Xena and Larry on Nature Friday

We are joining Arty, Jakey, Rosy and Sunny of the LLB Gang with much thanks for hosting Nature Friday.

Xena: I was ready to go to bed, and who do you think was in my bed? Larry the Lemur who I got for my June birthday.

Why are you in my bed, Larry? I didn’t invite you, and I think you should get down.

Larry: “But I love you Xena, and I want to be close to you. I can smell your beard from up here.”

Get off me Larry before your demise becomes a lemurick.

There once was a lemur named Larry.
His body was all orange and hairy.
He picked the wrong dog
To jump on her bod
So he got carried off by an eyrie.

Larry: That’s one mean schnauzer.

Lucy: How do I always seem to be the one the stuffies run to? *sigh*

The Mom: Here’s the actual “Nature Friday” entry.

I got some flowers (no idea what they are) on sale at Lowe’s and repurposed an old grill that I couldn’t even give away on the Next Door app. Now I have to figure out what to do with the extra pot of flowers.

Nature Friday Failure

Lucy: Remember when I said we had better get pictures of these flowers that Mom planted before they died? This is the azalea bush. Or what’s left of it.Xena: Let me take a look, too, Lucy. Oh yeah, remember when it was first planted, and the blooms looked like this? When we passed the dying plant on our way to take our walk last night, I heard Mommy say that she hopes it will come back nice in the spring.

Lucy: Then I heard Dad sort of snort-laugh, real quiet-like so she didn’t know he was laughing at her.

Xena: Hmm, I better check out Mommy’s Mum *chuckle*. Uh, oh, it’s as wilted as my leg hairs after playing in the wet grass. I think she’s going to plant it in the back yard with the cactus that never die and hope that it blooms again next fall.

Do you want to go around the side and check out the pansies?

Lucy: Nah, I already did, and they’re gonners too. Good thing she’s better with us dogs than she is with the plants.

Xena and Lucy: It’s November, and we’re thankful that Mom helps us stay alive and healthy and that we aren’t her plants.

Please join Mayor Arty now for The World’s First Blogville’s Nature Friday!

Your friends, Lucy and Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

Fall Flower Friday

Lucy: Mom played supermom and removed old stumps and roots from dead bushes by pushing them out of the ground with her feet. How? Glad you asked. She put her back against the house and pushed with her supermom legs. (When she gets determined, stay out of her way!) She bought bags and bags of new pine mulch and dumped it all over the ground in front of the house. Then, after researching the 3 season azalea bushes on-line, she picked out an Encore Azalea at a plant nursery. She dug and scraped and dug some more and finally got it planted in front of the house, right where she wanted it. I told her to quick, get some pictures, ’cause we all know what happens to most of the stuff she plants, BOL!  Don’t you think the color goes pretty with my furs? 

Xena: Mommy also got a mum. (He, he, I think that is really funny…Mom got a mum.) First, she set it on top of her new mulch, but we live on a hill, so no one could see her pretty flowers from down at the road. So she found an old plastic white table to set them on. She spray-painted a plastic chair Tennessee Vols orange to add even more color to the front of the house and to make the crazy college football people in the neighborhood like her. It was nice to sit in the orange chair and…smell the roses mums.

Be sure to drop by LLB in Our Back Yard to join in the blog hop or just look at more pretty flowers!

Love and wiggles from Lucy and Xena Warrior Princess.


Fall Flower Friday

Lucy: This is our first time to join in the Flower Friday blog hop. First, we want to thank Rosy from LLB in Our Back Yard for hosting it.

We went on a walk with Mom around the neighborhood. Mom thinks these are called knock-out roses in one of our neighbor’s yard. Whatever they’re called, this one’s for you, Rosy!After reading all the pee mail and leaving some, too, we went home and ran, ran, ran in the front yard. The grass is long and still wet from the dew and high humidity, so Xena’s legs got soaked.

Xena: So why wouldn’t you come pose in front of the pansies, Luce the Deuce? Here I was, looking my worst wit the sun in my eyes and my tongue hanging out and I still did what Mommy asked.Did you know that pansies are a winter flower in Tennessee? Unless, of course, it gets super cold, then they die. 😦 We love their pretty faces. Mommy got 3 pansies for two dollars when we went to the Home Depot. But that’s a story for another day. I’m panting hot and all wet from run, run, running with Lucy in the front yard. 

Thanks for letting us join in Flower Friday!

Lucy the Deucy and Xena Schnauzer Princess Warrior

Pee S: Mommy can never get the blog hop stuff to work, so be sure to go over to Rosy’s blog (the link is at the top of my our post) and visit with everyone.