Flower Friday with Xena

Hey Luce, can you believe it’s already been a whole year since I had to pose for this picture?

We had a new azalea last year. That’s the one you posed beside. It’s a nice picture of you, too, Lucy.

That was our new, 3 season azalea. It bloomed again in the spring for a short time. In the spring it looked like this.

Later in the spring, Mommy called the place where she got it, Holcomb’s Garden Center. It had a warranty, and she was thinking about returning it. They told her that it doesn’t bloom continuously for 3 seasons, but it would bloom again in the summer. Well, in the summer, it was deader than a thumbnail.

Lucy: That’s a door nail, Xena.

Xena: Whatever. Anyhoo. by then Holcomb’s was OOB. That’s short for Out of Business. Can you believe it? So now it looks like this.

In case you’re wondering, that’s a hole in the ground where the azalea bush used to be.

Well then today, Mommy ran out to the store without me ’cause we live in the USA where they have stupid laws about dogs and stores and she came home with a mum. Mom came home with a mum! BOL, BOL! So, to kill two words with one stone…

Lucy: It’s birds, Xena. It’s to kill two birds with one stone.

Xena: Why word you want to kill birds? And I really don’t see how you could kill two of them with the same stone. Anyhoo, no matter what you kill with one stone, or if yo don’t want to kill anything at all, or if you just want to kill one word or bird or…

Lucy: Xena, enough. Please just get to the point.

Xena; Mommy decided to put the table out over top of the hole where the azalea used to be and put that mum that is not her on it and take my picture with it again. Happy Flower Friday, folks.

Pee S, The pretty plastic aura around my head is ’cause I itched a hot spot under my ear. More about that later.

Thanks to Rosy from the LLB Gang for hosting another edition of Flower Friday

This and That on Flower Friday

Xena – The Visit Ends: Our visitors finally went home after peeing  being with us for 10 days. 

This is me, Xena, and my new friends, Laila and Louis.
Can I take this bone that I found home with me?
Sorry about ruining your big rug.
Bye, bye, Miss Amy. We liked being here.

Xena – A Hat? No Thanks.  Mommy decided once again to try putting Angel Lexi’s hat on me. A cast member gave it to her when she was in the Wizard of Oz. It has a star on it to show she was the star of the show.

Does my expression tell it all?

Lucy – No board, just groom: Chaz was supposed to stay with us last week, but something happened that his folks couldn’t go away. 

Instead, he just came for a groom. 

Xena – Heat and a flower or something like that: It was hotter than a witch’s ti…

Lucy – Xena! No! 

Xena – What? 

Lucy – The saying is “colder” not “hotter.” 

Xena – Oh. Anyway, it’s been hot. So finally one day there was a slight break in the heat and we convinced Mommy to take us for a walk. I thought I’d better leave as much pee mail as I could, ’cause who knows when we will be out walking again, right? And we even saw some pretty flowers.

Lucy – More visitors coming this weekend: I found out that we are finally going to meet Morty.

I’m not sure how that’s going to go, but we are all hoping for the best.

One thing I am sure about is that I can hardly wait to see Ella again. You know we are tight! So, when I heard she was coming to visit, I shouted out a “Hey, girl” to her. She promptly responded the same to me.

   “Hey girl, hey!”

That went on for a while. Then I said, “I can’t wait to hang out with you. Just one thing, Ella. This here is MY Dad, OK?

She said as long as I understood that Aunty Jen is HER Mom, we’re cool.

                         Oh, solo mio…arrooo!

Xena –  Daddy is MY Daddy too, you know!

This is Lucy and Xena (she means Xena and Lucy) joining the LLB Gang (especially Rosy)  for Flower Friday. 

Fall Flower Friday

Lucy: Mom played supermom and removed old stumps and roots from dead bushes by pushing them out of the ground with her feet. How? Glad you asked. She put her back against the house and pushed with her supermom legs. (When she gets determined, stay out of her way!) She bought bags and bags of new pine mulch and dumped it all over the ground in front of the house. Then, after researching the 3 season azalea bushes on-line, she picked out an Encore Azalea at a plant nursery. She dug and scraped and dug some more and finally got it planted in front of the house, right where she wanted it. I told her to quick, get some pictures, ’cause we all know what happens to most of the stuff she plants, BOL!  Don’t you think the color goes pretty with my furs? 

Xena: Mommy also got a mum. (He, he, I think that is really funny…Mom got a mum.) First, she set it on top of her new mulch, but we live on a hill, so no one could see her pretty flowers from down at the road. So she found an old plastic white table to set them on. She spray-painted a plastic chair Tennessee Vols orange to add even more color to the front of the house and to make the crazy college football people in the neighborhood like her. It was nice to sit in the orange chair and…smell the roses mums.

Be sure to drop by LLB in Our Back Yard to join in the blog hop or just look at more pretty flowers!

Love and wiggles from Lucy and Xena Warrior Princess.


Fall Flower Friday with Vow Renewals

Xena: Oh boy, oh boy, I can’t wait for tomorrow. I’m so excited I don’t think I will even sleep tonight. My Auntie Jen and Uncle Bill are coming to watch Mommy and Daddy get married. 

Lucy: No, no, no! Tuesday was Mom and Dad’s 10 year wedding anniversary. They are already married, Xena the Weinah. And I’m really excited about Ella and Achilles coming with them to play with me.

Xena: Don’t call me names, Lucy Ducey. If they are already married, why are they going to get dressed up and go to the church and have a special ceremony with the priest?

Lucy: They’re getting confirmed. No wait. They’re getting, umm, oh, Xee Pee, you have me all confused now. Wait, I’ve got it! They are doing a Renewal of Vows. 

Xena: But why do their bowels need renewed, Luce the Goose? Can’t they go potty?

Lucy: No, Xena! Vows! Vows! Renewal of Wedding Vows!

Xena: Stop barking at me! Why are they doing that?

Lucy: It was Dad’s idea, and Mom thought it was very romantic, so they are having the same peeps come that were invited when they got married in their back yard 10 years ago. If Mom seems a little sad, too, it’s because Angel Lexi can’t be there this time. Mom gave me this picture to use from 10 years ago.Xena: I see Angel Lexi watching Mommy cut the cake. And that must be Angel Ivy and Angel Lily, too, in the bottom picture.

Lucy: Mom’s even going to wear the same dress. We can’t go this time, but I’ll send some of my hair with her.

Xena: Well, Mr. I Want To Marry You Achilles had better be singing a different tune this time when I see him. I hear he got his junk removed, so maybe he will leave me alone.

Anyhow, I want to do Flower Friday now, like I promised. with some flowers from Rock City’s Rocktoberfest, where I went last Saturday.I don’t know if these ferns count, since they don’t have flowers on them.

I wouldn’t sit still here, and a young guy kept laughing at Mommy trying to take a picture before I moved again.So I got stuck up here on a bale of straw next to these mums that aren’t even blooming yet. Tricky Mommy.


We want to thank Mayor Artie and the gang at LLB in Our Back Yard for hosting Flower Friday. You can visit their blog to see all the other entries. Then vote for me to win.

Lucy: There’s no voting or winning, Xena. It’s a blog hop.

Xena: I am Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess (vote for me)



Fall Flower Friday

Xena: Mommy said I’m the flower of her eye.

Lucy: No, Xena, the saying is apple of her eye, and what she really said is to try harder to catch the pieces of apple she was throwing to you or you might get hit in the eye by a piece.

Xena: But it’s Flower Friday, so I must be the flower of her life!

Lucy: Whatever, Xe. I can never understand your reasoning. But you’re right about one thing… it is Flower Friday. The sun has been shining all week, and Mom took pictures of us on our walk.

On our way down the sidewalk next to the house, we detoured around the bush that Mom hasn’t been able to trim because Charlotte #3 made her web right in the front and won’t move. This large bush is called “Mom hates it ’cause she has to trim it while standing on a ladder.” 

After we got around the bush, we headed down the road in the sunshine, taking our shadows with us.This is not our house or mailbox or address or flowers. Proof is that there are live flowers, BOL! We do not even know what kind of flowers these are, but they are pretty and still blooming in October. And you can see how bright the sun is by how I had to squint my eyes to try to look into the camera.

That’s all the flowers for today, but we hope to have more soon from Rocktoberfest that starts this weekend at Rock City! In the meantime, we want to thank Rosy from llbinourbackyard where you can join the blog hop or visit more nice blogs with anipals and flowers.

Xena: Mommy likes me better than those flowers, right, Lucy?

Lucy: Well, yes, and where are you headed with this?

Xena: I must be the flower of her likes!


I am Xena, Mommy’s favorite Schnauzer Warrior Princess Flower.

Fall Flower Friday

Lucy: This is our first time to join in the Flower Friday blog hop. First, we want to thank Rosy from LLB in Our Back Yard for hosting it.

We went on a walk with Mom around the neighborhood. Mom thinks these are called knock-out roses in one of our neighbor’s yard. Whatever they’re called, this one’s for you, Rosy!After reading all the pee mail and leaving some, too, we went home and ran, ran, ran in the front yard. The grass is long and still wet from the dew and high humidity, so Xena’s legs got soaked.

Xena: So why wouldn’t you come pose in front of the pansies, Luce the Deuce? Here I was, looking my worst wit the sun in my eyes and my tongue hanging out and I still did what Mommy asked.Did you know that pansies are a winter flower in Tennessee? Unless, of course, it gets super cold, then they die. 😦 We love their pretty faces. Mommy got 3 pansies for two dollars when we went to the Home Depot. But that’s a story for another day. I’m panting hot and all wet from run, run, running with Lucy in the front yard. 

Thanks for letting us join in Flower Friday!

Lucy the Deucy and Xena Schnauzer Princess Warrior

Pee S: Mommy can never get the blog hop stuff to work, so be sure to go over to Rosy’s blog (the link is at the top of my our post) and visit with everyone.