Sunday Dancing on Happy Tuesday

Me and Mommy go dancing a lot on Sunday afternoons. Our session for this past Sunday got cancelled, so I asked Mommy to help me show you what we did last week. For anyone who doesn’t know what we do, it’s called Canine Freestyle. Mommy always says, “It’s the only dog sport where the dog and the person are equal partners.” Yep, I get to show Mommy my new ideas when we are working up a dance routine to my our music. Oh, oh, and the music has to match my BPM, which is totally different than BM or BP. My Beats Per Minute run from 140ish to almost 150. I am one of those rare canines who really listens to the music and move to match it!

Our teacher asked us to create three phases using one straight line and one curved line in each.

The first one we did was supposed to show athleticism.

Our teacher liked what we did. And it was quick and easy. You may say, “But you are training for an advanced Level 4, so why are you doing this?” It’s cause we have a new student with her Mom and we are helping them understand stuff!

Next we did something that was supposed to show training. The very first part was just the setup. Of course I had to train Mommy to bend her leg right for me to go under. Then I pretended to not know how I was supposed to stand at the end, so we could say , see, this is how to train a pup to face you! It was supposed to be about training, after all.

Our teacher called us a minimalist, but said it was good.

The last exercise is supposed to show grace. I wanted to show how graceful I could be while sitting and laying down. Then I gave in and did what Mommy wanted, but with my own twist on it.

Do you think I showed grace?

I’m glad we had that fun. Now it’s time to get started for real on my Level 4 performance! We only have until around Halloween, you know!

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I Titled!

Hi, it’s me, Xena! I know y’all were waiting to hear, so here I am, letting you know I got my Level 3 Canine Freestyle title. Here’s a picture of me with my ribbons. I can’t eat them, but I’ve been promised some steak for lunch. There’s also a bottle of Prosecca Champagne in the picture. Obviously, I’m not allowed to drink that, either. More about that in a bit.

Can you tell I’m still at the hotel? It’s much nicer than last time, when we went away for me to earn my Level 2B title and Mommy got mad and we changed hotels late at night. This is what happened. Now, before I go on, I want to tell you about my new friend.

On Saturday I met a nice Standard Poodle named Malachi. His Mommy is a dog groomer, just like my Mommy. He has sort of an Asian blend groom, which she did just for our get together in Ohio. He told me when he gets home that he’s getting his legs and body shaved so that he doesn’t have to get brushed all the time. Sounds like a plan.

Malachi was a Level 2. It was his and his Mommy’s first time to try to title. Level 1 is “on-leash” and we’re allowed to skip that level if we (we=the dog and the Mom or Dad) agree that the Mom or Dad can behave off-leash and stay with their dog. Even though Malachi’s Mommy was really nervous, he performed outstandingly with her and they got the equivalent of best in show on Saturday.

On Saturday, Mommy was really nervous and I picked up on that (of course) and I lagged behind and didn’t do everything we had rehearsed. Mommy was really surprised when we titled. We had to get at least 65 points to title, and we got 68.5 points. That is the first ribbon in the picture The second ribbon is for us coming in first in our class (Level 3). It didn’t matter that I was the only dog performing in Level 3. I was still #1! And everyone kept saying how cute I am. That should count for something, too, right? Especially since I had to put up with another bath that morning to be so cute.

Even though we got enough points to win the title, Mommy didn’t think we deserved it. We had a chance to perform again on Sunday to try to get a better score and a performance that didn’t embarrass us both. We knocked it out of the park on Sunday. (I heard Mommy say that, and I could tell it was a good thing.) I couldn’t get titled again, but I did get a score of 70.5 – two points higher – and another first place ribbon. All the other peeps were telling Mommy how great we looked out on the floor, what a great team we were, how we flowed together and gooey stuff like that. I even made up a new Freestyle figure toward the end. Mommy did real good following me, too! Now that’s teamwork.

Did you see that bottle of champagne in the first picture? My new friend Malachi won a bottle and wine glass just like that on Saturday. Mommy kept looking over at the one still there on Sunday, thinking, I sure would like to win that.

At the very end of every Freestyle event, one or two dogs and their people get called up to the front. Mommy was thinking Let is be us, let it be us. And it was!! It was us and Malachi!

I tied with Malachi for the award for High Artistic Achievement and the Joan Tennille award. (Joan Tennille and her husband Carl were the founders of the Canine Freestyle Federation.) I won that bottle of champagne and the glass for my Mommy! And Malachi’s name and my name will be engraved on the Joan Tennille plaque. I’m famous!

I am Xena the Title 3 Schnauzer Warrior with two titles, three new ribbons, and a half empty bottle of champagne.

Pee Ess: We’ll post my video as soon as my Daddy – who was the official videographer – gets it ready.

Guess Where We’re Going!

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Lucy: This weekend I get to go stay with my friend Aoife (Eefa) and Aoife’s Mom and her brother. Her brother’s name is Rauiri (Rory). We haven’t met yet, but I am sure we’re going to be good friends too. This is Aoife.

Aoife is a sof-coated wheaten terrier.

Their Mom is so super nice, I’m wagging all over just thinking about visiting them for a few days. I’m so, so glad I don’t have to ride almost 10 hours in the car and then stay by myself all day Saturday and again on Sunday in a strange place. I can hardly wait to go on my own vacation to Aoife’s!

Xena: This weekend I get to ride in my car kennel a long, long way to Cleveland, Ohio to dance to my music and get my next Freestyle title! We’re going to stay in a nice hotel so we don’t have to get up in the middle of the night and move to a different hotel like last time. Me and Mommy have been practicing all our figures a lot in the basement, and I know just what to do. Daddy’s going to be the videographer – not just for me, but for all the dogs. I might even tell the other dogs that he’s my daddy! Do you remember when I got my first title? It was a year ago last November, before the pandemic thingie hit. If you missed it, or just want to smile again, you can see it by clicking here.

I have to decide which of my stuffies are going with me.

Mommy, I can’t choose. I don’t want to leave anyone behind now that Riley got his cone off. And they all are begging to go!

Mom: Dont’ worry, Xexe. I’ll help a couple of the smaller ones into your travel kennel and they will be waiting there for you when you hop in to go. And I’ll make sure everyone else is safe in your home kennel or up high where you-know-who can’t reach them.

Good! I’m going to go to sleep now so Friday comes faster!

We are Lucy and Xena, the visiting and traveling and performing girls!

Friday Freestyle

Hi everyone! Guess what I’ve been doing on the weekends…Freestyle training! I even got a new kennel to use when I’m at the Obedience Club of Chattanooga (OCC). I think Mommy laid it down on it’s side, he, he, but it still worked. Don’t I look pretty in purple?

Mommy said I get to stay in it for a while every time we are at training – and each time further away from her – so I don’t bark and carry on when we get to the Trial in May. Mmm hmm. sure Mommy, I’ll let you keep thinking that. Then surprise!

In our club there’s just me and Mommy and the little pug mix Nina and her Mom Julia. Julia is officially Mommy’s trainer. When she gets Mommy to do it right, everything works better…even me! This video is from the last time we were there rehearsing and learning better ways to do things. Please remember we are what’s called a work in progress. Heck, even the music is. Mommy edited the music and Daddy hasn’t gotten around to smoothing it out yet, so please don’t judge. I’ll have enough of that up in Cleveland, Ohio in May.

We hope you have a real good weekend with lots of together time.

Love and hops, Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

ISO-Lympics Freestyle Way

Thanks to Bella, Roxy and Dui’s for hosting the Blogville ISO-lympics

I’m doing Freestyle dancing for the ISO-Lympics! This is intended to delight and amuse you while Sheltering in Place. I happily accept a gold medal for my efforts!

XOX Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

My Super-Best Ever Day

You are looking at one tired and happy, happy puppy…me! Xena! I’ve had so many firsts this weekend, and they’ve all been great.

Let me start at the beginning, ok? Since Mommy started working at the Jewish synagogue, I haven’t been allowed to go to work with her except for that one time when I was getting my allergy testing, almost a year ago. So imagine my surprise when she gave me a bath very early on Friday morning and loaded me into my crate in the car. I shook for about 5 or 10 minutes, then settled down for the rest of the ride to…guess where. Bet you can’t guess! Work! This was 1st number one. I got to go in the synagogue and meet Mr. Billy Joe, who let me follow him around as he cleaned and did other stuff. I met Mr. Lester, too, who let me help him put away important books in the book closet.

When we were done with our work, I laid in Mommy’s office until it was time to go. She said we were only working a half day, ’cause we had a long drive ahead of us. We were going for me to get my first Freestyle title!

We drove about 87 hours from Chattanooga, on the big road through the mountains, winding back and forth and back and forth, until we got to a city called Greensboro in North Carolina. This was 1st number 2. I’ve never been on a trip befoe. We checked into a motel called the Red Roof Inn. Mommy said this is where the Freestylers from out of town were staying. We walked into our room with all our stuff, right into a big puddle of water on the floor by the sink and potty room. Back to the office we went, with all our stuff loaded back in our car, and were given a key card to the next room down. This was 1st number 3. I’ve never stayed in a hotel before.

Nom, nom, nom.

The first thing I did after we got in our new room was eat my dinner. So far, so good. By now it was late, at least 6 o’clock, and we were both tired, so we just hung out in the room listening to Mommy’s new Stephen King audio book. Around 9 o’clock, we were both nodding off and were ready to turn off the lights, when workmen who were staying there gathered outside their room – which was right next to ours – talking loud and coming and going in their loud work trucks. That went on for 87 minutes and they finally went away. Almost as soon as they left, another group of work men, speaking another language, took their place. They were smoking, too, and it was coming in through the air conditioner, making us miserable. Mommy gets really grouchy when she is too tired. She called the office three – yes, three- times. Someone kept coming down telling them to be quiet, and that worked for less than five minutes each time. Finally Mommy opened our door – while she was in her jammies – and told these guys that they were keeping her awake and to please be quiet. They said they were sorry and were quiet until the door shut. Mommy opened the door again – still in her jammies – and told them that she wasn’t going to warn them again, that next time she was calling the police, and slammed the door closed. This was my 1st number 4. I’ve never seen Mommy so teed off and yelling at a bunch of big men before. They finally went inside, where we could hear them throwing dice and hollering and laughing. Next thing we knew, the alarm on their big truck started blasting. At that point, Mommy called the office again and told the guy who answered that she was getting dressed, packing the car, and coming down to get a full refund on both nights. It was now 11:30 at night, so the clerk made Mommy come around to the night window, pushed the printout with the credit card refund through the slot to her and muttered something in another language that we didn’t understand. Mommy thought about sleeping in the car, but it was getting pretty cold. There was a Motel 6 right next door, so in she went. They liked dogs there, and room access was from an inside hallway, so we decided to stay there.

I wish you could calm down, Mommy, so we could both get some sleep.

Mommy was so over-exhausted and so worked up that she couldn’t fall asleep for a long time. Six-thirty o’clock came way too soon the next morning, but a shower (for Mommy) and a breakfast (for me) got us going. Back into the car and another 30 minute drive took us to a city called Winston-Salem, North Carolina. That’s where the Freestyle event was. I thought I would go in, do our routine, get paid, and leave. Boy, was I wrong.

Isn’t it my turn yet?

Oh, and this was 1st number 5. I’ve never competed in a Freestyle event before. When the trial finally started, they had to get through all the beginner dogs who were doing something new called “Phrases,” plus Level 1, and wait for the judges to be done with each one. It was finally my turn and I was super, over-the-moon excited! We started our dance routine just like we practiced, then I hopped and bounced and ran out of the ring to say high to the judges, and then right back to Mommy, and we finished our dance routine just like we had practiced. She was sure I had “blown it,” and we were going to get disqualified foe leaving the ring, but guess what. They loved me! I only got one point taken off my score for running outside of the ring. And guess what else. When we went up front with all the other levels to find out who got ribbons and prizes and titles, me and Mommy each got a blue first place ribbon for our class (II B). Blue ribbons, 1st number 6. And guess what else.

I got my Freestyle Level II (2) B Title! 1st number 7. Mommy was so surprised that she couldn’t stop grinning. She says she is super proud of me, and we are still going back on Sunday to do it all over again. I can’t get more ribbons or titles tomorrow, but we Mommy we want to try to do the dance routine that we had practiced so hard and maybe get an even higher score. I’ll let you know how that works out and share the video with you as soon as we get it.

Love, hops and wiggles, Xena Schnauzer Dancing Warrior Princess

Catching up – nothing exciting

February 28, 2012
It has been w-a-a-a-a-y too long since Mom helped me with my diary. Let’s see if I can get caught up. The imposters are still here – that would be Milo and Piper. Riley is bigger than ever and still here. He likes Piper best and always is bothering him, so he leaves me alone. Maybe we should just always keep Piper so Riley never bothers me. I think I will go tell Mom that.

Hey, I got stairs and treats for Christmas. The stairs are next to the bed and it is just soooo easy to run up them to jump on Mom’s bladder in the morning. Love it!

I have been working on a new Freestyle routine for Level 3. I am doing really good (naturally), even though sometimes mom forgets it or changes it. I really do try to help her remember. After all, there are lots of treats involved. It is fun working with mom, but more fun getting lots of treats!

I get to go ride around in a Pedi cab this week with Karley who is going to pretend she is Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. That means I will pretend to be Toto again, even though I don’t have the right haircut right now for that. I think there will be treats and petting involved, so I’m really good with that. It is to promote the movie being shown at the Tivoli Theater this Saturday. I wanted to be on stage, but the Tivoli said they would have to pay too much for permits. What the…?

I guess that’s it for now. Pretty boring, huh? Catch ya next time.

Love me,