Dr. Seuss Day 2022

Xena: Hey Lucy, It’s Dr. Seuss Day again! We’ve sure had a lot of fun in the past on Dr. Seuss Day.

Do you remember this one from last year?

Lucy: How could I forget? And it ended up just being Riley! How about the one from a couple of years ago?

That’s when you started writing your short story that turned into a series! So, what do you want to do this year?
Xena: I want to get away from Chia for the day.
Lucy: Amen to that, sister. Do you have anything in mind.
Xena: I found a new Dr. Seuss saying, “You’ll be on your way up! You’ll be seeing great sights! You’ll join the high fliers who soar to high heights.”
I searched the internet and discovered a place that will take us up in a plane and we can jump out! We would really be soaring to great heights then! Just don’t tell Chia.
Lucy: You’ve gotta be crazy, little sis.
Xena: Well, think about it and sleep on it and we’ll woof about it tomorrow.

Both: Woo hoo! Aroooo!!
Xena: We did it, we’re soaring from great heights! We’re flying over the Chattanooga Aquarium! Have you ever been there? It’s like an all you can eat buffet!

Lucy: We actually jumped out of a plane. Do you have a parachute?
Xena: Uh, no. Do you?
Both: Aeiiiiiiiiiii!

The next day…
Lucy: I had this crazy dream…
Xena: So did I…
Lucy: Let’s just stay home and play with Chia today.

Tons of thanks to Sandee at Comedy Plus for hosting Dr. Seuss Day this year!

Fun on Dr. Seuss Day

Thanks to Timmy of Tomcat Commentary, Ranger of The Adventures of Ranger, and Emmy of 15andmeowing for hosting a super fun Dr. Seuss Day blog hop!

Xena: Did you know this is Dr. Seuss Day, Lucy? All kinds of weird and fun things can happen today. Let’s pose for a fun picture.

Don’t look so freaked out. Here, I got us some Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat hats. Let’s put them on and try another picture.

That’s lots better, Lucy. Lucy? Are you there? Are we here? I’m, I’m starting to feel weird. What’s happening? Do you feel it?

What the? Where are we? What happened? I don’t feel like myself.

We’re not at home anymore, Xexe. (And we’re not in Kansas, either.) It’s like these hats are magical. Don’t look back, but there’s a transparent cat behind us on the couch. I think it’s the REAL Cat in the Hat.

So you wanna chase him?

No! Anyhow he’s gone now. What do you think we should do?

Look! When I get on the couch, the Dr. Seuss saying changes to be just for me!

Oops, there goes my hat.

Yep, that sure is you, little sis. Hop down and let me try it!

Dr. Seuss must know I love to get my teeth brushed and I want to keep them all, so they all get brushed! Say, did you hear that noise? I think someone’s coming…they’re getting closer…and closer…*shudder*

Let’s make a run for it!

Riley: What are y’all doin’ with those silly hats on? Come play with me, Lucy.

Our Angel Lexi lived by many of Dr. Seuss’ sayings. Here she is with one of her favorites.