now. Anyhoo, I had my very first trip to the dog park — before it got hot outside.. It was just me and Mom and Dad. Guess what happened when we got inside the huge fenced area. Mom took off my halter and leash!! I ran all around, from side to side and front to back. In the past, I’ve had to “escape” to run like that!

I saw some bigger dogs in a separate area on the other side of a fence and I wanted to go play with them, but I couldn’t get in there.

So I ran along the fence and some of those nice dogs ran along with me on the other side of the fence. What I wasn’t counting on was that my fence ran out before theirs did. Look to the right of where I am standing, at that chain link. I was running really fast, watching the other dogs, and, as they kept running, mid-leap I bounced right off that fence. It kinda gave some, then threw me back the way from where I had come. By the way, BellaDharma, I landed on my feet like a cat!

I tried to ignore Mom and Dad almost falling off the bench ’cause they were laughing so hard! Speaking of Mom and Dad, I kept coming over and jumping between them on the bench to say, “Hi! Thanks for bringing me here!” I wanted to be sure they knew I appreciated this birthday treat and was being a good girl so they would bring me back. I don’t think Dad was even upset when I got his short pants all muddy, either. After a certain dog on the other side of the fence left, Mom decided it was safe for us to go over to the Big Dog Lot. I surprised them by ignoring the other dogs and running all around this super big area looking for a way out securing the borders. After about 90 minutes I got my harness back on and pulled them to the car (no, I wasn’t worn out from running most of that time!)

When we got home I got another surprise…a birthday bath! Grrrr.

Seems like it’s a tradition around here…one that should be banned.

Next was our treat puzzles.

We all got to play. But I graduated to one of the great big ones, cause I’m two now!

Lucy used it last time, but she had some trouble figuring it out. So she and I traded and, well, I hate to admit it, but I had some trouble with it too. Mom showed me how to take the white plastic bones out and then I could move the red thingies around to get what was under them. Lucy finished hers that used to be mine and came over to help me. I said, “NO! I’ve got this!”

Then Xena showed me how to throw the white bones onto the floor and flip the tops of the red thingies. I let her have a treat or two for helping. When we were all done and Mom was picking everything up to put away, she couldn’t find two of my white bone thingies. Then she caught me in the next room with them. I figured if I destroyed them, it would be much easier to use the puzzle next time. Drat, I wasn’t quick enough!

After the folks ate a late lunch, I got my present.

You can stop singing now and give me my present, please. I know you’re holding it behind your back.

A Rat! What could be a better present for a part-Jack Russell Terrier?!

Come on, Mr. Rat, I’ll show you around.

I took Mr. Rat to the dog lot and showed him all around, like the best places to poop and the best places to dig up stones. Then, to everyone’s surprise, I brought him back in.

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for the best birthday ever!

You can stop mooning everyone now, Mr. Rat.
Hmmm, he seems a bit shy, but I’ll get him to pose for a picture next time.

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*Wags and Wiggles and Love* Birthday Girl Chia

Flashback & Nature Friday: Grounded at Dog Park

Xena: Guess what! I get to do Flashback Friday again. This one is from August of 2018 when I was barely two years old. Keep reading….

Lucy: Xena, you are the only dog I know that can get grounded at the dog park. It was our third day in a row going there. You just don’t know when to shut your mouth. You were inciting riots with all your barking. And Mom said she was getting a headache. Xena: Please stop lecturing me. I paid the price. I had to sit with boring Mommy while you played with the other dogs. I wanted to run and play too. (and bark more)

Xena the Benched Schnauzer Warrior Princess

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Selfie Sunday: Xena, Lucy & Mom at the Dog Park

We’re joining The Cat on My Head for their Selfie Sunday blog hop.

Mom, look at the camera phone. I’m about to do our selfie.

You blew it Mom. Hey, what are you looking at anyhow?

Oh no, my beard got really dirty at the park. But wait, look over there at Lucy. Let’s help her do her selfie while she’s got two droolcicles goin’ on.

Te he, he. I’ll pay later for this one, but it’s worth it! And she’s covered in dirt. Bet she gets a bath when we get home.

Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess and Lucy with a droolcicle.

Nature Friday

We are joining Arty, Jakey, Rosy and Sunny of the LLB Gang for Nature Friday, and thank them for hosting it.

Xena: During October we are usually up at Rock City dancing and drinking beer at Rocktoberfest.

Lucy: I don’t dance there or drink beer. I could be a Baptist dog.

Xena: Well, I decided I’m Episcopalian, and I do both. Here’s proof I dance, and drink beer.

Lucy: But this year that stupid Covid-19 thing kept them from having the month-long celebration. So instead, Mom’s been taking us to the Greenway, only about 10 minutes from the house, instead of almost an hour away up the mountain to Rock City.
We usually walk one or two hours on the different trails. This is the main trail that is all pebbly stones, where all the other trails start. The whole Greenway is at the foot of what is called Big Ridge.

Can you see the big hill behind us? There’s a road goes up there, and people live in nice houses near the road. I think I’d be afraid I would fall off!

After we walked some of the trails, Mom has started taking us into the dog park area where we are allowed to run off-leash. There was a huge white dog there who made me look little. He was friendly, but I rolled over onto my back just to let him know I didn’t want to be in charge.

Xena: Yep, y’all shoulda seen her acting like a sissy. I stood up to the other dogs and barked at them to let them know who was really in charge!

Lucy: Sure right, while you were in Mom’s arms! When Mom put you down, one of the dogs came toward you and you thought you were being attacked. I saw you run between the two dogs who were my size, screaming in your highest pitch. It sounded like someone was killing you, but you were running in the wrong direction, BOL, BOL!

Xena: Grr. I was using my Xena Princess Warrior scream, just like Lucy Lovelace used to do on the TV show. And she runs right into the midst of them screaming like that, just like I did!

Lucy: Yeah, well, I’m pretty sure she keeps her eyes open when she does it.

Love and wiggles from Lucy and Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

Grounded at Dog Park

Lucy: Xena, you are the only dog I know that can get grounded at the dog park. It was our third day in a row going there. You just don’t know when to shut your mouth. You were inciting riots with all your barking. And Mom said she was getting a headache. Xena: Please stop lecturing me. I paid the price. I had to sit with boring Mommy while you played with the other dogs. I wanted to run and play too. (and bark more)

Xena the Benched Schnauzer Warrior Princess

Dog Park Antics

Xena: Since Mom hasn’t been going to those work places, me and Lucy have had her full attention all day, every day.

Lucy: You have a distorted since of time, sister. Mom has been on her computer job hunting and reading blogs from our friends, and cleaning and doing other stuff.

Xena: Well, yesterday and today she took us to the dog park for 87 hours and we had a blast! The temperature was finally cool enough in the morning that we didn’t have heat strokes. 

Lucy: I did love to run, run, run with everyone. And I watched for new dogs coming in so I could make new friends.Xena: Yep, you rolled on your back, Lucy Goosey, and waved your paws while I hopped up and down and barked at them.Lucy: Did you even notice that both days, you were the only one barking? Mom calls you the Mouth of the South, but everyone at the park called me Sweet.

Xena: How could I notice, Luce the Sweet Goose? I couldn’t hear anything over my own barking! Hey, did you see me chase that giant American Bulldog that came in last? He had big junk hanging between his back legs like Achilles used to have.  

Lucy: I saw you, and so did Mom. We were both watching to be sure you didn’t turn into dog chow.  I know you saw him knock over that other dog who was about your size and growl and slobber all over his black furs. We left a few minutes after that.Xena: Yep, he knew not to mess with me.  It was a lot of fun to run with you and the other big dogs, though. And today I got to rule over Gracy, the Pyrenees mix.

Lucy: That reminds me, why are you in the big dog side?

Xena: Mommy said you are too big to be allowed into the small dog side, and there is only one of her, so I had to play with the big dogs. I kept up with everyone, too. I’m 87 months younger than you, so I have tons more energy. Last night you totally crashed.

Xena: If you can’t run with the big dogs…stay on the porch – or the little dog side of the park.

Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess running with the Big Dogs


Sweet Lucy

This Little Piggy Went to the Dog Park

The weather today was perfect: 72 degrees and slightly overcast. What to do on a day like this? Dog park! So off went me, Mom, Dad and Gracie.  I was sniffing all around the little dog side of the park – I am sure we went to that side because of Gracie – when things got interesting. This is what showed up.

I think he was a dog, not a pig. He sure sounded like a pig. I may need Riley to verify that for me when he gets here next week. (He is now the pig expert in the family.) Did you know that the tops of the water drains on the Cathedral of Notre Dame in France are made to look like a French bulldog? Yep, that’s your trivia for the day.