Sheltering in Place: Ideas for Dogs

Today we join in  Brian’s Home Thankful Thursday         

Lucy doesn’t play with Mom, but Lucy and me, we wrestle and play chase outside in the yard almost every day.

Thankfully, our restrictions are few and our routine has changed very little. We do have Mom and Dad home more, which we both love. But we know it’s not like this for all of our doggie friends, so we looked through Mom’s email and found this info to help with boredom and – Dog forbid – being forced to go potty inside because you’re not allowed outside! Here’s Your COVID-19 Canine Survival Guide.


If you’re a dog parent, you may be in need of a “canine survival guide” while you’re hunkered down at home during the current COVID-19 crisis

Be sure to have at least a month’s worth of pet supplies on hand, including all the things your dog typically needs on a daily and weekly basis

It also may be necessary to train your dog to go potty indoors while you’re quarantined or under a stay-at-home directive

Enriching your dog’s environment during this time is the best way to keep her mentally stimulated, manage her stress level, and avoid problem behaviors

Click here to read the details. There’s lots of fun stuff and helpful information!

Now I’m waiting for Mom to stop working so that we can try out some of these fun new games she has promised to play with me (especially the ones involving treats). I think I’ll go downstairs and remind her.

Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess and Lucy

Freestyle Demo, Here I Come

We are joining Brian for the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.



I AM THANKFUL FOR FREESTYLE! Last Sunday was supposed to be our 6th and final Freestyle lesson in this set. We were asked to demonstrate a short Freestyle routine (more of a phrase, I am told) for the Obedience Club of Chattanooga on the first Friday night of May. It will be during their regular monthly meeting. The class had dwindled to just me, Duke the Dobie , and my new friend Meg the Powder Puff Chinese Crested. This is my buddy Meg:

Meg at FreestyleShe was kinda scared of me at first, but now we are happy to see each other. Anyhoo, our teacher asked if we all felt ready to do our demo (NO) and if we wanted to come in again this past Sunday (YES!).

Me and Mommy have been playing working really hard on our dancing. We take time every day to practice our under leg weaves (I go under Mommy’s legs cause she’s too tall to go under mine), and my backs, and our beginning and ending shapes and tons of other stuff and it is so much fun! Last Sunday we got to do our dance for our class and I we I was the best! In fact, I was so much the best that we get to go last at the demo so that we don’t outshine everyone else before they have a chance to do their dance. My teacher said it will all build up from the less experienced students to us. We have to have an intent. I intend to win. Mommy says, no, (yes!) our intent is fun! So here is what we did.

First was our Entrance. Then we Honored the invisible judges. Then we went into Opening Shape (I was supposed to sit, but Mommy miscued me). Then we did a Leg Weave, then a Serpentine across the floor. Then, after another bad cue, we did a Yahtzee turn and a half circle down to the middle of the floor, where we executed our Closing Shape. I bounced a lot to show how much fun I was having.

Mommy said we need a lot more practice. The teacher said come back on Saturday and we will all work on our dances some more. Yay!

I am Xena the Dancing Schnauzer Warrior Princess


I’m a S.T.A.R. Puppy!

Mommy and me I have been going to my first puppy class for the past six Thursday nights. I’m telling you, it made for an exhausting day. First we went to the church and worked all day. Then Mommy had to find something to do for an hour or two and ended up going to Sonic or McDonald’s where I got to sit in the car with her and watch her eat.

S.T.A.R.  is the name of the class S=Socialization; T=Training; A=Activity; R=Responsibility. I think this might mean I am a T.rained S.ocialist  and a R.esponsible A.ctivist. Now Mommy is shaking her head no, no, no.

All us pups had to pay close attention to the teacher. 

Sweetheart Bear went with me one night. She was very impressed and couldn’t believe everything I had to do at class.

We all had to walk clear around the classroom practicing walking loose on a leash, sitting, laying down, and walking past each other without reacting. I did really good. In fact, Mommy said I was the best one there! *big wiggle and smile*

Well, at least I learned “down,” and to walk next to Mommy while we are in the class and she has treats in her hand.

Mommy got pictures of a couple of my classmates. This funny-looking puppy sat next to me the first night we were there. He was what Mommy calls hyper We didn’t get to be friends.

This  is Amber, the Afghan Hound puppy.She and her folks sat on the other side of us the first night, and from then on we always sat together during class. She tried sticking her biglongnose into my bee-hind, but she stopped once I ‘splained to her that I did not like that and don’t do it again. Do you see her front-hook halter? It’s just like Lucy’s. Mommy ‘splained to her Mom and Pop how good those are, and they got her one. They said it is like magic, te, he.

Last night I graduated! I had to take a test, and I did really, really good. I got a certificate with my name and Mommy’s and Daddy’s name on it. I don’t know why they put Daddy’s name on it since he never ever came to class. Maybe they were just being nice and didn’t want him to feel left out. Mommy gave me more treats, too!Next month me and Mommy Mommy and I will start six weeks of the Tips and Techniques class. If I Mommy does good there, we will go on to Agility Won. Yep, I want to win at agility two! Hmm, Mom is shaking her head no, no, no again. He, he, Mommy, I’m just joking.  (But we really are going to take an Agility Class, too!)

I am Xena the S.T.A.R. Schnauzer Princess Warrior