Arty: Part of the Pack

Arty: Well, I’m still here, so I’m making the best of it. I’ve got my own pack now. Xena’s already explained that she’s in charge. Riley just laughed when she said that. We all ask to go outside a lot. I figured out the doggie door into the dog lot the first day I was here. We go in and out a lot. We all play together, too.

Hey, who’s gonna play with me this time?

Chia: I will! I will! I will!

Arty: OMD! Chia is The Flash! OMD!

Lucy: She’s more like The Blur. C’mon let’s play.

This is Arty, Lucy, and Chia the Flash wishing you a happy weekend.

Thankful for a Playful Riley Thursday

Today we are joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday, with special thanks to Brian for hosting it!

I am very thankful that Chia has brought out the playful puppy in our 11-year-old senior citizen, Riley. With no more pain in his ears, his eye ordeal over and won, a big change in his diet (Healthy Kitchen Human Grade dog food), a regular routine, his own pack, and a one-year-old pup who wants him to play, he is so much healthier and happier. We love our big sweet boy.

Awww Monday Tug-o-War

We are joining Comedy Plus with much thanks for hosting Awww Mondays.

Chia: I’ll play with you, Riley, how Mom just showed me. Please don’t hurt me.

Riley: I won’t hurt you, hotdog. Just remember whose rope this is when we’re through.

Chia: I think I’m winning.

Lucy: I’ll help you, Riley!

While Mom’s Gone

Xena: Hi friends! Let’s catch up. I have questions…

  1. Why has Mommy been working day and night and not taking us for walks?

Lucy: Don’t you know the High Holy Days is only a little over a month away and she has to get lots of stuff ready for it? She’s not only too busy and too tired to go for walks, but she said with the way you’ve been itching, she’s limiting your time outside.

Xena: I don’t like that answer.

2. Where’s Daddy?

Lucy: You sure don’t pay attention. He left earlier in the week for Indiana to see a lot of his family who are driving and flying in. I thinks it’s called a unicorn. Or a reason. Wait, I remember! It’s a reunion.

Xena: I don’t know why he didn’t take us…

3. Where’d Mommy go, and why is our sitter coming over?

Lucy: Sheesh, I’m not getting paid enough for this.

Xena: You’re getting paid?

Lucy: No. Mom went to a place a few hours away to meet up with one of her closest friends who still lives in Pee Aye, where Mom grew up. She’s gonna be gone for a couple of days, but Dad’s coming back tonight in time to feed us.

Xena: OK, now that I’ve got that all cleared up, I’m going to show everybody some pictures and a video Mommy asked me to post while she’s gone so y’all don’t miss us too much, BOL! I’ve had to wear my “cone collar” all the time so I don’t make raw places on my neck and face with my claws. Even with all the special supplements, there’s something right now making me super itchy. Mommy took it off me for a little while so we could all play. (I couldn’t pick up the ball with it on.)

I’m claiming my kennel back from Chia.

Then I got itchy…

That Chia’s a sneaky opportunist and a ball thief.

Lucy was resting on the couch the other night when Chia play-attacked her.

Now Chia’s in my kennel where she doesn’t want to be and I can’t get in it and Lucy and me, we’re just waiting on our Daddy. Oh, Mommy said she’ll be back in a few days to “visit” y’all.

Love and wags, Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess, Lucy and Chia

Thankfuls from Everyone

Today we are joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday, with special thanks to Brian for hosting it!

Xena: I’m thankful that my sister Lucy plays with Chia so it’s not all on me.

Xena: Hey, Lucy, do I need to referee? Looks like she’s got ya’ by the throat.

Lucy: No thanks, I got this. Ow!

Lucy: I’m happy to play with Chia, and also thankful when I get a few minutes of peace.

Here I can think my own thoughts and dream my own dreams.

Riley: I am thankful for the sunshine on my face.

And expecially that I can see out of my right eye after all the pain and doctor visits and surgeries. That’s all behind me now.

Chia: I’m happy to get a turn in the big red chair with the sun on my face and no surgeries and think and dream my own thinks and dreams!

I mean, I’m thankful for those things, too.

Xena: You just copied our thankfuls, Chia.

Love and wags, Xena Schnauzer Princess Warrior, Lucy, Riley and Chia

Lucy the Referee

Today we are joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday. Thanks, Brian! And I am so thankful for my sisters and brother. Lucy

As you know, I have a career as Zen Dog in Mom’s Grooming Business, and Ace Reporter, mostly reporting on Mom’s grooms. Hmm, this seems to have a pattern to it. I also tried my paw at modeling, but I’m not super crazy about getting my picture done, so that didn’t work out very well. However, I may be adding to my resume the title of Referee.

You’ve watched me play with the new pup, Chia. And you’ve seen Xena play with Chia. These events took a few weeks to happen, but weren’t totally unexpected. What was unexpected is who played with this little pup with no boundaries next. When I saw 11-year-old, almost 80 pound Riley go into the play position with Chia, I thought, uh oh, someone needs to monitor this.

Lucy: No hard biting or squishing or grabbing of personal parts.
Chia: I’m gonna get you!
Riley: Mmm, keep scratching my face with those little teeth. It feels good.
Riley: Are we fighting or kissing?
Lucy: I think Chia’s got this.
Riley: Ow! You’re gonna get it now.
Lucy: Riley, don’t hurt her.
Chia: Get away Lucy! I’ve got this!
Riley: Ya think so?
Lucy: One…two…
Riley: I let you up little dog. Do your worst.
Chia: Why don’t you lay down on your back when I do this?
Lucy: Match over and it’s a tie!

Xena and Chia Playing

Wednesday, Lucy and Chia got the entire post. Today is my turn. I know at first I was pretty mean to Chia, but you’ve gotta understand, I had to teach her some boundaries and make sure she understands who is in charge. Lately, it’s been said around the house that Chia has brought out the puppy in me again. Well, I guess it’s possible to be a four-year-old puppy, right? However, I am secretly practicing pretend submission in case I ever need it, as well as honing up on my Warrior Schnauzer Princess skills.

Chia: OK, so here’s how we’re gonna play…

Riley: Hmm, I can’t wait to see what happens next.
Xena: Bwahahahaha. So you think that you can set down the rules? Bwahahahahahaha.

Xena: That’s right, head over my shoulder, then step to the side. Be sure to cross your legs. This is how you dance.

Chia: I don’t wanna dance. I wanna wrestle! Gotcha! Now I’m gonna flip you on your back.

Xena: *thinking* That’s it. I’m playing dead.

Chia: OMD! Did I kill her? C’mon XeXe, wake up! Please don’t be dead.

Xena: I’m not dead, you fool. But come any closer and I might hurt you.

Chia: Can we play again?

Xena: Sure, let’s play “dance”.

And on it went. For an hour. Or maybe 87 minutes.