Sunday Selfie with Riley, Ratto, Chia & Racky-D

Hi friends, and a big woofin’ thanks to The Cat on My Head, for hosting Sunday Selfies.

Riley here. Did I tell you Mom Amy took me to a doggie dermatologist? Oh yeah, I remember now, I told you. The Atopica pills for my allergies didn’t work out. They gave me the squirts and lots of cramping. Even a lower dose gave me the squirts. Dang, and I was getting so much more raw hamburger because of those pills, too! Mom Amy’s mad because she spent so much money on them and the doc won’t even take back the box that isn’t open. Harumph. Guess we’re done going there. Too bad. I really liked them.

On to what else is happening around here. The other evening I spotted Chia on the couch with her Ratto, aka uh, well, I don’t remember the other names. Don’t give me any flack about that, Chia. I might be 12, but I still have all my huge, sharp teeth!

So, as I was saying, I grabbed Ratto and played tug-o-war with Chia. I have to give her credit, she put up a good tug-o-war fight, but, of course, in the end, I won. She kept coming at me, trying to get Ratto back. Guess what I did! Ratto ended up where Chia wouldn’t dare to even try to grab him!

It was bedtime, so Ratto was my pillow all night! Hmm, I wonder where my Racky-D is???

Well, I’m sure he’ll show up, maybe playing with the other stuffies.

Happy Sunday, everyone! Riley

Riley on Selfie Sunday

Hi folks, I get to do the selfie today in honor of Angel Mau at The Cat on My Head. There are those extra special companions who deserve special recognition. I hope I will be one of them when I am gone.

Do you remember me getting a new stuffie for my birthday on May 1? At that time I hadn’t decided whether to cherish it or deadie it, so I didn’t name it. That all changed not long ago.

Here is Raccoon Dog with me in my bed for my Sunday selfie. Racky-D for short. In case you were wondering it was Chia who took his eye. I almost lost my right eye, too, and it’s been cloudy ever since. So I took that as a sign that we should be friends.

Hoping everyone’s having a good Sunday. I’ve started on a new food, and I think it must be close to supper time. I can’t wait to lick my bowl clean again. OK, so gotta go and see if supper’s being served.

*wags* Riley and Racky-D.

Spring Baths on Aww Monday

Mommy washed my bedding and put fresh spring cases on the pillows in my kennel. Looky, my stuffies got a good bath and “air” dry. Now they don’t carry any germs, especially with Easter Bunny appearing from who knows where.

The Mom: Xena, your beard sure looks crunchy. How long’s it been since you had a bath?

Stuffies: Uh oh, wanna bet who’s getting a shampoo and blow dry next? Let’s go with Lucy to watch.

Will someone please throw me a towel?

Xena the Germ-Free Schnauzer Warrior Princess

Thanks to Comedy Plus for hosting Awww Mondays.

Bye Bye Rudy

This picture was taken just before Rudy found out he was leaving. While we were playing we heard that noisy rooster across the street. Rudy joked, “Why did the chicken cross the road? Answer: So Lucy and Xena didn’t eat him!” BOL, BOL, BOL! Everyone laughed so hard they fell over.

And just look at that silly Chippy. Prissy, Bunny and Rudy almost passed out from laughing so hard, but Chippy is still laughing. I was sitting there thinking about if I could catch that chicken!

But it’s time. Today, we put away all the Christmas decorations. Mommy said it’s too depressing to put them away right after Christmas, so she waited until she could put out some decorations for Valentine’s Day. Anyhoo, Santa saw everything Christmas being put in bins and stored in the attic. And when he saw the sunshine and felt the warmth of a beautiful sunny day, he declared it was time to leave.

Bye, bye Rudy and Santa. Are you sure you have to go?

Of course Rudy is going with him. I’ll miss Rudy; he’s so much fun. But, as Santa pointed out, I still have my new friends to get to know better and to play with, as well as most of my old favorites. Safe travels, Santa and Rudy, and see you next Christmas!

Introducing Priscilla

I got two new puppies and a chipmunk for Christmas. Oscar is my schnauzer puppy stuffie. His beard is as crazy as mine! My other puppy didn’t have a name. If you didn’t see my Christmas Day post, you can click here. I mentioned then that my sweet new puppy with the long ears needed a name and asked for help, but the only one to respond was Kismet, who suggested “Dumbo” because of her really big ears. That is not just politically incorrect, it’s just plain mean. That made me realize it was up to me to find her a name.

I know she’s a girl because she’s wearing a pink collar. And she does have big ears, sorta like a hound dog. So that got me to thinking. Mr. Elvis used to sing a song about a hound dog and I think his favorite person was Priscilla, so, even though that Priscilla wasn’t a hound dog, I thought maybe my new puppy’s name should be Priscilla. And I could call her Prissy for short, kinda like Mommy calls me Xee and Xee Xee.

I’m teaching Prissie all kinds of new things.

She’s already learned to jump/climb up on the magical red chair. Please don’t pay any attention to the plaid duck tape on the top of the chair. That will soon be a “last year’s” mistake. And I’m sure any new teeth marks will be from Priscilla as she is teething, right?

Prissy likes to look out the window with me.

I’m teaching her how to watch for things to bark at watch for possible threats. That way, when she grows up, she could be our security dog while Ludwig is away for the winter.

She’s also been watching me practice all my new Freestyle figures. Pretty soon I’ll have a whole new routine to all new music. It’s going to be great!

Anyhoo, I wanted to let you know that the naming contest is over and no one won the trip to…

Lucy: Xena, what the dog are you barking about now? There was never a naming contest!

Xena: Shhhhhhh.

I’m asleep.

I am Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

A Christmas Recap (or What I Got for Christmas)

Xena: Me and Lucy had a great Christmas with Uncle Bill and Aunty Jen and Ella and Achilles. We all opened our pressies Christmas morning, and I got a santa that makes crinkly sounds that I don’t really like, and a great new bear.

Lucy: They are for me, too, Xena.

Xena: You don’t like to play with them, so they’re mine. But I will be kind and give you the crinkly santa thingie.

   I love my new bear friend.

Anyhoo, Mommy asked me today why I keep taking my new bear friend (who I haven’t thought of a name  for yet – any suggestions?) into the bathroom and leaving him/her there. All I could say is, “Why not?” Ya know, it’s not my fault if I take new bear with me through the house and she/he doesn’t follow me back, right? 

Lucy: Mom and Dad got home just before our aunt and uncle left. That was a good present. Then our peeps brother Andrew came over for a while, too.

Xena: And then, on the day after Christmas, Mommy brought out all these new pressies for us that she had been hiding.

Lucy: I got new jammies. I’ve never had jammies before, and I’m not sure if they look OK on me. At XXL, they are the largest that carries. Mom says I am just a beautiful big girl. They are soft and warm, so whenever it gets cold, I will be cozy, especially now that I’m not allowed to sleep in the bed with Mom and Dad any more. But that’s a story for another time.

Then Mom helped us open our other pressies. I kept my jammies close so Xena didn’t take them.

Xena: I we got two bags of treats. One of them is Stella & Chewy’s Wild Weenies Grass-fed Lamb. The other one is Dr. Jodie’s Natural Pets N-Trail Mix with lamb liver and spleen, grass fed beef kidney,  turkey heart and gizzards, and pork brain. Mmmm. They are both freeze-dried raw, so they fit nicely into our raw diet.

And I got a treat puzzle! I’m so excited about that ! I tried one at an agility classes, and I got really good at it.  You see, all you have to do is smell where the treat is, then move the circle thingie out of the way with your mouth or paw. I always go back and double and triple check that I got every single one. I think that’s called being detail-oriented.

Lucy: I wanted to try it, but Xena wouldn’t let me.

Xena: Too slow, Luce. You snooze,  you lose. (Especially when it comes to a schnauzer and treats!)

Lucy: Mom got a pressie from Dad that me and Xena just didn’t quite understand. They moved with her when she walked.

Mom laughed and said, “Leave them alone,” and “They’re not toys.” But we think otherwise.  By the way, do I look odd in this picture? I think it’s just the camera angle, right?

Xena: Wrong.

Lucy: Be quiet Xena.  So, can you see that they have stained beards, just like Xena? The bad news is that one-size-doesn’t-fit-all, contrary to what the ad said. So Mom got the company to agree to pay for return shipping with her refund. She called it “false advertising.”

That’s the end of our Christmas recap, friends. We hope you had a good holiday, too. Love and wiggles from Xena the Schnauzer Princess Warrior and Lucy

Xena: Pee S. I have decided that my new bear is a girl and I think I will name her after my aunty and call her Jen Jen (unless you have a better name.


Ludwig Returns

Ludwig! What are you doing here?I only wish to see you again, meine Prinzessin.  I look longingly on your beautiful face. May I stay and speak with you?Well, I guess that won’t hurt anything, especially since I’m done with my special big girl time.

I know this is true. I no longer smell that about you, Meine wunderschöne Prinzessin. *clears throat* It would make me so very happy to get a kiss. Just ein kleiner on my cheek?Like that, Herr Ludwig?

Now what are you doing? Bear! Stop the scoundrel from getting in my bed!

Ludwig! How did you get over there so fast?Please, meine Prinzessin Xena, I mean you no harm. Even a fierce bear cannot keep me from your love. I must kiss your sweet lips.To be continued…

My Work Week

First, before I say anything else, I want to tell you about a wonderful new device Mom gave me that has changed my life…well, at least my night. But Mom has been remiss in taking pictures, so she says I need to wait to say more. *whine* Soon, I promise.

Three times a week my day starts out the same as any other day – you know, out to potty, in the kitchen to eat brekkies, out to potty. But that is where it takes a turn.  I get my face – and sometimes all of me – washed. And brushed. And get one of my cuteness walking vests on. Then I get in the car and shake most of the way to the church. I’m still working on that bravery thing.

Once at work, there is the obligatory greeting people and deciding if I should wag, growl, bark or hide. Sometimes Miss Beth comes in and puppy holds me. It has become our “thing.” Have I mentioned that I love Miss Beth? I would like to take her home with me, but she says, “No thank you, I have my own home.”

Every day I carry my work equipment to the hallway outside our office. From there I can better see everyone coming and going.

By mistake I followed Mommy downstairs to the Parents’ Day Out area. There were lots of little people there, and one wanted to pet me. I tried to flee back to my office, but before I could get away, Mommy picked me up and let the girl pet my back. It didn’t hurt, but I still don’t trust them.

Sometimes Mommy moves all my work equipment back to my bed. By the end of the week I am exhausted.

I rest on the way home, and spend time with Lucy until it is time for Daddy to get home.

Sometimes we play bitey-face. And sometimes Lucy justs licks my beard.

Then I get dumped in the stupid playpen until my folks finish their supper. Before bed, I cuddle up to my Daddy.

So, if you need to talk to me on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, you can just come by St. Luke United Methodist Church or ring me up there at work. I will try to make time to visit with you.

I am Xena the working Schnauzer Warrior Princess

Sisterly Love


Lucy: OK, so first, I want to thank everyone for their support. No one told me I was a bad dog for running off. Ya’ll just told me how pretty I am and to be patient and don’t make my Mom worry about me ’cause she loves me very much.

Xena: Well, it’s true, except for the part of not being a bad dog for running off.

Lucy: I wasn’t talking to you, Xena. I was talking to all my friends who love me. Some day you will love me, too, because I am going to be a wonderful big sister to you. I remember now what it was like coming to a place – even a good place – that was all new and trying to learn what to do.

Xena: You rolled me in the dog lot today. That wasn’t nice. You scared me.

Lucy: I was trying to play with you. I will be more careful next time.

Xena: Mommy got a brand new toy just for me. His name is Racoon. I love Racoon.

Lucy: I am glad you love Racoon, Xena. Mom spent Saturday going to the half off sale at all the area Goodwills. The toys are for all of us. And I got a “new” collar.

Xena: What about my tennis ball?

Lucy: Again, the toys belong to all of us, little sister. Mom threw the ball for you a lot, and you learned it is called “ball.” That was good, Xena.

Then, Mom made sure I had a turn to play, too. She wanted me to remember that she loves me just as much as she loves you, and that we can still have fun together.

Did you know that we stood and watched you play by yourself and do zoomies? I bet you didn’t see Mom look over and smile and wink at me. Do you know what I did then, Xena?

Xena: Did you ask for a treat?

Lucy: No, I winked back!

Xena: No way! I think you’re fibbing, Lucy.

Lucy: Way! You should have seen her mouth drop open before she grinned real big.

Xena: Then Mommy and Daddy took us all – even Riley who mostly ignores me – for a walk. Mommy forgot to bring the camera phone to take my picture. She didn’t realize she needed that picture until after we got home and she went into the bathroom.

Lucy: Xena! You didn’t!

Xena: At least I went to the bathroom in the bathroom. Hey did you see my new cuteness collar? That must have been what kept me out of trouble.

Lucy: The way you acted on the walk, she probably couldn’t have gotten your picture anyhow. You bunny hopped down the road and barked and barked and zigged and zagged and totally wore yourself out.

Xena: *yawn* No I didn’t.

Lucy: Shhh. Goodnight, little sister.

Love and wiggles, Lucy