Conversation with the Scary Schnauzer

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Hi there friends. Do you remember when I didn’t know what to do about the scary schnauzer in the chair ? The one that had my bone? Well, I’ve got news. I decided to put on my brave schnauzer warrior face and confront him. It turns out he is actually a she just like some of you suggested. Now that I think about it, how could a boy possibly look that scary, right? Here’s how the conversation went:

Me: Why did you take my bone? (I believe in asking the most important questions first.)

Scary Schnauzer: I recovered your bone from Riley. I kept it safe, waiting for you to come get it, but you kept backing away.

Me: You glared at me!

Scary Schnauzer: I wasn’t glaring at you. I was glaring at Riley who was standing behind you.

Me: Oh. What’s your name?

Almost Scary Schnauzer: I won’t tell you my name. I am here to protect you. You have to realize that I could be shredded to bits at any moment.

Me: What’s that have to do with me knowing your name?

Not So Scary Schnauzer: If you knew my name you might want to be my friend. And then you would be sad if I was injured in the line of duty. Live your life, be a good schnauzer, and take care of your family.

Me: I have a new friend.

Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess